The 2016 southern Carolina Gamecock football schedule starts out weird, has a beautiful midseason residence stretch, and also closes up nasty.

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2016 south Carolina Gamecocks football Schedule

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2016 southern Carolina Gamecocks

Sept. 1 in ~ VanderbiltSept. 10 at miss out on StateSept. 17 eastern CarolinaSept. 24 at KentuckyOct. 1Texas A&MOct. 8GeorgiaOct. 15OPEN DATEOct. 22MassachusettsOct. 29TennesseeNov. 5MissouriNov. 12at FloridaNov. 19Western CarolinaNov. 26at Clemson

Non-Conference Games eastern Carolina, Massachusetts, west Carolina, at Clemson

Games vs. The West at Mississippi State, Texas A&M

5 secrets to the Schedule

– The will certainly Muschamp era starts out at Vanderbilt versus a team with a great defense that’ll be looking to do a huge statement that its own. Follow the up through a road game at Mississippi State, and with a pilgrimage to Kentucky because that the following SEC video game two main later, and the Gamecocks will be tested right out the the gate.

– So where’s the SEC payoff? it’s in an absolutely beautiful midseason operation with five straight home gamings – four SEC, one versus UMass – and also with a week off in the middle definition USC is at residence from October 1 till November 12.

– The irreversible West date versus Texas A&M is now looking favor a positive, and also going to Mississippi State isn’t all the bad. Yes no Alabama, yes sir no LSU, and there’s no Ole Miss. Yes sir no complaining around the interdivisional games.

– The an initial three non-conference games against East Carolina, UMass and Western Carolina space fine as long as there isn’t a gack against the Pirates, yet the payback comes at the end. Going to Clemson is currently a lot of nastier than it supplied to be.

– WATCH out FOR … Georgia. If southern Carolina have the right to turn things earlier around in a hurry, this is the video game that might get things to take it off.

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Through Tennessee and also Missouri in ~ home, yes sir a chance to construct up the conference record before the conference finale versus Florida. Beat the Bulldogs, and also it might be a fun year.

2017 Non-Conference Games NC State (in Charlotte), Louisiana Tech, Wofford, Clemson