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The adventures the the Ingalls Family proceed in Season six of “Little home on the Prairie.” The original episodes of Season 6 aired from September 17, 1979, to might 12, 1980. Season after season, these heart-warming stories continue to catch the fist of fans about the world.

Season six brings brand-new characters the we prosper to love. Almanzo Wilder comes to Walnut Grove v his sisters Eliza-Jane, the new schoolteacher. The Ingalls decision to embrace Albert, Nels is rejoined with his estranged sister, Albert and a friend accidentally collection fire come the blind school, and also so lot more!


For the very first time because their initial TV broadcast, all twenty-four Season 6 episodes space presented complete and also uncut and also newly restored and remastered because that optimal photo and sound quality! In this can be fried Season 6 episode guide, you will do it relive every one of the heartwarming adventures and also learn some brand-new facts follow me the way. Several of our favorite facts and tidbits come from Alison Arngrim’s autobiography and Melissa Gilbert’s memoir. Listed below is a finish index with links to the Season 6 episodes:

Season 6, episode 1 – back to college Pt. 1

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Description:As the new school year begins, Nellie receives a shocking graduation existing from she mother. Caroline bring away a task at the restaurant once Charles is injured and unable to work.

Fun Fact!This two-part episode is just one of Dean Butler’s (Almanzo Wilder) all-time favorites.

Did girlfriend know?In this episode, Eliza mrs Wilder speak Laura that there is no age restriction for teachers. However, in the episode “Sweet Sixteen,” Eliza Jane and the Superintendent talk about 16 being the required period to teach.

More Trivia!The scene wherein Almanzo drives past Laura in his buckboard and also offers to provide her a ride was the very first scene that actor Dean servant shot.

Season 6, episode 2 – earlier to institution Pt. 2

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Description:Laura decides that ending up being a teacher will certainly convince everyone exactly how mature she is, but first, she should pass the graduation exam. She does obtain an unexpected market of help, yet in the end, it could just ruin everything.

Fun Fact!This is the 2nd time in the collection that Laura is forced to humble herself to Nellie Oleson and also apologize to her. The first time remained in Season 5’s “Fagin.” However, in this episode, Laura is clearly the one in ~ fault. She did something to Nellie as soon as Nellie hadn’t excellent anything to her at that exact time. This wasn’t the case in “Fagin,” when Nellie had actually it coming.

Season 6, illustration 3 – family members Tree

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Description:Albert finds self unsure that his identity when miss out on Wilder assigns the students a family tree project. The trouble is, just as the Ingalls are acquiring ready to adopt him officially, Albert’s long-estranged biological father shows up and also demands custody the him.

Fun Fact!Look closely at the Wilder “family tree” post on the blackboard by miss Wilder in the opening scene. The surname of her and also Almanzo’s younger brothers is misspelled. It have to be Perley, not Parley.

Did girlfriend know?In the remind scenes, when Albert is portrayed suffering in ~ the hand of his abuser in ~ the orphanage, the looks exactly the same as the does in the present time, and also much older than he was as soon as the Ingalls an initial met him and also took him back to Walnut Grove. This was unavoidable because of the bespeak in which lock shot the episodes.

More Trivia!When Albert wakes up yelling native his nightmare, his face is full of sweat. However, secs later, once Charles comes up, Albert is not nearly as sweaty.

Season 6, illustration 4 – third Miracle

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Description:During a expedition to a to teach awards consciousness in Minneapolis, the stagecoach that Adam, Mary, and a pregnant woman called Marge space riding in, is involved in one accident. Mar is the just one that can free herself and also is left to depend on she wits to uncover help.

Fun Fact!The viewer is cure to a mini-geography class in this episode, together the name of plenty of towns close sufficient to Walnut Grove to have Stagecoach company within the day’s drive are mentioned: Sleepy Eye, Tracy, Harlan, Sanborn, and brand-new Ulm, among others.

Did girlfriend know?Actor Linwood Boomer (Adam) must have actually moved approximately between takes ~ the stagecoach accident scene. Initially, he’s “pinned” under it up to his pelvis, yet in the following scene, after mary leaves to go for help, the stagecoach simply covers him to the top of his knees.

More Trivia!Before mar leaves the step of the stagecoach accident to find help, she tells Adam, “I’ll leaving the canteen because that you and Marge.” Adam is lie on the ground v his legs pinned under the coach, and also Marge is stuck within of it. Neither of them might move, and the roof the the coach produced a virtual wall between them. Getting to each other to share the canteen, therefore, to be impossible.

Season 6, episode 5 – Annabelle

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Description:A circus action passes with Walnut Grove, and also Nels Oleson is horrified once he clues his estranged sisters Annabelle as “the fat lady.” awkward by her physical appearance, Nels denies any relation come her.

Fun Fact!Charles is sitting v Mary, Adam, and also some of the blind youngsters at the circus, sort of offering them the play-by-play. The first time that one clown is around to douse an additional with a bucket that water, us hear Charles shout, “Lookout. He’s right in prior of you!” It’s clearly Landon’s voice, yet his lips aren’t moving.

Did friend know?Right after ~ Nels publicly announces Annabelle together his sister and gives she a vast hug, over there is a shot of Harriet feather shocked and embarrassed, climate Nellie and Willie standing up and cheering loudly. They clearly appear an extremely happy about what they room seeing, but since Nellie is so lot like her mom when it involves things like this, you’d think she would be embarrassed by her father’s actions, also.

More Trivia!Nels to be a tiny out of character here because he’s always been a type man, and for him come shun his sisters is not like him, especially since he’s married come a daunting woman choose Harriet.

Season 6, episode 6 – Preacher takes a Wife

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Description:Reverend Alden begins spending time v the please Anna Craig, and the Reverend’s spirit is truly glowing together he discovers romance for the very first time in his life. Just as that is around to propose, one unexpected turn of occasions prompts Anna come break points off.

Fun Fact!We discover in this episode that Reverend Alden’s very first name is Robert.

Did friend know?William Schallert (Dean Harmon) later went on to appear in Michael Landon’s successful collection “Highway come Heaven,” which started as quickly as “Little house on the Prairie” ended. In the show, Schallert showed up in Season 4, in the two-part episode “Man’s finest Friend.” and even more, interestingly, he illustrated the dad of actor Stan Ivar, that played man Carter in Season 9 of “Little home on the Prairie.”

More Trivia!It is clear that the within of Anna’s house is the same home that Almanzo’s girlfriend Christy live in during the illustration “Annabelle,” i m sorry aired right before this episode. More than that, they used the very same sets for Almanzo’s home, and also anyone that watches this show regularly will certainly instantly an alert that.

Season 6, episode 7 – Halloween Dream

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Description:On Halloween, Albert has actually a dream wherein a rogue Indian people kidnaps him and also Laura ~ they are mistaken for members the a competitor tribe.

Fun Fact!While “Chief Kilowatt” was in Albert’s dream, it’s highly unlikely Albert would certainly be acquainted with the term. The brothers Association very first adopted it for the advance of scientific research in 1882, less than a decade prior to the approximate day in i m sorry the episode took place. Countryside electrification in Minnesota only started in 1925.

Did you know?Albert has two stripes across his face. One of them is black. The various other one starts out as yellow. A short while into the episode, it transforms to orange. In the direction of the finish of the episode, it turns earlier to yellow.

More Trivia!If you look closely, you can see 2 sets that reins as soon as Albert is steering the wagon. One collection Albert has. The other goes into the wagon.

Season 6, episode 8 – Return of Mr. Edwards

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Description:When Isaiah Edwards loses his will certainly to live after a crippling logging accident, a letter to Walnut Grove indigenous his worried wife, Grace, bring Charles and also Laura ago to the big woods to shot to help their old friend.

Favorite Quote!“Mr. Edwards (talking through Laura because that the an initial time in practically three years): Look at you there, quiet wearing castle braids. Once are friend gonna put your hair up?(Laura shrugs she shoulders)Mr. Edwards: Hey, wait a minute here now. Wait simply a minute. You got yourself a beau. You obtained a beau sparking you?(Laura tries no to laugh)Mr. Edwards: Huh? execute you? I uncovered you out, didn’t I, huh? anyone special?Laura: no really. Nobody’s special as you.Mr. Edwards: Well, I’ve constantly been a usual man, however you’ve gotta admit there ain’t countless like me.”

Fun Fact!A shocking step from this illustration finds Charles slapping Laura in the face – an activity that we have actually never viewed Charles take prior to with his children. Also though the tried his best to justify it later, it’s tho a shock come watch.

Season 6, episode 9 – The King is Dead

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Description:Jonathan Garvey is tricked right into believing the he is a an excellent wrestler in order to cheat the local inhabitants of Walnut Grove, who stand to shed a lot of money on the rigged match. Mrs. Oleson is betting heavily too – with the church funds – for which she is treasurer.

Fun Fact!Years later, there would certainly be a guy by the name of Jimmy Hart, who came to be famous in the 1980s as a rulebreaking skilled wrestling manager in the human being Wrestling Federation. And also yes, Jimmy Hart was his real name (he was a member the the 1960s rock group The Gentrys and also has composed much of the soundtrack because that the WWF’s (now civilization Wrestling Entertainment) programs.

Favorite Quote!“Harriet: (laughing loudly after ~ betting every the church’s money top top the wrestles match) ns feel prefer Joan that Arc, moving the cross right into battle!Nels: Well, if Jonathan loses, you’re really going come feel like Joan of Arc…when Walnut Grove burns you at the stake!”

Season 6, episode 10 – belief Healer

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Description:Reverend Edward Danford, a preacher and also “faith healer,” comes to Walnut Grove v his fascinating principle of overcoming every physical adversities v pure belief in God. Together his popularity increases, he decides to stay in town permanently.

Fun Fact!The plot of this illustration is somewhat comparable to Season 1’s “The Circus Man,” whereby a man involves town and convinces everyone the his distinct powders will cure any illness. Coincidentally, Harriet Oleson establishes appendicitis in that episode, simply as the kid does this time around.

Did friend know?If someone had thought to have actually Mary, Adam, and also every college student in the remote school pertained to Reverend Danforth’s “healing” company so he could cure castle of your blindness, the result would be one of two people them gift able to see or proving to everyone that Reverend Danforth is no a belief healer.

More Trivia!For the young appendicitis-stricken young in this episode, Doc Baker states he isn’t certain of the diagnosis and is not capable of the surgery. Hence, he speak the boy’s dad to walk to a hospital in Mankato. However, in Season 1’s “The Circus Man,” Doc Baker performs one appendectomy ~ above Mrs. Oleson every by himself, without a 2nd thought.

Season 6, illustration 11 – Author, Author

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Description:When mar becomes pregnant again, Caroline’s parental arrange a visit come witness the birth of your great-grandchild. Unfortunately, once her mommy dies en route, Caroline is left to resolve her father, Frederick, whose world now feels empty and meaningless.

Fun Fact!Albert and also Laura manage to aid raise money for their grandpa by posing as negative orphans in an additional town, and also it is Albert who leads Laura through the totality thing and also pulls that off. Laura make the efforts something comparable to this in Season 2’s “The Gift,” yet she fails miserably. If only she had known Albert then!

Did you know?Andy and also Albert use the very same story in Season 5’s “Men will Be Boys,” to stay at a boarding residence for totally free that Albert and also Laura usage to raise money for their grandpa in this episode.

More Trivia!Caroline’s dad reacts to his wife’s fatality in very much the same method that Charles’ father does through his own wife’s fatality in Season 3’s “Journey in the Spring.” In both cases, the males are devastated and do not desire to walk on living, and they space pulled the end of your depression by one of the Ingalls children.

Season 6, illustration 12 – overcome Connection

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Description:A telephone line is collection up in Walnut Grove, i m sorry enthralls almost everyone in town. Unfortunately, Harriet Oleson is in fee of the switchboard, which allows her to eavesdrop on as plenty of conversations as she wants.

Fun Fact!The call was created in 1876. This illustration takes ar in the so late 1870s. Small towns and also rural areas would not have actually a phone for several more years. The writers prematurely added it to the present for dramatic effect.

Did you know?The exterior of the residence that Alice Garvey’s mom lives in looks precisely like the external of the Harper home in Season 5’s “Someone you re welcome Love Me.”

More Trivia!In the last scene, as soon as Jonathan beginning walking toward the call pole, you’ll notification that his collar is every messed up in the back. However, in the following shot, once he is shiver the pole furiously come knock it down, his collar is perfect placed!

Season 6, episode 13 – upset Heart

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Description:A boy named Todd spent lot of his childhood being beaten by his alcohol addict father. Currently Todd is an angry teenager who arrives in Walnut Grove to invest time with his grandparents. He easily runs into trouble and even floor in jail after stealing.

Fun Fact!The actress that plays Virginia Davenport also plays Lou’s mom in Season 9 episode 5, “Little Lou.”

Did friend know?In this episode, Charles cd driver from Walnut Grove to Mankato and back on the same day, 2 days in a row. This would seem impossible since, in reality, the 2 towns are 74 mile apart. Also, in at the very least one previously episode, Charles states that the round pilgrimage to Mankato takes about three days.

More Trivia!After Charles has gone come the Davenports’ house, and also the remainder of the Ingalls have gone come church, we watch them enter, but where is Grace? The youngest can’t have been left in ~ home. She isn’t viewed in the wagon, either. The Ingalls typically take her through them to church, therefore this is strange.

Season 6, episode 14 – The Werewolf the Walnut Grove

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Description:School bully Bart begins menacing his classmates, particularly Albert. Tired of the consistent harassment, Albert create a file maché werewolf mask to terrorize Bart into ceasing his bullying behavior. The works till Carrie opens up her mouth!

Fun Fact!For the an initial time in this episode, us hear Almanzo’s full name. Eliza jane calls the “Almanzo James Wilder” as he’s about to storm out of his residence after discovering that his sister has been bullied by among her students.

Did you know?Eliza jane is the first Walnut Grove teacher to conference a serious, job-threatening issue with a student because Miss Beadle in Season 2’s “Troublemaker.”

More Trivia!When Laura and Albert space working on the large rock to scare Bart, Caroline and baby elegant come the end to see exactly how they’re doing. Notice that Grace has actually some sort of pants underneath she prairie dress, and they look almost like flannel pajama bottoms, i beg your pardon did no exist back then.

Season 6, episode 15 – everything Happened to class of ’56

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Description:Charles and Caroline take it a pilgrimage to Milwaukee for a institution reunion. Return they are both excited to mingle with old friends, they are disappointed to find out what has come to be of their former classmates.

Fun Fact!The graduates in the “Class the ’56”, twenty-five year later, would have actually been around forty years old. Numerous of the actors hired to pat the alumnus in this episode show up to be between 50 and also 60 years old.

Did you know?Charles and Caroline supposedly i graduated from school. However, Laura mentions in “Back come School, part 2” that Charles dropped out of college at period 12 to it is in the “man that the house” and help support the family.

More Trivia!Surprisingly, Charles would desire to represent Walnut Grove in ~ the Grange convention again ~ his experience in Season 4’s “Times the Change.” He seemed thoroughly disgusted through the corruption and vice he witnessed there, and because Charles is a man of principle, it’s surprising that he go back.

Season 6, episode 16 – Darkness is mine Friend

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Description:On a dark and also stormy night, Laura is resting over in ~ the blind school and also spending some quality time through Mary. Trouble strikes once they open the door because that a trio that escaped convicts, that threaten their lives and all the children in the school.

Fun Fact!While Nellie is playing the piano during the second scene in the Oleson’s’ living room, she’s trying come play “Home ~ above the Range.” This is the exact same song that Mrs. Oleson sings drunkenly during Season 4’s “To Run and Hide.”

Did you know?During this episode, Mary and also Laura re-superstructure fond storage from 2 episodes the aired throughout the 2nd season the the series: “The Campout” and also “The Gift.”

More Trivia!Toni Mele, a real-life blind boy who provides her just appearance as Kim in this episode, was invited by Michael Landon himself to appear on the display after she composed a heartfelt pan letter to him.

Season 6, episode 17 – quiet Promise

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Description:Eager to sharpen she teaching an abilities and seem an ext grown-up, Laura volunteer to guardian a hearing disabled teenager called Daniel, who widowed dad doesn’t organize much hope because that his son’s discovering abilities.

Fun Fact!Either this episode extended a very long duration of time, or Laura managed to teach authorize language to Daniel very quickly. If it’s natural for people to learn straightforward conversational signs, like “Hello,” “How are you?” and “How lot does that cost?” relatively fast, it deserve to take several years to talk earlier and forth in the magnitude that the personalities did here.

Did girlfriend know?In this episode, Melissa Gilbert’s personality Laura takes on the task of to teach a hearing deactivated student. A year earlier, she starred opposite Patty fight it out in a film version of “The wonder Worker,” whereby Gilbert played deaf and blind kid Helen Keller.

Favorite Quote!“Laura Ingalls: I’m walk to avoid by the Wilder place and tell miss Wilder all around it.Charles Ingalls: You’re gonna tell miss out on Wilder.Laura Ingalls: Yeah.Charles Ingalls: You could do the in school on Monday.Laura Ingalls: i know.Charles Ingalls: ns wonder if Almanzo is walking to it is in there. Laura Ingalls: i wouldn’t know.Charles Ingalls: Well, what distinction does the make anyway? Why would certainly you want to walk all the method over there to tell Almanzo you’re a grown-up teacher lady for?”

Season 6, illustration 18 – may We make Them Proud Pt. 1

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Description:Albert’s carelessness results in a tragic accident that leaves Alice Garvey and Mary’s baby boy dead. As family members are torn apart, and also faith in God is tested, the is certain to be an emotional road to recovery for anyone involved.

Fun Fact!This is the third consecutive season to have an episode wherein the Garveys are ruined by a fire (and of course, this episode has actually the saddest ending). Season 4’s “The High price of gift Right” and Season 5’s “Barn Burner” presented similar trials because that this family.

Did you know?Ted Voightlander to be nominated for an Emmy compensation for superior Cinematography because that a collection for this episode.

More Trivia!With Albert’s pipe-smoking incident, it was implied that it to be the an initial time the tried smoking cigarettes a pipe. His an initial time cigarette smoking a pipeline was actually in the illustration “Blind Journey,” as soon as his challenge turned eco-friendly as a result.

Season 6, episode 19 – may We do Them Proud Pt. 2

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Description:Albert, Mary, and Jonathan, every deeply impacted by the fire at the institution for the Blind, proceed to resolve their emotions. Albert, racked with guilt, runs away, top Charles and Jonathan to conduct a frantic search for him.

Fun Fact!Actor man Zaremba (Judge Adams) showed up in literally hundreds of TV broadcasts throughout his fifty-year career. In reflects where he play a regular actors member, he almost always shown a doctor. He was Dr. Chaff on “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” the clinical Examiner on “Perry Mason,” Dr. Jensen in “Ben Casey,” Dr. Swain in “Time Tunnel,” and also in his final recurring role, Dr. Danvers, in “Dallas.”

Did friend know?The city that Albert reads to mary is the an initial sonnet in the acclaimed collection “Sonnets from the Portuguese” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

More Trivia!Actress Hersha Parady (Alice Garvey) credits this as among her favorite episodes. “It was good fun playing with fire and getting to act increase a storm,” Parady when said. “And what a way to go!” Parady has also been known to re-enact her final, dramatic step at some cast reunions.

Season 6, episode 20 – Wilder and also Wilder

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Description:Almanzo and also Eliza Jane room pleasantly surprised to acquire a visit indigenous their kid brother Perley Day, but after a couple of days through him, they conveniently remember why the boy has actually been for this reason estranged from the family members over the years.

Fun Fact!There is a scene in i beg your pardon Almanzo is hitching up his horse outside his home. You can plainly see his shadow follow me the soil (which is fine), but then his shadow climbs up a background (which is painted to look choose a tree ~ above a hillside).

Did friend know?Watch for an unintentionally hilarious minute near the end of the episode, once Almanzo punches Perley Day and knocks him down. Over there is a really loud (and obviously fake) punching sound, and also Perley simply kind of drops slowly and also gracefully come the ground. If Almanzo really had hit him that hard, there’s no way he would have actually gone under so slowly. Also, Perley would have actually been bleeding, i m sorry he plainly wasn’t.

More Trivia!Notice that as soon as Penelope slaps Andy Garvey in the face and says, “And how do you favor that?” it is taking everything within her to keep a straight face, and also though she succeeds, you deserve to tell she’s fighting it. Then, as soon as Andy throw the watermelon in she face, you have the right to see Penelope laughing when she is supposed to it is in angry.

Season 6, illustration 21 – 2nd Spring

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Description:Nels finally loses patience with his henpecked family members life and begins a mobile vendor business. During one that his stops, he meets a lot younger woman who is the precise opposite that his own wife. In the process, Nels struggles with temptation and also going astray together the relationship blossoms.

Fun Fact!The soundtrack was created for this episode, “The Wearin’ O’ The Green” irish Ballad, sung through Suzanne Rogers, is almost note for note the exact same as the irish music created for Season 1’s “The Circus Man.”

Did girlfriend know?Molly, the B and also B owner, supplies the phrase “Let’s trip the irradiate fantastic.” This expression was not offered until 1894 in the tune “Sidewalks of brand-new York” through Charles B. Lawlor and James W. Blake. Molly provides it about 12 years prior to it to be written.

Favorite Quote!“Harriet Oleson: Well, he’s my kid too! more so!Nels Oleson: just how do you number that?Harriet Oleson: i bore him!Nels Oleson: Well, you boring me too, however that doesn’t do you mine mother!”

Season 6, illustration 22 – Sweet Sixteen

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Description:When a institution in a adjacent town is in require of a temporary substitute, 15-year-old Laura ultimately gets her start as a teacher. Together she grows and learns in she career, she additionally starts obtaining the kind of attention she constantly wanted from Almanzo.

Fun Fact!In the TV show, Laura wants to it is in a teacher together a method to impress Almanzo and also show the she is more grown-up, and before she meets Almanzo, she wants to carry out it to emulate her older sister Mary. However, the actual Laura Ingalls Wilder started teaching for this reason she could contribute financially and aid keep mar enrolled in ~ the Iowa college of the Blind. This was all in-depth in Wilder’s seventh book, Little city on the Prairie.

Did friend know?When the Ingalls family an initial walks into the social, there space a couple of seconds of clip of lock looking around the room at every the couples. Towards the finish of this scene, a teenage girl in a violet dress looks straight at the camera for a moment.

More Trivia!Laura and Almanzo re-publishing their an initial kiss in this episode. In one interview, Dean Butler claims that everybody to be so nerve-wracked because that this key scene the there were chaperones top top the collection to make certain nothing “unseemly” to be going on. Melissa Gilbert’s mother was additionally allegedly crying, “My baby! mine baby!” indigenous the sidelines for this reason hysterically that she had to it is in consoled.

Season 6, illustration 23 – he Loves Me, he Loves Me not Pt. 1

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Description:Almanzo offers Laura a pains ultimatum: either operation away with him now or forget the partnership altogether. Harriet Oleson desires Nellie to be trained to take over the restaurant, but the rental of Percival Dalton creates an ext mayhem than anyone imagines.

Fun Fact!Although the scene wherein Nellie goes come apologize come Percival is supposed to take place right after that dumps the eggs on her, the scene was filmed ~ above a various day. Therefore, Alison Arngrim (playing Nellie) had actually to walk through rather a procedure to do herself look precisely as she walk in the vault scene. Her wig was covered in egg, the shells had to be placed specifically where they had been on her head, and a paintbrush was supplied to spread the egg yolk almost everywhere her clothes.

Did friend know?The genuine Laura Ingalls Wilder walk marry as soon as she to be 18. However, that was not due to any kind of restriction set by she father, as portrayed in the TV series. In reality, Almanzo courted her from eras 15 to 17. After he proposed, they had to wait a year for him to build a house and take treatment of some various other business.

More Trivia!This episode marks the 2nd time the a member the the Oleson family members gets a bowl of eggs dumped on their head throughout an argument (see additionally Season 1’s “Family Quarrel“).

Season 6, episode 24 – that Loves Me, he Loves Me not Pt. 2

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Description:To save her mind turn off Almanzo’s expanded absence, Laura pitches in with Mary and Adam’s brand-new blind college in Sleepy Eye. Meanwhile, in an attempt to conceal a mystery from Laura and her family, Almanzo drops dangerously ill.

Fun Fact!Look really closely in ~ the expression on Nellie’s face when Percival says, “Now because that the honeymoon!” in ~ the finish of the episode. You need to really watch because lock only show her confront for a second.

Did girlfriend know?In the critical scene, infant Grace has actually quite an adorable kissing scene through another tiny boy. Part fans may be surprised to learn that the real Grace Ingalls met and married a 42-year-old man, Nate Dow once she it s her was just 24!

More Trivia!The track that Houston theatre on his harmonica in the scene whereby Almanzo brings him the rental money is the layout music from the end credits the the show.

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