Destiny veterans who are an initial in heat to pat the upcoming Rise the Iron expansion will get a bonus car as an to exclude, pre-order incentive, developer Bungie announced this main as component of a livestreamed presentation.

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Dubbed the “Gjallarwing” by its creators, the pre-order bonus merges the sleek format of the game’s Sparrow vehicles with distinct designs and also embellishments motivated by Destiny‘s legend Gjallarhorn weapon.

Rise that Iron also marks the return of the Gjallarhorn itself. Initially one the Destiny‘s many iconic and prized weapons, the Gjallarhorn never ever received improvements to that stats or damage output in the months after that is introduction, and brand-new weapons quickly outpaced that in terms of usefulness, leading most players to drop that from their arsenal.

A new version of the Gjallarhorn is as result of premiere in Destiny: climb of Iron v a substantial redesign, upping its usefulness and also reestablishing that as one of the game’s most powerful weapons. In addition to obtaining a bonus Gjallarhorn-themed Sparrow, players who pre-order the Rise of Iron growth will also receive an exclude, black-and-silver skin for the redesigned Gjallarhorn, allowing them to display off your devotion to all points Destiny throughout the game’s many contained multiplayer modes.

Bungie in addition revealed throughout this week’s live-streamed presentation the Rise the Iron will introduce new playable zones within the game’s Cosmodrome map, along with brand-new missions and patrols. Destiny‘s level lid is additionally due because that a bump, together Rise of Iron will rise the maximum feasible light level come 355.

Released across multiple consoles in 2014, Destiny has due to the fact that seen near-constant updates across all that its story and multiplayer missions, generally rebalancing weapons and swapping out in-game objectives. Bungie recently revealed the it will certainly drop support for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of Destiny with the relax of Rise of Iron, and will transition its breakthrough efforts to the Xbox One and PS4 execution in the months ahead.

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Destiny: rise of Iron premieres digitally because that the Xbox One and also PlayStation 4 ~ above September 20.