Imagine continually being required to have sex from the ago everyday; this is Tiffany's story. As soon as Tiffany an initial met John whatever was impressive until he acquired possessive and also controlling. He then starts raping her day-to-day using the very same sex position. This film also includes bonus content.

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Directors---StarringBrittaneySpikes, MichaelBransonGenresScience Fiction, Suspense, Drama, ActionSubtitlesNone availableAudio languagesEnglish
StudioUnavailablePurchase rightsStream instantly DetailsFormatPrime video clip (streaming online video)DevicesAvailable to clock on sustained devices
SteveReviewed in the United states on June 16, 2015

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This is a really, really misadvertised DVD. The DVD-R does last 33:43, and also there are abusive relationships shown, yet that is the just connection between the description of this...disc, and also its contents. The covering model and her orientation have nothing to execute with the contents. There room three dramatic skits here...the second two room labeled "Bonus Content", but actually comprise the lion"s share of the DVD-R. The second and 3rd skit are definitely Australian actors, however the an initial is seemingly American or Canadian dialect.The first story (7 minutes long) is around a woman (Eve) in an abusive partnership with either her father or stepfather (John). He"s psychologically and sexually abusive, and she gets revenge. Short, come the point, and also odd.The second skit (8 1/2 minutes long) is around a mrs who"s to be murdered, talking to her...husband, Jack, after ~ the fact. There"s an noticeable twist, and also no genuine surprises, yet it is an extremely dark.The third skit (17 minute long) is about the intersection of 2 relationship. One is a physically abusive, stereotypical alpha male (Ben) who beats ~ above his girlfriend (Claire) and controls her every move. The other is a happy, sharing, loving pair that live following door. The woman in the 2nd relationship is doubtful of Ben and also Claire"s relationship, and also wants to help. In the end, she does.The technical ability in these three skits is fair, even including background music. The acting is purely actors" workshop quality. The plots space obvious and also uninteresting, even aside from no being anything like the summary or the covering photo. Great enough because that a stage in a musty bar somewhere. Mine curiosity assuaged, I"m act my ideal to return the DVD because that my money back.