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3 February 2016
3.09 / 5.00.5 from 740 ratings
#85 for 2016, #713 overall

sampling, dark, drugs, violence, depressive, hateful, nihilistic, melancholic, atmospheric, sombre, suicide, raw, masculine vocals, cold, aggressive, anti-religious, misanthropic, crime, self-hatred, apathetic, death, anxious, cryptic, vulgar, manic, ominous, heavy, disturbing, rhythmic, sad, urban, sexual, pessimistic, nocturnal


cherryiio Aug 18 2021 3.50 stars
ruby has some of the ideal flows and most unique vocals I’ve ever before heard lmao, mixtape cool asffavourites: paper bag mask, praisethedevil, aite bet, grayscale
sungodfan Oct 17 2019 4.50 stars
friend take far the three 6 mafia and also boards of Canada samples and you get a circle jerk of guys in supreme sweatshirts
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