Sites/facts details to this historic railroad map are:

the claims of Iowa, Nebraska, Dakota, Indian Territory, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, north Carolina, south Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, new Jersey, brand-new York, Vermont, Rhode Island and others. Rail lines encompass the Parkersburg Br. Baltimore and Ohio R.R., Baltimore and also Ohio R.R., Pittsburgh and Stueben valley R.R., Pennsylvania main R.R., Franklin R.R., Lake Erie and also Pittsburgh R.R., Philadelphia and also Lake Erie R.R., Bluff C. And also Pittsburg R.R, Lake coast R.R., White Water sink R.R., louis V. Cin. & Lex. R.R., Kentucky main R.R., Jeff. Mad. And Ind. R.R., Louis. V. N. A. & Chi. R.R., Evansville and also Crawfords R.R., Ohio and also Mississippi R.R., St. Louis, Vandalia and Terre Haute R.R., Indiana and also St. Louis R.R., Toledo Wabash and also Western R.R., and the Indiana and also Western Railroad.

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The complying with towns room featured in this map:

Columbus, St. Louis, Clifford, Goddards, Rush, Vienna, Greensbury, Adams, St. Paul, Waldron, brand-new Point, Bates, Harmens, Milan, Laughery, Osgood, Poston, Holton, Nebraska, Dupont, Brights, Paris, Marshfield, Henryville, Talbotts, Providence, Seymor and also many others.

This antique map reproduction is located in:

Eastern united States


rail Map

Source Description:

The good American railroads opened up up the country, linked the nation and changed the challenge of America forever. Through producing and also distributing maps of their rail lines, rail companies documented their own history as well together the history of our nation.
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“A giclée (zhee-clay) reproduction is the the next duplication that an initial artwork the is humanly or technically achievable. We have actually used the giclee printing procedure on both the Ultrasmooth good Art record and the noodle Canvas alternatives to develop truly splendid map prints, the quality of i beg your pardon is known by museums and also galleries approximately the world. Read much more about Giclee Prints here.
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This is a very high quality, photo-grade, 7 mil thick paper. It is considered a "matte" finish, but it does have actually a slight sheen come it. It is a an extremely nice paper and produces very attractive maps.
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This archival fine-art media has actually the look and also feel of old-world handmade document and is an excellent for creating sharp, precise reproductions. The Giclee process, linked with a 12 mil thick paper, create magnificent historical maps guaranteed no to fade, yellow, or cracked for an ext than 100 years. The quality of this matte-finish maps is known by museums and galleries roughly the world.
Matte Canvas
Ideal for framing, the poly/cotton blend archival-grade canvas will satisfy also the most discriminating taste. This canvas has a medium gloss finish, and also after to press via the Giclee process, your historic maps space guaranteed not to fade, yellow, or cracked for an ext than 100 years. The an outcome is important magnificent and also ideal because that those search the look and also feel of an yes, really painting.
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