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"Can"t phone call Me Nothing" is a tune by American hip-hop recording artist Kanye West. It to be released on might 15, 2007 together the lead single of his 3rd studio album, Graduation. The song was created by Kanye West and Atlanta record producer DJ Toomp. It received acclaim native music critics and was noted amongst the finest tracks that the year by number of publications. "Can"t call Me Nothing" was nominated for finest Rap song at the 50th Grammy Awards, however lost to one more one that West"s songs, "Good Life". since its release, West has continually reiterated the it is his favorite track he"s done. In 2012 complex named the their song of the decade.more »

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La, la, la-laWait "til I acquire my money rightI had actually a dream I might buy my method to heavenWhen i awoke, I invested that ~ above a necklaceI said God I"d be earlier in a secondMan, it"s so hard not to act recklessTo whom much is given, lot is testedGet arrested, guess until he obtain the messageI feel the pressure, under much more scrutinyAnd what"d i do? Act an ext stupidlyBought much more jewelry, more Louis VMy mama couldn"t acquire through come meThe drama, human being suing meI"m ~ above TV talking favor it"s just you and also meI"m simply sayin" exactly how I feel, enthusiasm ain"t among the Cosby"s, i ain"t walk to HillmanI guess: v the money should"ve adjusted himI guess ns should"ve forgot where I come fromLa, la, la-laWait "til I acquire my money rightLa, la, la-laThen friend can"t phone call me nothin" right?Excuse me, to be you sayin" somethin"?Uh-uh, you can"t call me nothin"(Ha-ha) girlfriend can"t phone call me nothin"Uh, uh, you can"t call me nothin"Let increase the self-destruction doorsThis is mine life homie, you decide yoursI recognize that Jesus died for usBut i couldn"t phone call you who decide warsSo ns parallel double-parked that motherfucker sidewaysOld folks talking "bout, "Back in mine day"But homie, this is my dayClass started two hours ago, oh, am i late?No, I currently graduatedAnd you can live with anything if Magic made itThey say ns talk with so lot emphasisOoh, they therefore sensitiveDon"t ever before fix your lips favor collagenThen say something as soon as you gon" end up apologin"Let me recognize if it"s a problem thenAight man, holla thenLa, la, la-laWait "til I get my money rightLa, la, la-laThen friend can"t call me nothin" right?Excuse me, was you sayin" somethin"?Uh-uh, girlfriend can"t tell me nothin"(Ha-ha) friend can"t tell me nothin"Uh, uh, girlfriend can"t phone call me nothin"Let the champagne splashLet that man get cash, let that man get pastHe don"t also stop to gain gasIf he have the right to move with the rumors, he deserve to drive off of fumes "causeHow he move in a room complete of no"s?How he continue to be faithful in a room full of hoes?Must it is in the pharaohs, he in song with his soulSo as soon as he hidden in a tomb full of goldTreasure, what"s your pleasure?Life is a, uh, depending how you dress herSo if the devil wear Prada, Adam night wear nadaI"m in between but means more fresherWith way less effort"Cause once you try hard, that"s when you die hardYour homies lookin" like, "Why God"When castle reminisce end you, mine GodLa, la, la-laWait "til I acquire my money rightLa, la, la-laThen girlfriend can"t call me nothin" right?Excuse me, was you sayin" somethin"?Uh-uh, friend can"t phone call me nothin"(Ha-ha) friend can"t call me nothin"Uh, uh, friend can"t call me nothin"La, la, la-laWait "til I acquire my money rightLa, la, la-laThen girlfriend can"t tell me nothin" right?(I"m serious, nigga)(Ayy)(Yeah)(Ha-ha)(Yeah, yeah)(You recognize I"m serious, nigga)(I got money)

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Kanye West Kanye Omari West ( /ˈkɑːnjeɪ/; born June 8, 1977) is an American musician, film director and also fashion designer. West first rose come fame together a producer because that Roc-A-Fella Records, whereby he eventually achieved recognition because that his work-related on Jay-Z"s album The Blueprint, and also hit singles for musical artists consisting of Alicia Keys, Ludacris, and Janet Jackson. His format of manufacturing originally supplied pitched-up vocal samples from heart songs included with his very own drums and also instruments. However, subsequent productions experienced him broadening his music palette and also expressing influences encompassing "70s R&B, baroque pop, pilgrimage hop, arena rock, folk, alternative, electronica, synthpop, and also classical music. An ext »

Written by: Aldrin Davis, Kanye Omari West, Connie Thembi Mitchell