Van Morrison, left, and his band rock out during last Sunday’s concert in ~ the forest Hills Stadium, the venue’s final display for the year.

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Rock legend valve Morrison closed the end the 2016 forest Hills stadion concert series in style on Sunday.

The Belfast-born icon, who career spans 50 years, cure the group to renditions of hits like “Brown Eyed Girl,” “Wild Night,” “Why have to I constantly Explain” and “Sometimes we Cry.”

His blues and soul inflected “Rain Check,” “Going down to Bangor” and the sensual “In the Afternoon” were likewise emotionally stirring. But Morrison walk play few of his much more recent tunes, thrilling the crowd through “Keep Me Singing,” the title monitor from his brand-new album.

With his voice solid and clear, the 71-year-old singer rifled with the one-hour, 40-minute show with small interruption. He obtained some aid from his daughter, Shana Morrison, in the type of backing vocals top top “That Old black color Magic” midway through the set, and also eventually closed through “In the Garden/Holy Guardian Angel” and also then a 10-minute rendition the “Gloria,” v the band jamming there is no Van Morrison in the final minutes the the hit.

The show sold out the 12,800 seat stadium. And with an ext than 100,000 tickets sold over 4 months — through hugely well-known artists choose Mumford & Sons, Paul Simon and Dolly Parton gracing the stage — it to be the stadium’s most successful and also longest season.

In terms of timing, the night was mainly a success.

The intermission in between Shana Morrison, the concert’s opened act, and Van Morrison was simply 10 minute long. The lines come the bathroom to be a bit more than 5 minute long, too. However it took an ext than 10 minute on line to get earlier into the stadion from there. The stadium personnel to be polite and efficient, however.

Outside noise was considerably less than in previous years as result of “giant sound mitigation put in since last year,” according to Mike Luba, president of Madison home Presents and the venue’s promoter.

Luba added that thin renovations in ~ the stadium will certainly continue, with the goal of boosting the venue’s main concourse being at the forefront.

There are likewise plans for for man-made grass to make it more inviting and to remind people that the stadium is a part of tennis history, as the US open up was played over there for decades until the 1970s.

Also planned are new tables, picnic benches and other spaces for civilization to sit and enjoy a selection of food and drinks.

At this show, there to be Thai, Italian and also Spanish food being sold, in addition to Belgian waffles, cheesesteaks, burgers, smoothies, beer and also wine.

In regards to musical acts, this was Morrison’s 2nd straight year playing at the stadium. Mumford & Sons additionally returned because that a pair of reflects this year after an initial playing there in 2013.

Paul Simon and also Bob Dylan additionally held concert in forest Hills end the summer, years after doing so for the very first time.

“The feedback from the artists who have played the stadium has actually been overwhelmingly positive,” Luba said. “Bands seem to love to play here. The new York Pops doubled its attendance this year.”

He included that he really hopes to have the metropolitan Opera and also other classic music teams play in ~ the stadium in the future.

A number of concert attendees that came from various other states claimed they love the intimacy the the forest Hills venue.

John and Heather Brumbaugh traveled four hours indigenous Lancaster, PA to view Van Morrison, noting the stadion was “upscale” and also “nice.”

John and also Julie Amoroso come from Stratford, Conn., saying “it to be a great venue, a small venue.”

Frank Faulkner and Skyler Zitaq from lengthy Beach, LI stated the convenience of taking the long Island Rail roadway to the present was unbeatable. Jade Restaurant at 1 station Square, a short walk from the venue, watch a 50 percent rise in business on weekdays and a 30 percent increase on weekends when there is a concert, general manager Gigmy Bista said.

“People come earlier when over there aren’t concert too,” Bista noted.

Concert promoters and also stage hands also eat and drink at terminal House, a popular gastropub in ~ 106-11 71 Ave.

“We have actually a very an excellent relationship through them,” stated manager Steve Elkins.

Police policemans from the 105th, 110th, and also 112th precincts, web traffic cops and also the cell phone command facility for kings Patrol Borough phibìc were seen securing the area because that the evening.

“By slim number, you would certainly think there can have to be trouble yet the crowds have actually been incredibly respectful,” stated Mike Luba, the concert promoter.

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He credits the 112th Precinct that “treated everyone really well and also when people are cure well, they respond.”

Capt. Robert Ramos, the 112th Precinct’s commanding officer, said at neighborhood Board 6’s September conference that he’s got “very few” complaints indigenous the community and also that to meet promoters are really concerned with addressing any kind of issues that might arise in the area.