“In manager Antoine Fuqua’s modern-day vision that a standard story, the desperate townspeople of climbed Creek employ protection from 7 outlaws, bounty hunters, gamblers and also hired guns after the town falls under the deadly manage of industrialist Bartholomew Bogue. Together they prepare the town for the violent showdown the they recognize is coming, these seven mercenaries uncover themselves fighting for an ext than money.”

As proof that original stories are couple of and far in between in Hollywood, The magnificent Seven and the story of seven mercenaries that come together vowing to protect a city from be oppressive is make again. I think that a perfect analogy for this can be prove by a copy machine. If you continue to make copies of copies, you start to lose things in the process. Back the contents of the copy may be a strong and an effective story, the capability to check out the story proceeds to degrade through each one made. The same have the right to be stated for this brand-new incarnation that The magnificent Seven.

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It has a an excellent story, descending from among the biggest filmmakers in history, yet with each telling something rather is lost.

Time appears to it is in the number one opponent of The splendid Seven. Taking a story that originally took 3 and also a half hours to tell and also shaving a great hour and also fifteen off doesn’t make things easy, especially an unified with the truth you have to introduce the conflict, antagonist, and each among the seven mercenaries together they are convinced to join what is essentially a self-destruction mission. V every brand-new introduction, us get around five minute of time v each new character, the foundation that the whole film bases ours investment through that certain character. This is really unfortunate, together it is one of the really good points the movie has, diverse and unique characters. I mean, who didn’t speak “what the —-“ when Vincent D’Onofrio is introduced? There are some really cool characters, and also they aren’t given the time they require for us to care about what happens to them, which is an important because together I said, they space basically top top a self-destruction mission.

Because that the lack of time come properly develop characters, this reasons a chain reaction that impacts the entire film. An additional thing that is lost from various other incarnations that this story is just how each that the characters change. They walk from self-absorbed loaners who only care around money, come working with each other as a team come protect civilization from oppression. This camaraderie walk not have actually time to grow as things space rushed as fast as possible in order to get to the final climax of the film and also to have much more explosions. The love of this story is around the brotherhood and bond the develops between these people, what it has been turned into is one action-packed explosion with a body count that cannot be measured.

Despite having tiny to no development, all the actors do a phenomenal task of taking what lock have and also building the illusion of a meaningful story in i m sorry we care what is unfolding. Visually, the film looks impressive as well. Beautiful vast shots of open nation are a testimony to the genre and an excellent to see. Hopefully, the Western trend continues, together it is a great genre that deserve to be put in order if handled properly.



The magnificent Seven is gift in High definition Widescreen 1080p 2.39:1. This transport looks gorgeous, with an excellent color levels and no defects noticed. Shot on film, it has actually a gritty look come it that gives it a an extremely western feel.


The audio is presented in DTS-HD grasp Audio 7.1. This film has actually a good track, with among the critical scores through James Horner. Over there is no lack of oomph in the surrounds, as the activity scenes are all filled v gunshots zooming in every direction. A an extremely solid monitor with good utilization of every the levels, giving the film an additional level of excited if you have 7.1 capability.

Special Features

The magnificent Seven comes v a ‘Vengeance Mode’, i beg your pardon is comparable to the Infinifilm series brand-new Line released on a an option of their DVD titles year ago. If selected, you will be prompted throughout a certain scene to obtain a failure by the director. This can be very informative, through the entire actors chiming in on their thoughts that a certain scene.

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In enhancement to Vengeance Mode, you’re additionally going come see:

Deleted ScenesGunslingersThe acquisition of increased CreekDirecting the SevenRogue BogueThe SevenMagnificent Music

The magnificent Seven has actually some amazing qualities that, if given enough time, would certainly raise it come the level of several of the more recent western remakes such together 3:10 come Yuma and also True Grit. Unfortunately, the film tries to tackle a substantial story together the fist spans of the median movie goer continue to decline, shedding the very core of the movie in the process.