Security and maintenance

In plenty of ways, home windows 8 is the safest variation of Windows ever released. There's a significantly lowered threat of downloading and install harmful software since the apps you'll use from the Start display are either designed or approved by Microsoft. Windows 8 additionally includes a variety of security features to keep you safe.

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In this lesson, you'll learn more about just how Windows 8 protects her computer. We'll also talk around using the Action Center to solve potential defense risks, troubleshooting concerns with her computer, and how to restore her system.

Security functions in windows 8

Windows 8 uses a range of devices to defend you from viruses, malware, and other malicious applications that can harm your computer. Plenty of of these services run in the background, therefore you may not even notification that they're constantly functioning to save you safe.

User Account ControlUser Account regulate warns you as soon as a regimen or user attempts to readjust your computer's settings. Your display screen will be temporarily locked until an Administrator deserve to confirm the changes. This helps to safeguard your computer against malicious software program and inadvertently changes. User Account regulate also permits you to decide how regularly you'll get these warnings.

User Account Control
Windows DefenderWindows Defender offers antivirus and malware protection for your computer. In addition to scanning your computer for potentially harmful applications, windows Defender provides real-time protection, double-checking each record or application you open up without slowing under your computer.

Windows Defender
Windows SmartScreenWhenever your computer detects a protection threat from a document or application, windows SmartScreen will inform you with a full-screen warning. Anytime you see this warning screen, girlfriend should pick not to open the file or application unless you have the right to verify the it will not damages your computer.

Windows SmartScreen
Windows FirewallBy default, home windows 8 will protect your Internet connection with Windows Firewall. A firewall avoids unauthorized accessibility from outside connections and helps defend your network from dangers that can harm your computer.

Windows Firewall

The action Center

The Action Center is a centralized place to see security and maintenance messages, making it less complicated to identify and solve difficulties with her computer. The action Center have the right to be accessed native the desktop computer view.

To open up the activity Center:

If you have any important messages, the flag symbol on the taskbar will screen a red X price


To open the activity Center, click the flag icon on the taskbar.

Clicking the activity Center icon in the taskbar
Any current messages will appear.Click Open activity Center to answers to any kind of current messages.

Opening the activity Center
Solving worries with the activity Center:

Your existing messages are presented in the Action facility pane. A red bar shows your most essential messages, when a yellow bar suggests those that perform not require immediate attention. A button will show up to the best of a post if a solution exists for the defense or maintenance issue.

To resolve a problem, click the solution button, and also follow the accuse on the screen. When you room done, the post will disappear native the activity Center.
Resolving worries with the activity Center

Some messages are simply notifications and also do not indicate a problem with her computer. This messages will not encompass a solution button, yet they may still have necessary information or instructions.


Not all computer problems will be presented in the action Center. Because that example, you may have trouble through a particular regime or device or connecting to the Internet. Because that these types of problems, friend will want to open up the Troubleshooting pane.

To access the Troubleshooting pane, click Troubleshooting at the bottom that the activity Center. You will see numerous different alternatives that will aid you identify and fix problems through your software and hardware.

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Opening the Troubleshooting Pane

Click the buttons in the interactive below to learn more about utilizing the Troubleshooting pane. Keep in mind that your computer system may have a slightly various list that options.