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I didn"t see a thread on this, so pardon me if over there is.My 2020 Corolla is the first time I"ve watched an automatic through this B, downshifting gear. Specifically how/when is the best means to use it?I"ve provided it only as soon as going down huge declines ~ above the interstate and also going end 50 mile an hour. Yet are there various other uses. Need to I perform it once going 30 in the city and also braking? This seems an especially potentially valuable in the just area whereby I live together it has so countless hills. So....anyone want to provide advice for how often/how to use the B gear?

I expect (I"m not up to speed on the autos) B means Engine braking. The just time you"d really desire to use that is in eye or once traveling under steep grade hills. Otherwise it"s just a rubbish of gas to usage the engine braking.

B an option is because that holding lower gear upon deceleration, i beg your pardon is preferable while coasting down a hill that is steep sufficient to need the extra engine braking... B setting is absolutely not encourage to be supplied on snow or ice.
invader is correct, and also just to include one thing, making use of the lower gearing to engine brake does no consume any an ext gas. Once you"re decelerating her fuel injectors aren"t to run in nearly every contemporary car.
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B selection is because that holding lower equipment upon deceleration, which is desirable while coasting down a hill the is steep sufficient to require the extra engine braking... B setting is definitely not recommended to be provided on eye or ice.
Uhhhh that"s the specific reason to usage engine braking. Engine braking enables the vehicle to slow-moving down through out utilizing the yes, really brakes preventing chances of lock up. Https:// your number 1 reminder for control in snow - use lower gear to use engine braking.

ABS and great braking force distribution take care of slow down as soon as overcoming the tires" coefficient of friction... Taller gear is supplied in short traction conditions such together on snow and ice to boost traction, i m sorry is required for road holding and also turning, and also to mitigate wheel turn tendency. Eye actually creates a same amount the drag, beside reducing easily accessible traction.

Uhhhh that"s the specific reason to usage engine braking. Engine braking enables the auto to sluggish down with out making use of the really brakes staying clear of chances of lock up. their number 1 reminder for driving in snow - use lower equipment to make use of engine braking.
Yes, yet if friend drop too low too quick on snow/ice, you"ll on slide from the drivetrain spinning also fast.
Yes, yet if girlfriend drop as well low too rapid on snow/ice, you"ll on slide from the drivetrain spinning as well fast.

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Right, yet the "B" gear is in automatics. The ECU is going come decide as soon as to under shift. I would certainly imagine the ecu is looking at about 55 things before it decides to down shift, and it"s not going to do it aggressively. Forum is a community dedicated to every Toyota models. Come comment on the Camry, Tacoma, Highlander, 4Runner, Rav4 and more!
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