What is the objective of business? What is the purpose of a company? Most human being don’t it seems ~ to have actually much problem verbalizing the solution to this question:

“That’s obvious: The function of a organization is to make a profit!”

But that’s not true!

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The objective of any kind of business

When girlfriend ask a shareholder this an answer makes sense. To him, it’s essential that the company, right into which that invested, provides as lot profit together possible. This rises the company value, or a dividend deserve to be payment out.

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In both cases, the resources invested by the shareholder increases, and this is what he care about. This is quickly understood, however that does not do generating a benefit the purpose of a company.


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Is the purpose of a agency to create jobs?

But If friend ask a union representative, or a socially oriented politician, he will most likely tell you:

“The purpose of the agency is to produce jobs, and to retain these over the long-term.”

This likewise makes sense, however here as well: To create jobs is not the objective of a company.

Customer value?

The sole objective of any company is to satisfy the demands of customers. A company that walk not administer a worth to its client will have actually no customers over the mid-term. Why need to customers be expected to buy from this company?

Over the near-term, a firm can survive without customers. End the mid and long-term a firm without customers has actually no factor for being, and no chance of survival.

Profits and employees?

This isn’t come say the profits and employees aren’t important. Both are required to satisfy the purpose, i.e. To produce value for the customer. They room a means to an end.

A firm cannot survive without at the very least making a profit now and also then, because it will certainly not be able to invest right into its future and the future value included for that customers. A firm can therefore only it is in of advantage to that customers end the irreversible if the is profitable.

This is similarly true because that employees and also their jobs. To provide value to the customer with services and also products, practically every service needs employees. Because that this reason, the must create enough tasks to satisfy the demands of that is customers. Not more, and also no fewer.

Might ns be dividing hairs?

You may think:

“That is splitting hairs. It makes no difference whether profits and also employees space the means or the function of a company, right?“

By no means. This is crucial to just how you together the entrepreneur and manager think about it. Your attitude around this has actually a huge impact on the agency success. The following example should to mark the point:

The self-employed programmer Thomas

Three years ago, Thomas ended up being self-employed as a software program developer. He want to be independent and also make an ext money than he could in his ahead employment.

As a known specialist because that the programming language C++, he can now charge a comparatively high hourly rate for his work.His customers room happy come pay, since as a certifiable expert, the delivers outstanding programming work. He has therefore accomplished his score to be independent, and also to make great money.

Let’s assume that he defines “making numerous money” together the purpose of his one guy enterprise. He because of this places the focus on money. This puts him in jeopardy the relying on his expertise and also skill, and also resting on his laurels.

But now, the requirements the his customers because that his programming occupational are slowly start to change. The is reluctant and late to recognize and also acknowledge this. ~ all, he’s focused on make as lot money as possible, and also not mainly on understanding the requirements of his customers.

Over time, points are obtaining increasingly challenging for him, since C++ is no much longer the primary programming language referred to as for. He has failed come adjust come the changing needs that his customers in a timely manner. His business is in decline, his revenues space dropping, and also his client no longer want to pay the high hourly rate. That’s as well bad.

If he had actually regarded the purpose of his company as providing his customers through the highest possible value, he would have spent time at an early stage to research his customers and the solutions beneficial to them. That would proceed to be a recognized partner because that his customers, and also his customers would continue to salary his high hourly rate.

Purpose and also focus of your company

If your firm is in a vital situation, it may be vital over the short-term to focus on maximizing profits and also quarterly results, rather on customer value. Yet over the long-term such an orientation is always disastrous.

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The objective of a agency is always to carry out value to its customers – and also it is thus clear the this have to be the emphasis of her company. Your service vision statement as part of your organization strategy have to reflect the purpose of your company.

Purpose and Vision Statement

The motivating quotes

“Every product and also service is sold on the promise the a better future. The purpose of business is to deliver on the promise, and also profit is the reward because that doing so.”