Traveling with kids can be complicated at the finest of times, yet in Mexico City – the massive metropolis with millions of residents – it deserve to be also harder. However, also though things can be logistically trickier, there space still a ton the fun points to store the little ones entertained on your next visit come the mexican capital. Below are our peak eleven.

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Let’s start off through a recently opened destination in swanky Polanco. This serene neighbourhood has actually a really different vibe come it than lot of Mexico City, which can make it less complicated to navigate with kids in tow, and it likewise plays organize to Acuario Inbursa. Owned by Carlos Slim, this underground aquarium has all way of sealife because that them come marvel at, and also even despite it’s exterior isn’t as visually enticing together the neighboring Soumaya museum, the interior more than makes up because that it.

Planetario louis Enrique Erro

If the sea doesn’t float her kids’ boat, then possibly the skies will? at Planetario louis Enrique Erro castle can get an insight into the solar system and also star constellations at among the frequently scheduled skies shows. Alternatively, head come the planetarium’s 400-seat theatre and also watch one immersive and informative projection. While friend may need to go to the north Mexico City community of Zacatenco because that this option, it’s worth the traveling time.

Planetario louis Enrique Erro, Av. Wilfrido Massieu s/n, Gustavo A. Madero, Zacatenco, Nueva industrial Vallejo, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5729 6000

Mexico City is famous for gift the ar of the terrific Six Flags theme park and for the older children this makes a perfect day-long destination. Located in the southern area of Mexico City, in Tlalpan forest, few of the attractions encompass laser tag, bumper cars, justice League-themed rides and, erm, even the world’s former largest piñata. Get there early, as this is a well-known destination amongst visitors and also locals alike.
For younger children, Papalote Museo del Niño is a well-curated and excellent museum situated within the love of Mexico City, in the Bosque de Chapultepec. Full of crafty and also interactive exhibits that might literally keep also the most conveniently distracted of youngsters occupied every day long, among its stand outs is the Lego section. They additionally have well defined sections, such together ‘My body’, ‘Mexico’ and also ‘Mi City’, for this reason it’s about learning and playing.

Speaking that the Bosque de Chapultepec, that on its very own is a terrific destination to head to with the children tagging along. Complete of vast open environment-friendly spaces, a ton of museum to pick from and also overflowing with largely tame squirrels (take along some crackers or peanuts if you want to feeding them), that a safe and tranquil spot. You can easily pick increase food there too, for this reason you could theoretically stay all day!
Atmosphere:Accessible (Wheelchair), easily accessible (Blind), obtainable (Deaf), Dog Friendly, family members Friendly
The economic situation doesn’t sound prefer the most amazing of topics because that a museum, specifically one come which she planning to take your children. However, the Museo Interactivo de Economía, well-known colloquially together MIDE, is an exception to the rule. It offers interactive exhibits to assist your kids learn much more about the economy and the financial people in one immersive and also fun way. You never ever know, you can even discover something too.


run by the leading university in Mexico, UNAM, Universum is a science and an innovation museum that opened up in 1992. Nowadays, it has thirteen different halls replete with various exhibits that will intrigue even the many scientifically sceptical the children. With themes choose recycling, health, the universe and also even sexuality, every bases really are covered here.

Universum, Circuito social de Ciudad Universitaria S/N, Coyoacán, Cd. Universitaria, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5622 7260

La Pista, san Jerónimo

For miscellaneous a little an ext active, why not take your children to an ice cream skating rink? even if castle skating experts or complete beginners, they’ll have the ability to give the a go throughout the public opened hours. Check the website for much more details around when precisely these room closer to the moment of your visit, and also keep this alternative in psychic in case you’re heading come Mexico City throughout rainy season. It can make a good back increase activity.

La Pista, Av. Contreras 300, La Magdalena Contreras, mountain Jerónimo Lídice, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5683 6767

Tío Pepe Granja Didáctica

For a hands-on farm experience, Tío Pepe Granja Didáctica is a an excellent shout. If your youngsters are animal lovers, or even if castle on the fence about whether they favor pigs or bacon, Tío Pepe’s Granja (or farm) is the perfect destination. Castle can interact directly with docile animals who are provided to person contact, and also even feeding them. From pigs come donkeys, steeds to cows, over there are also smaller, domestic animals that they deserve to hold and also pet.

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Tío Pepe Granja Didáctica, Camino Viejo a Mixcoac 3615, Álvaro Obregón, mountain Bartolo Ameyalco, Ciudad de México, México, +52 55 5810 1025

With a name choose KidZania, this ar was constantly going to be up there together a top destination to take the youngsters to in Mexico City. The Cuicuilco branch is easily easily accessible and complete of fun exhibits and tasks for them to gain stuck in to. Give them the opportunity to let your imaginations run wild, when you acquire a breather indigenous the wildly of taking youngsters on holiday. Extremely recommended.

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