It looks favor this My chemistry Romance fan may have just uncovered where the incentive for the above piano in “Welcome to The black Parade” came from.

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The fan came across the detail in a an extremely unexpected place and now wants the human being to know around it.

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For every beforehand 2000s emo kid out there, MCR’s “Welcome come The black color Parade” is important the anthem of our lives. Due to the fact that the Black Parade‘s release in 2006, us haven’t to be able to hear who drop a G keep in mind without reasoning of the iconic song.

Now, one MCR fan may have just found where the incentive for “Welcome to The black Parade” come from. TikTok user
captureash recently watched the 1977 Japanese horror film House. While watching, lock came face to face with the iconic G-note in a piano scene the sounds eerily similar to the classic MCR song.

captureashAs an early 2000s emo ..this shook me come my core (highly recommend the 1977 ##film house btw) ##foryoupage ##fyp ##foryou ##mychemicalromance ##2000s ##emo♬ original sound – Ash

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It’s possible that the similarities in between the two songs are just a coincidence. However, that is also possible that My chemical Romance uncovered some incentive from the film for one of their most renowned songs to date. Earlier in 2015, Gerard Way even said that Black Parade was heavily inspired through the sci-fi and also horror movie genres.

“A bunch that influence likewise came from German expressionist films, sci-fi, horror, and especially ~ above Black Parade,

A bunch the influence also came native German expressionist films, sci fi, horror, and especially on black color Parade,

— Gerard way (
gerardway) December 23, 2015

As well, seeing as method is a large fan of standard horror movies, it’s feasible he came throughout House while creating for black Parade.

toomanypheels: favorite fear movie?” Suspiria”

toomanypheels: favorite fear movie?” Suspiria

— Gerard method (
gerardway) October 27, 2013

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Black Parade has gone to the head of fans’ minds for some other reasons lately. Critical month, legend composer Andrew Lloyd Webber sparked those Black Parade music rumors again.

He mutual a rapid TikTok play “Welcome come The black Parade” top top the piano while addressing just how iconic the track truly is. This, naturally, resulted in a slew the pleas native the MCR fandom because that him to create a real-life Black Parade musical.

For those that you that don’t want to wait and also see if Lloyd decides to make a Black Parade musical, she in luck. One extremely talented mine Chemical romantic fan newly released the manuscript for their unofficial Black Parade musical. The script consists of over 80 pages that dialogue, collection designs, costume details and also more.

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Do friend think “Welcome to The black color Parade” is influenced by the 1977 horror movie House? allow us know your thoughts in the comments below.