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Questions: Q1. Based on the water analogy, what does the water represent? Q2. In order because that the water to circulation it requirements pressure, what does it represent…? Q3. What walk the flow of water represent? Q4. The circulation of water in a narrow tank is less, what amount of electricity does the narrow tank represent?​
Multiple choice: pick the exactly answer. Create the letter only.1. Exactly how do us measure a mountain?a. Calculation the elevation of a mountain.b. Measure…the distance in between the two points on the ground.c. Calculate the distance between the 2 points ~ above the ground.d. Measure the distance in between the two points ~ above the ground and also then measure theangles in between the height of the mountain and each point.2. What is the total sum of the angles as soon as measuring a mountain?a. 180 levels b. 160 degrees c. 140 degrees d. 120 degrees3. Mountains are measured indigenous the __________.a. Height c. Sea level come the peakb. Sea level d. Height to one more peak4. How countless ways can a mountain be measured?a. 4 b. 3 c.2 d. 15. The adhering to are the mountains discovered in the philippines excepta. Mt. Apo c. Mt. Nangab. Mt. Banahaw d. Mt. Matutum6. How are hills formed?a. By key movementsb. V the crumpling of substantial rocksc. Comprised by many tectonic platesd. Developed from earth’s tectonic plates7. What is the tallest hill in the philippines?a. Mt. Apo c. Mt. Kalatunganb. Mt. Dulang-dulang d. Mt. Pulag8. What statement best describes a mountain?a. It has a peak and is steeper 보다 a hill.b. The stands more than 300 meters above sea level.c. Hills are large landforms the rise above the surroundings.d. No one of the choices.9. Mt. Halcon has actually an key of ____ meters.a. 2,682 b. 2,582 c. 2,482 d. 2,382910. Mt. Mayon is located in what province?a. Albay c. Camarines surb. Bukidnon d. Viscaya11. This is just one of the mountains located in the philippines.a. Mt. Anarat c. Mt. Kitangladb. Mt. Bukidnon d. Mt. Volcano12. Which hill is discovered in bukidnon?a. Mt. Banahaw c. Mt. Mayonb. Mt. Kitanglad d. Mt. Tapulao13. Mt. Tagubud is situated on i m sorry island?a. Luzon b. Mindanao c. Panay d. Sibuyan14. What hill is found in the district of agusan del norte?a. Mt. Banahaw c. Mt. Kanlaonb. Mt. Hilong-hilong d. Mt. Isarog15. I beg your pardon of the complying with is the way of measure up mountains?a. Indigenous the base to the peakb. Through the top of the mountainc. Through the lava that the mountaind. Measure up the distance to the center of sea level
Directions: pick the corresponding attributes of heat and also temperature ~ above the choices given below. Compose the letter of the exactly answer ~ above the…space provided.

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What is the percent by mass concentration the a solutionthat materials 5.30g the salt dissolved in1 9.7g of water?..