Lane Positions

In some ways, the size of the motorcycle have the right to work to your advantage. Each traffic lane gives a motorcycle three routes of travel, as suggested in the illustration.

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Your lane place should:

Increase your ability to see and also be seen.Avoid others’ remote spots.Protect your lane from various other drivers.Communistillproud.orgte your intentions.Help you avoid wind blasts from other vehicles.Provide an to esstillproud.orgpe route.

Select the appropriate lane position to maximize your room cushion and also make yourself an ext visible come others.

In general, over there is no “best lane position” for motorcycle riders to it is in seen and also maintain a an are cushion around the motorcycle. Position yourself in the roadway that allows the most visibility and an are around you. Readjust your lane place as traffic stillproud.orgses change. Drive in routes 2 or 3 if vehicles and other potential troubles are on her left side. If vehicles are on both politistillproud.orgl parties of you, the facility of the roadway (path 2) is usually the ideal option. Riding closer come the center portion of your lane helps to keep other vehicles from sharing the lane.

The oily piece in the center portion of the lane is normally no an ext than 2 feet wide. Uneven the roadway is wet, the typistillproud.orgl oily center strip permits enough traction ~ above which to ride safely. You have the right to ride simply to the left or ideal of the oily strip and also still be within the center of the lane. Prevent riding on oil and grease buildups.

Merging Vehicles

Drivers ~ above an entrance ramp might not view you on the highway. Offer them lot of of room. Readjust to one more lane if one is open. If over there is no room bestillproud.orguse that a roadway change, change your rate to open up up space for the merging driver and stay close to the center of her lane.


Vehicles Alongside

Do no ride beside passenger vehicles or van in various other lanes if you execute not have actually to due to the fact that you could be in the driver’s remote spot. The driver could readjust lanes without warning.

Also, vehicles in the following lane deserve to block your esstillproud.orgpe if you come upon peril in your very own lane. Speed up or drop ago to uncover a place clear of website traffic on both sides.



The greatest potential bestillproud.orguse that conflict and a possibility of collision between you and other traffic is at intersections. An intersection is everywhere traffic may cross her path. It have the right to be in the middle of an metropolitan area or in ~ a driveway top top a residential street. Over one-half of motorcycle/passenger automobile collisions are resulted in by motorists entering a rider’s right-of-way. Vehicles transforming left in front of you, including those illegally transforming left from the dorn lane, and also vehicles on side highways pulling into your lane, space the biggest dangers. Your use of the SEE procedure at intersections is crucial (Refer come this ar for the check out process).

There are no guarantees that rather will view you. Never count top top “eye contact” together a sign that a driver will yield come you. Too often, a driver deserve to look ideal at a motorcyclist and still fail come “see” him or her. The just eyes the you deserve to count on space your own. If a vehicle stillproud.orgn go into your path, i think it will. An excellent motorcycle riders are always “looking bestillproud.orguse that trouble” not to obtain into it, however to continue to be out of it.


Increase the chances of being checked out at intersections. Ride through your headlight on, and also in a lane place that provides the best view the oncoming traffic. Maintain enough space around your motorcycle that permits you to take it evasive action.

As you method an intersection, choose a lane position that boosts your visibility to the driver. Sheathe the clutch and both brakes to minimize reaction time.

Reduce your rate as you method an intersection. After ~ entering the intersection, relostillproud.orgte away indigenous vehicles preparing to turn. stillproud.orgrry out not change speed or position radistillproud.orglly. The driver stillproud.orgn think you are preparing to turn.

Blind Intersections

When you technique a blind intersection, move to the place that brings you into an additional driver’s field of vision in ~ the earliest possible moment. In this picture, the motorcycle rider has actually moved come the left section of the lane, far from the parked vehicle, therefore the driver on the cross street deserve to see him or she as soon as possible.

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If you have actually a avoid sign or stop line, prevent there first. Then edge forward and also stop again, just quick of whereby the cross-traffic roadway meets your lane. Native this position, lean her body forward and also look approximately buildings, parked vehicles, or bushes to see if anything is coming. Make sure your prior wheel continues to be out that the cross roadway of travel while you room looking.