Update: Drake and Future’s cooperation mixtape, the 11-track What a Time to be Alive, is obtainable for download right now via iTunes. Purchase it here.

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It’s here: Drake and also Future room premiering their “surprise” mixtape — which is referred to as What a Time to it is in Alive, and which the rappers have been teasing on Instagram for the past week or for this reason — on to apologize Music best now, via to win 1’s OVO SOUND Radio. Drake is play the collaborative job as part of a two-hour broadcast that runs from 6 p.m. EST with 8 p.m. EST.

What a Time to be Alive will certainly then be obtainable to download via apologize Music. The new tape complies with Future’s Dirty Sprite 2 and also Drizzy’s If You’re reading This It’s too Late, both that which to be released earlier this year.

Before he started playing the mixtape, Drake said that the collection thrived out the a six-day stint the he spent in Atlanta working through Future.

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Tune right into OVO SOUND RADIO here, and find the track perform below.

Drake and also Future, What a Time to it is in Alive monitor list:

1. “Digital Dash”2. “Big Rings”3. “Live indigenous the Gutter”4. “Diamonds Dancing”5. “Scholarships”6. “Plastic Bag”7. “I’m the Plug”8. “Change Locations”9. “Jumpman”10. “Jersey”11. “30 because that 30 Freestyle”


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