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Welcome back to one more week the Vikings! We space heading down to the wire, with just two illustration to go after this week, and this episode not just keeps the pace moving however sets up part intriguing storylines because that the series to work-related with. Additionally some standout performances this week together we get a glimpse into not only an ext Viking warfare, however the human being of your Christian adversaries.I’m afraid I have to do a slightly abridged recap this week, so I’m only going to hit the key points.You’ll remember from critical week, Ragnar and also his band of merry warriors space heading earlier to England, cruising up the river all set to raid once again. In the opened scene we fulfill the King’s brother, that has come to lead his armies and also defend him versus the invading phibìc men. Exciting to introduce one more brother dynamic right into the show, and also it offers this similarity come its advantage.While Ragnar is off raiding, Lagertha keeps the peace ago home. A couple comes to her, the husband speak the brand-new baby in the family members is not his. ~ hearing both their stories, Lagertha decides that the visitant that concerned their home was in reality a god and the husband need to be honored the god pick his home. While i really love seeing Lagertha take charge and also cunningly discover a means to safeguard the women and also her child, ns also really much took pleasure in watching Athelstan’s reaction come this in the back round. He appears awed through the truth that lock would believe such a thing can happen. I was reminded that this scene again afterwards in the episode as King Aelle and his males are do the efforts to decide why the Northman have actually come, and one man says God has sent them and also another the devil. I don’t find this line of thinking so far off from Lagertha’s explanation. I don’t understand if the display was do the efforts to do that sort of connection, but I’m not certain Athelstan has any right to be throwing stones in ~ this point.Back in England the King’s brother and his men collection up camp not much from Ragnar and also his men. It seems both sides space waiting for the right minute to attack, and also for Ragnar and also his males that moment comes under the sheathe of night. They relocate through the camp quickly, killing most of the men, however capturing a few, consisting of the King’s brother.The scenes that follow are a series of showing off and power plays in between Ragnar and also the King. Ragnar goes come the entrances of the cities v the King’s brothers in tow however says nothing and also after gift told the King would like to talk with him, simply rides away. Ultimately Ragnar decides to satisfy with the King, a decision the Rollo of course disagrees with. Rollo believes the King will kill them all, and also Ragnar insists that due to the fact that they have his brothers they will listen come him. Rollo asks why the King should care around his brother. Ragnar’s response, “Do I not care around mine?” and it all links together.Ragnar meets the King, and also there’s a tense couple of moments before someone suggests they eat before they talk. This step is actually incredibly amusing together we view the differences in between these two world’s, however there is an underlying stress and anxiety that just resonates through the viewer as well. (My favorite part of this scene was Ragnar bragging about the reality that he too had a man of God in ~ home. He’s therefore proud.) The King asks what Ragnar desires to return his brother and leave that alone. Ragnar requests 2,000 pounds (in weight) that gold, i beg your pardon the King reluctantly agrees come under one condition. He asks that among these pagan north males be baptized and also become Christian. Rollo volunteers.As Rollo is i was baptized everyone looks on but it’s clear the one person is not happy about Rollo renouncing the vikings gods. Floki look at on in disgust, and also when Rollo late confronts him and tells the he go it together a joke, Floki asks him how he will make it up to Odin. Prior to Rollo can answer a distribution of gold from the King arrives, but it transforms out that is simply a trap and also the King’s guys attack.We gain another great battle step this week, and this step is so well shot I delighted in every second of it, down to the very last moments together the King’s men have actually been dispatched with and also Rollo slides with the mud killing the inured. That shouts to Floki asking how plenty of Christians has actually he killed, and it’s clear the whether or no Rollo to be joking, Floki’s indigenous really acquired to him.In the results of the fight Ragnar decides to kill the King’s brother in return for his betrayal, which prompts King Aelle to salary him to gold he had actually initially promised. Together Ragnar and his crew sail away, the King watches native the shore, vowing eternal battle on these pagans indigenous the North.And ultimately in this episode we have actually a tragic scene in which Lagertha has a miscarriage and also loses the baby. Throughout this episode she hires Siggy to be her servant, and we acquire a truly heart breaking moment of the 2 in an embrace after that happens, putting aside political differences and connecting a truly emotionally level, together women and mothers. It’s a poignant scene and I’m sure the aftermath that originates from this advancement will be equally significant.What Worked?
- like I claimed earlier, part standout performances this week, in particular that that Clive Standen and Travis Fimmel. Rollo’s attempt to appease these Christian’s by his baptism and also subsequent struggle for exactly how to convey this v this very own Gods to be a tiny heartbreaking to watch, and I evaluate the lot of feeling Standen poured into this performance. And Ragnar’s every glance and carefully worded statement was a pleasure to watch, no to mention he is certain fearsome in battle.- I choose the check out Lagertha in charge, and I favor to check out her using her wits as well. We’ve currently seen that she is a fierce warrior and I love that around her, yet I enjoy once the shoe offers the personality a opportunity to show some of her other attributes as well.- The show is doing a an excellent job of utilizing the score and the cinematography come convey how fierce and also uncivilized the Anglo saxon guy may have actually thought the Vikings to be. It’s refreshing to watch all these different elements being provided together to convey this come the audience.- There to be an aspect of comedy to this week’s illustration as well. No laugh the end loud moments, this is still a drama, but small moments here and also there the were rather amusing. And the show balanced this through the dramatic moments quite nicely. This clash of cultures as the were, featured in tonight’s illustration does have potential because that comedy, and I’m pleased the present went there, without acquisition away kind the seriousness of the situation.What Didn’t Work?- as whole I was pretty pleased through this episode. It to be a heavy episode and also there aren’t any significant complaints this week. And in talking to others I’ve discovered the general agreement to be around the same. So because that this week will say the there is nothing that stands out as not working, but what’s her opinion? would certainly you disagree?All in all, i greatly appreciated this week’s episode, and I’m excited to watch where the last two episodes take us. What did you folks think? together we with the end of the season is over there anything you hope to see as we go forward?