Tracing the 160 million year history of dinosaurs from their first appearance to their abrupt demise, this series marks a watershed in tv imagery, permitting people to think they room watching living creatures in their organic habitat.

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StarringKenneth Branagh, Avery Brooks, André DussollierGenresKids, special InterestSubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish

The planet is beginning to recoup after a massive period of extinction. The episode adheres to a little group of animals in a river valley through the dry season.

This single program spans 12 years, adhering to the hatching of a small Diplodocus through her struggle for survival until she will maturity and also mates because that the very first time, completing the one of life.

The program complies with the dramatic conflicts of nature that are an yearly event in the waters approximately the tiny group of islands in the Jurassic sea.

Over the food of the program, Ornithocheirus, King the the Sky, meets his end after undertaking one epic trip to uncover a mate. During his trip the incredible diversity of life in the at an early stage Cretaceous period is revealed.

The program complies with a tiny group of society herbivores referred to as Laellynasaura that live in the forest all year round.
The main character in the programme is a mrs Tyrannosaur that is trying come raise a new brood of chicks. Soon after they hatch, a large meteor strikes the Earth, damaging the ecosystem and also the species.

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So interesting
Worth getting!
Awesome and also beautiful!
This is an impressive documentary around dinosaurs
A groundbreaking and incredibly comprehensive story meticulously based on scientific research,
Very lifelike dinosaurs and suitable for most ages.
5 stars
Great funny for everyone!