Lokai bracelets are widely known as a sign of balance, hope, and also humbleness. Beads of the Lokai bracelets are injected with aspects from the highest and also the shortest points ~ above the earth which are the perfect complement for life’s ups and downs.

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The surname of these arm bands “LOKAI” method unity. It way Lokai bracelets reflect and also promote the mental balance the moments, days, and also even your life. However if you desire to consider the Lokai bracelets an ext deeply, you need to study the colour of bracelets and what they mean. Every different shade of the Lokai bracelet comes v a certain cause and also each bead is located to resolve the certain matter.

To understand the story behind Lokai bracelets and also why civilization wear Lokai bracelets, you should read the below explanations which are specific to the Lokai bracelets, your foundation, and also their factor to wear.

What is the Lokai Bracelet?


Lokai arm bands are such arm bands that are fully made up of silicone. There room basically 2 deliberately inserted beads, one black color bead in ~ one side and one white bead at the the contrary side. The white bead is thought of delivering water from Mount Everest i beg your pardon is the greatest place top top Earth. It reflects the happy moments in life.

The black color bead on the various other hand features mud indigenous the Dead Sea i beg your pardon the lowest part of Earth. It represents the difficult and hard times in life. These black and also white beads space 180 degrees the contrary of each other and also in between these beads, over there are number of beads that multicolor. Many of the time, Lokai arm bands have transparent beads in in between black advertisement white beads. These crystal clear and also transparent beads save on computer water in them.

As all various other stories that inventions and creations of every little thing exist amongst human beings, Lokai bracelets additionally have a story behind them and it is believed that they have actually a details purpose. In order to love and also appreciate the Lokai bracelets, acknowledging the Lokai bracelets properly by learning their story is necessary.

So, what’s the really Story Behind the Lokai Bracelets?

The name of the bracelets Lokai was inspired by Lokahi. Lokahi is the Hawaiian indigenous that means unity and also harmony (a proportion between happy and sad moments.)


Steven Izen is the CEO and founder of Lokai. once his grand was diagnosed through Alzheimer’s, this an important moment that his life do him establish the down components of life. At that moment, he had actually to uncover the proportion in between joyful and also happy vibes that life while at the very same time dealing with misfortune and hardships.

He want to share his suffer to repeat others that highs and lows are definite in life. Steven Izen therefore came up v the idea of making things that reflects the ups and downs the everyone experiences in his/her life.

So he designed the Lokai bracelet that gives us the great of staying humble once we room on top and also staying hopeful as soon as we have actually hit a low. That was such an tremendous idea to discover the balance between happiness and also sadness in life.

The bracelet offers two fancy beads (one black and one white) on every side that the spectrum. The black bead transferring mud native the lowest part of earth reflects the dark and also low next of life. The white bead having actually water indigenous the highest component of planet shows the bright and also high next of life.

Lokai Bracelet Colors and also their Meanings


The white bead carries the water gathered from the highest possible place of the planet Mt. Everest. It each other the joy, happiness, and also gratitude, and also high moments of life. The white color likewise resembles the bright work in life. The black bead meanwhile is having actually mud native the deepest and lowest component of the earth Dead sea.

It reflects the miserable job of life complete of sadness and troubles. Between these two black and also white beads, several exact same beads teach us the balance between happy and also sad days.

When we think about the Lokai bracelet as a whole, it provides us the great of maintaining a balance between good and poor days. The article that is obtained by Lokai arm bands is to stay humble even when you are at the height of your life. And when you have hit low in her life, i beg your pardon is pretty much definite to occur one day or another, you must stay hopeful and calm. You must take the responsibility of her life to keep a proportion in between your gains and also your losses.

What does The BLACK and WHITE Lokai Bracelet definition & likewise Colorless Means?

The rest of the beads that make the Lokai bracelet other than black and also white space clear and also transparent yet they can additionally be in different colors like blue. Fuschia, yellow, green, and blue are some of the usual colors associated with Lokai bracelets. Few of the Lokai bracelets likewise come in steel like gunmetal, yellow gold, or pure gold.


These colors have the right to be confusing come understand however the black and white beads in the Lokai bracelet are much more interesting and also they was standing out. The black bead top top the bracelet is stated to save the mud from the Dead Sea i beg your pardon is the lowest allude of the Earth.

It gives the sense of the low and also dark work of our lives. The white bead at the same time is thought to have actually water from mount Everest i m sorry is the highest suggest of the Earth. It is climate the perfect enhance with the high and bright moments in her life.

We deserve to summarize the collective deep lesson the we obtain from the Lokai arm bands as:


This bracelet pressures you to preserve your life in such a way that you create a proportionate balance between good times and also bad times. You should manage the duties of life also in the worst and also troublesome moments.

Internal Hope

The black bead resembles darkness or sadness. It has mud native the Dead Sea i m sorry is the lowest part of the Earth and also reflects short or miserable moment of life. It offers us the hopefulness come live among the negativity that happens in life.


The Dead Sea is the lowest component of ours Earth however it is also known together the Sea the Life. So black bead besides mirroring the short moments of life additionally gives united state the lesson to have confidence in much better tomorrow.

Love is Everything

Lokai bracelet additionally promotes Love. It pressures you to love yourself and also the world that are associated to you. Lokai bracelet is the balance between ups and downs, and that balance is not feasible if you space not compassionate around yourself and also your surrounding. And also that compassion is obtained by love every moment.


The balance between great and bad days signifies a harmonious life. If you continue to be humble during good days and hopeful during negative days, that’s the genuine harmony. It provides a peaceful setting not just for yourself but also for your surrounding people.


Lokai bracelet embraces humbleness and calmness. Black color bead reminds girlfriend of the dark and also low moments. So it helps you to no be prideful throughout your bright and also top moments.

What walk the Red Lokai Bracelet Mean?


While the red Lokai bracelet is not a really common bracelet among most people, yet it is of an excellent significance. This red Lokai bracelet is designed to encourage awareness that HIV/AID amongst people. A 2000 report mirrors up to 1200 child babies test positive for HIV every single day.

This bracelet is part of initiatives that are being made consistently to get rid of this disease. A part of the profit from Red Lokai Bracelet is invested in the medication for the reduction of mother-to-child HIV/AID transmission. Although part positive results of such effort have caused up come a two-thirds to decrease in the positive cases. This is a item of very an excellent news and also a an excellent achievement.

What go The Rainbow Lokai Bracelet Mean?


The different rainbow colors in the Rainbow Lokai bracelet show equality between all the human being regardless of your skin color or cast. All resides are equal and also deserve same rights. Nobody is prioritized top top the behalf of their skin color, caste, race, community, and also religion. Us all are person beings and we all room equal.

What go The clear Lokai Bracelet Mean?


This standard Lokai bracelet is the many popular and common. The clean beads show the balance while the white and the black color beads show the high and also low days of her life. The overall meaning of a clean Lokai bracelet is to keep a balance between your great and poor days. You have to be calm during the high and top days while during your bad and low days, you must remain optimistic for a better tomorrow.

What does The Blue Lokai Bracelet Mean?

The Blue Lokai bracelet is also known as the Wings because that life Lokai bracelet. It is designed for awareness and also to offer support because that spinal cord injuries and future researches.


Blue Lokai bracelet is additionally popular for several other meanings or awarenesses. It is additionally known together the Water bracelet because of that blue color and it supports naval research. Some people likewise know it as the Shark Lokai bracelet to assistance the protection of sharks from coming to be extinct. Few of the different horoscopes and zodiac indicators are also linked with the Blue Lokai bracelet.

What does The purple Lokai Bracelet Mean?


Purple Lokai bracelet is made v the corporation of alzheimer Association. Violet Lokai bracelet is made for the awareness of alzheimer disease. The grand of Steven who is the founder the the Lokai bracelet was also diagnosed through Alzheimer’s. The profits from the revenue are funded because that the research and also medication of alzheimer disease. That is also used come promote resources to the world for the research and also elimination the this illness.

What does The Pink Lokai Bracelet Mean?


Pink Lokai bracelet promotes awareness of breast cancer. the acknowledges the threat of climbing breast cancer in ladies day by day. Chest cancer is one of the many highly-rising diseases among women in the existing decade. The funds are elevated for the research functions of the Breast Cancer research study Foundation.

What does The black color Lokai Bracelet Mean?


The black Lokai bracelet is make of all black beads except one white bead. Every these black beads remind you of her dark and also low work in your life. As well as that, one white bead having actually water native the greatest place of earth Mt. Everest gives a post to stay calm and hopeful even in her bad and dark days.

What go The Orange Lokai Bracelet Mean?


Mental wellness issues room rising amongst most world nowadays which might sometimes cause fatal tasks and attempts like suicide and also murder. This concern is necessary to it is in addressed. The Orange Lokai bracelet is designed for the awareness and causes of mental health and wellness problems and diseases. This bracelet through the partnership of NAMI raises funds for mental illnesses research and medication.

What does The environment-friendly Lokai Bracelet Mean?


The Noval Coronavirus! hit us and destroyed ours economies and social interactions. This pandemic is the worst dilemm humans ever before faced. The green Lokai bracelet to be designed while at the top of the Corona dilemmas for the awareness of this virus and also its threats. It also raises funds for the food distribution among poor family members that have actually lost their resources of earnings during this pandemic.

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What does The Blue and White Lokai Bracelet Mean?


The Blue and White Lokai bracelet is designed through the partnership of establishments like the International Rescue Committee (IRC). This bracelet is produced the support of refugees and also fundraising for rescue organizations. Because that every bracelet sold out, Lokai donates 1$ to these groups who support refugees.