A Scandinavian fast Forward… Megan Applegate recaps the second episode the Vikings Season 2….

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Holy time warps! The authors wasted no time in this week’s episode and also splashed a “Four years Later” before the opening credits were cold in their graves.

This week’s theme appears to be about temptation — the lusty kind, the politics kind, and also the greedy kind.

Four year — walk ahead and marinate on the a moment.

Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) now have two young with an additional child early soon.

The town of Kattegat has actually seemingly grown and repopulated with brand-new faces, including a brand-new serving do that captures Ragnar’s fist (temptation!) and Aslaug’s jealous wrath. Clock it maid girl, the woman’s dangerous.

And admit it, women anywhere were smirking in ~ the jealousy woman. It’s difficult for few of us no to host grudges that she’s the factor Lagertha’s not in this week’s episode. We’re tho mad at you, Aslaug…

Aslaug admits come Ragnar the she is a volva, a Nordic seeress, and just to despite the him because he flirted with the serving girl, speak him that this unborn son with have “the eye of a serpent.” everything that means…

Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) arrives and pushes his way in prior of a fire. That winter and also it’s cold and also our man has been liven rebuilding Ragnar’s fleet all these years.

Rollo (Clive Standen) has actually been liven trying come drink self to death. Whenever the fails, he passes the end in the cold and tries come freeze self to fatality much come the embarrassment of Siggy (Jessalyn Gilsig).

And he is fat, too. Fat, out of shape, and a weird shade of grey—a much cry native the indomitable warrior he to be last season.

In one touching scene of domestic bliss, Siggy holds a hot knife in her hand and tells the please Rollo to make a decision—get it with each other or put himself (and her) out of his misery and also spend “eternity in hell.”

Ragnar wax poetic in a step or two around how much he misses his first-born son, Bjorn. That provides me happy due to the fact that it must median we’re going to check out him (and Lagertha!) soon. Turns out, the preview for following week’s episode confirms it.

Excitement begins to construct in the town as both King Horik (Donal Logue) and Jarl Borg (Thorbjornn Harr) arrive and begin to make all set to raid the west once the water thaws. In a how amazing twist of unsurprising politics, King Horik allows Ragnar know that he is no longer interested in letting Borg in on the raiding fun and also let’s Ragnar know it’s his job to tell him so.

Rollo come to beg forgiveness and look because that a chair on among the watercrafts that will be heading out soon. Ragnar forgives his brother, but tells him he is not welcome come raid. You deserve to see Rollo’s heart break in the scene and also despite the fact that he’d usually gored One Eye in the critical episode, you feeling for him.

Borg does his finest to usage his silver tongue to rile Rollo right into joining the on some kind of revenge versus Ragnar and Horik (temptation!) yet the straight best Rollo delivers come the Jarl’s nose was price enough. Rollo’s remaining with his family and Borg can row himself home.

The town is in complete training mode and also we view that our favourite reformed monk, Athelstan (George Blagden) fancies self a raider now. Ragnar brings him down a notch or two, obviously, yet still. The shaking-in-his-leather-boots young that arrived last season is farming into a grizzled Viking. Ragnar mentions the boats heading west and that Athelstan will certainly be going, too. We couldn’t aid but see the glint in his eye once he stated his homeland. Could he it is in considering an escape when he hits Northumbrian shores? (Temptation!)

Before the raiders leave, we watch Siggy talking about how much she to know (the good and the bad) about Ragnar. The camera shot widens and we view she’s talk to King Horik. She offers to let him in on every sorts of info (temptation!) and a later scene mirrors that through information, Siggy really supposed she to be going to display Horik all of her hidden, crazy tattoos in naked, cheat abandon.

What is the woman increase to? Is she setup Rollo approximately be cook again? Or is she feather to be queen? One deserve to never tell with Siggy…she’s lost so lot in the brief span the a season the it would be foolish to counting her out. Or trust her.

The watercrafts leave and also Rollo was standing on a cliff, usually chucking sentimental rocks in ~ them together they go. He’s remaining behind and it looks favor he’s one sad Viking.

Hoist the Sails

The Vikings struggle the open sea with their glowing red flags and also their dragon-faced longships. That not straightforward trip through near-cliff misses, stormy seas, and the fact that they shed a variety of their watercrafts somehow. They lastly make landfall and also it’s no long before the regional military is everywhere them with flying arrows and also rushing men.

It’s a little of struggle, yet the raiders lastly submit the soldiers and also glean the information they’re feather for. They’ve landing in Wessex, a far cry indigenous the Northumbria they were aiming for.

Wessex is home to King Ecbert, a male Athelstan explains to Ragnar together being “just prefer you.” because that the record, that might mean anything—bad v relationships, a little twitchy, or maybe simply ruthless and also bloodthirsty.

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We’ll discover out next week.

Megan Applegate

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