When the Bough breaks DVD and Blu-ray release date was December 27, 2016. Once the Bough breaks Netflix rental release day is December 27, 2016 and also Redbox release day is December 27, 2016 (estimated).

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December 27, 2016Dec 27, 2016
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Starring: Morris Chestnut, Regina Hall, Romany MalcoDirector: Jon CassarWriter: Jack OlsenIn Theaters: September 9, 2016Runtime: 107 minGross: $29.7 mil
John and also Laura desire a child and also decide to walk the surrogacy path with their last viable fertilized egg. Lock soon choose a surrogate named Anna that looks perfect during interviews.After Anna"s husband is arrested for residential battery, the pair bring her into their home. However Anna quickly becomes dangerously fixated ~ above John and acts much more and an ext psychotically as each brand-new day that the pregnant passes. Nearly too late, John and also Laura realize the Anna has actually no plan to provide them their child as soon as the time comes. Deserve to they gain manage of the situation before she destroys everything?
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