Last week’s season 3 premiere addressed the significant cliffhanger indigenous the season 2 finale, through Michael surviving after being shot by his partner Susanna (a.k.a. Rose). That made it, sure, yet there’s tho a long road to recovery ahead and issues to it is in addressed, choose whether or not he’ll return to police work and the totality Jane gift a married mother, yet still a virgin thing. Now out that the hospital and ago at Alba’s home — which has actually been redecorated v horrible, terrible wallpaper after ~ the water damage — the show and also clothes within it space lighter in tone.

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Following his arrest for giving his to pee to help two society media savvy “fans” pass their medicine tests, Rogelio makes a PSA. In it, he wears a white suit v a yellow tie and also pocket square, perfectly filling the component of a horribly, cheesy spokesperson. “Urine swapping is no joke,” he says. “It’s a federal crime. Make no mistake, if girlfriend swap, you’re in huge trouble.” (Michael quips, “You median the PEE-PEE-SA?” It’s so bad, it’s good.) Rogelio is upset due to the fact that the video went viral and hurt his reputation. On peak of that, his competitor Esteban is featured in a “What’s In my Murse?” story, i m sorry Rogelio takes to median that Esteban is ~ above his method to ending up being a crossover star. (What’s in the murse, by the way, space XL condoms, a copy of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, seven almonds, and also a vegan smoothie in a mason jar. Sure…) ~ a pep speak from Michael, Rogelio won’t be defeated and plans to rebound from every this.



Jane has graced the display screen with a number of cute, sweet dresses, and she does so again right here as she make the efforts to win over and also pin down the right preschool because that Mateo. The trouble is that her vision that the appropriate school and also Rafael’s is different, and also Rafael is willing to fight her on that because, he speak her, “I’m ultimately over you… It in reality feels good, really an excellent because it take it so long… and also it sort of changed things since the truth is as soon as I was in love with you, I just wanted to you re welcome you. I would wake increase every morning and also think ‘What would certainly Jane want?’ ‘What would make mrs happy?’ ‘What would make woman smile?’ and now, I’m sort of choose ‘So what if Jane’s upset?’ No offense.” The very first school is a little too spiritual for Rafael, the second is a small too elitist for Jane, and the critical is a tiny too “hippie-dippie” for both, yet they finish up going with that critical school due to the fact that they have a knack for problem resolution — and are agree of and willing to work-related through Mateo’s biting phase.


Jane and Michael haven’t had much time to be nstillproud.orglyweds, so Michael surprises Jane through a mini honeymoon in their room since they didn’t acquire to walk to Puerto Rico as planned. The room is make to show up like a kind of cruise — compliments of Rogelio and his telenovela — and also Michael fits right in with a Hawaiian shirt, margarita, and also killer playlist. “Now I’m thinking the most romantic point for you might be to listen to mine playlist when doing some research on why children bite,” Michael says, after ~ overhearing Jane phone call Xo and also Alba that they need to stop fighting (they’re fighting since Xo ultimately told Alba about the abortion she had, and Alba is an extremely upset) in front of Mateo due to the fact that he’s going with a tantrum and biting phase and also she doesn’t want to egg ~ above his aggression.

Their mini honeymoon ends v the pair making up after arguing around whether Michael would return to the pressure — Jane says she’ll support him if that’s what the really desires to do, which he does — and also with them really wanting to take one more step in your relationship. “God, this would be a great moment to have sex,” jane announces, as soon as Michael says they’ll work through their fears about the shoot together. “At this point, it just seems like a big, cosmic joke,” that responds.

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Earlier in the episode, it’s revealed that Anezka — still an extremely much looking the component of Petra in quite pastels and also light, breezy fabrics — and also Magda are in search of dirt ~ above Rafael come blackmail him for money. Anezka goes snooping with Rafael’s computer; Scott go in and also is very suspicious. She gets the end of the by questioning herself “What would certainly Petra Do?” (WWPD), for this reason she sleeps with Scott to keep him quiet.

As it transforms out, Anezka actually really likes Scott, so once Rafael mister in later to watch why she’s been exhilaration so weird, she has actually the perfect out. “Anezka remembered Magda’s words, ‘Chase 2 rabbits girlfriend don’t record either, yet then she remembered the one time she did,’” the narrator says, and also then Anezka-as-Petra tells Rafael the she’s resting with Scott and she’s been exhilaration weird because she didn’t desire to phone call him. As the narrator describes the rabbit bit, a photo of Anezka together Anezka in winter garments with two rabbits in hand and also a huge grin comes up. It’s good because it offers some insight into her home life and also what type of points she likes to do.

But back to the entirety Rafael blackmail thing, Anezka tells Scott the she was snooping the day he captured her, which that figured. He speak her that he has actually dirt top top everyone, consisting of Rafael, and that they have to take him under together. Dun, dun, dunnn!!!

Rogelio didn’t obtain the part he and also Esteban were contending for, yet Xo assures him, “Your crossover minute will come and you won’t have to readjust yourself to gain it.” so he decides to do the many of his telenovela fame while filming the evaluate of a Statue of Liberty city competition. In the scene, Rogelio that is dressed in a period-appropriate suit through his signature purple details, defends Emma Lazarus’ poem, saying that it captures America’s social diversity. “Suddenly Emma Lazarus go from motivating a country to inspiring a extensively inaccurate telenovela to inspiring the star the that widely inaccurate telenovela,” the narrator says. That stands up, with a painting of the Statue that Liberty perfectly inserted behind him and also patriotic-sounding music elevating his suddenly burst that inspiration, and also announces the he doesn’t have to fit into any kind of U.S. Media norms; instead, he’s going to bring his telenovelas and the unique talents he has to offer to the states. Here, Rogelio embraces his show and the costume the comes with it.

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Last thing, the episode ends v a physician clearing Michael for normal activities — consisting of sex. We understand Jane is walk to shed her virginity this season, per display creator Jennie Snyder Urman, but will following week it is in it, or will the cosmic jokes proceed on?

illustration grade: A-

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