There are countless water spirits from folklore roughly the world, most of which take on the form of a human or mermaid. Over there is however a water soul in the kind of a steed that stands out from the rest.

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A water spirit in the form of a equine is a kelpie native Scottish folklore. Other words because that these water spirits space nuggle (Shetland Islands), tangie (Oarkney Islands) and also the ceffyl dŵr (Wales).The Kelpie horse has a really interesting background and method of tricking world which i will describe in the following.
The Water heart in the kind of a equine that likes to drown that ridersWhat go a kelpie equine look like?What go a kelpie equine do?What are other water horses?

The Water soul in the kind of a equine that likes come drown that is riders

As pointed out the kelpie has actually 3 counterparts in the Scottish islands and in Wales. Over there are just minor differences in between them if in ~ all. Futhermore, there space 2 an extremely similiar creatures in Scandinavian folklore. Right here is an overview:Water soul in the type of a horseOriginKelpieScotlandNuggleShetland IslandsTangieOarkney IslandsCeffyl DŵrWalesBäckahästenSouthern ScandinaviaNykurIceland and also Faroe Islands
The Kelpie horse stems native Scottish folklore however there space a few counterparts from other parts that the joined Kingdom and also Scandinavia that refer to the same kind of creature.The kelpies and its counterparts commonly live in streams and also rivers. There is largely one particular kelpie linked with one certain water source.What lock all have actually in typical is your mischeavous character. Every one of them can get quite dangerous. They space not always evil yet like to trick people and in some stories they even drown and eat them.First they plot docile and try to get human being to mount them by informing them they deserve to safely bring them come the various other side of the flow they live in. But if the person actually gets onto their back, they display their true colors and jump into the depths of the water acquisition the person with them.As mentioned, there are only little differnces in between the counterparts. For instance the Nykur native Iceland has a stronger link to ice since of Icelands icy landscape. When the ice cream from frozen lakes crack and also make a noise, Icelanders say that it is the nykur that is neighing. This make them it is in extremely mindful when cross ice.Sometimes castle are additionally compared come the german neck which has actually a similar character however usually does not take on horse form.The specific origin of this legend is no clear however it is thought that the kelpie folklore had actually an important purpose: to scare kids so the they would certainly not wander roughly streams and also rivers on their very own which might lead to drowning.The stories of the kelpie might likewise have been a way to fathom the drowned of children and adults that had actually fallen into dangerous waters and also could no be saved.

“The Kelpies” are giant statues that the mythic water spirit steeds which have the right to be visited in Scotland. (Photo by JulieCrous ~ above Pixabay)

What walk a kelpie steed look like?

Kelpies are stated to be form shifters. Castle usually appear in the kind of black, dark or white steeds which can transform into human being men and sometimes ladies too.They are said to have actually a couple of special functions that you deserve to recognize them by when they are in their horse form. Among them is that their hooves space turned backwards, through the fetlock in front.When they are in their human type it is only possible to recognize them if they still have some seaweed in their hair. Yet in some accounts they are described to keep the hooves also when they space in human type which result in some civilization even link them with the devil.

What go a kelpie equine do?

As described, the kelpie tries come trick world into mounting them therefore it can take them into the depth of the water v them.But there are additionally some other stories about the kelpies, particularly of people outsmarting them and also the person shapeshifted froms of the kelpie gift intersted in a young woman.An instance of a story is around a one old guy that to be sitting top top a bridge and stitching a pair of trousers by himself. A local uncovered him suspicious and struck the old man on his head. This made the man instantly turn back into that kelpie horse form.Another story (from the Scotish island Barra) explains that a lonely kelpie who transformed himself right into a handsome young man fell in love through a young girl. She noticed yet that he to be a kelpie and also removes his silver- necklace which turned him ago into that horse kind and pressures him to occupational at she fathers farm for a year.Finally she provides him ago his necklace and when he once again transformes right into the young man it is asked whether it would pick to it is in a kelpie or a mortal if he had the choice. So he turned to the girl if she would marry the if he turned right into a mortal and this is specifically how the story ends.

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What are other water horses?

As said, the kelpie and also its counterparts room water spirits the live in lakes and rivers. Yet they space not the just water equines that exist in mythology.Other similar creatures are:Each UisgeLoch Ness MonsterHippocampusThe every uisge and the Lock Ness Monster also come from Scotland yet show differences to the kelpie.The each uisge equates to “water horse”. They perform not live in rivers like the kelpies yet in the sea and sea and also freshwater lochs (lakes) and also they are much much more vicious.The Loch Ness Monster is confusingly additionally sometimes refered to together a kelpie. That does yet not median that it is a shapeshifting horse. The word “kelpie” is just sometimes used as a nickname for water monsters prefer it is because that the water steeds in their rivers.Lastly, over there is the hippocampus i beg your pardon stems native Greek mythology and basically looks choose a equine with a mermaid tail. You deserve to read an ext about castle here.