We all know the hierarchy for UFC cards. The finest ones room the pay-per-view offerings, but close behind are the FOX Network cards. This Saturday’s UFC ~ above FOX 22 is a perfect example of a map that’s probably just one fight away from gift worthy the a $60 price tag.

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While there aren’t any real title ramifications in any matchup, there are some wonderful storylines. In the main event, strawweight challenger Paige VanZant meets the equally scrappy (and attractive) Michelle Waterson. We obtain one of the best prospect matchups ever before with Sage Northcutt and also Mickey Gall, and also future room of Famer Urijah Faber it s okay an emotional sendoff hit in his house town.

It’s an awesome night that fights airing for complimentary on a primetime network. So take the money you’d invest on a pay-per-view and try to revolve it into some fat stacks in MMA betting. We’re here to aid with some Cherry Picks, based on the UFC odds in ~ BookMaker.eu (odds updated daily).

A Cherry pick is a stillproud.org exclusive recommendation based on value and also probability.

Since UFC fight Night 95, ours Cherry Picks record is 17-6-1.

Paige VanZant (-110) vs Michelle Waterson (-110)

Over/under 4.5 rounds, over -150, under +130

Bigger Is Better

Both VanZant and Waterson space the kind of tough, gritty, never-back-down fighters the consistently placed on memorable bouts. VanZant is too raw to completely dominate the more technically experienced “Karate Hottie”, but she is big enough to overwhelm a fighter that have to be fighting at atomweight.

Pickett is fast ending up being the fighter the Faber is trying to protect against transforming into. The Brit has been a company man for years, placing on brawl after ~ brawl and also bleeding for the sport. The should have actually retired year ago, as he’s simply 2-5 in his previous seven bouts and has never ever been taken into consideration a title contender. It’s simple to argue that he’s even an ext worn down that Urijah, making the a beatable opponent for a retirement fight.

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UFC Betting Guide

Faber’s wrestling and a frenzied crowd will certainly likely hold sway over the judges. However he is a enormous favorite, and also you’ll need to bet a ton to win a tiny amount. Instead, stick v the over, together both guys are durable and also skilled enough to do it to the final bell.

Cherry Pick: end 2.5 ring -150

For much more on this hit card, inspect out Sage Northcutt vs Mickey Gall hit Odds and also Preview