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"When friend Walk in the Room" is a song written and also recorded by Jackie DeShannon, released together a solitary on November 23, 1963, together the B-side come "Till You to speak You"ll it is in Mine". It was re-released as an A-side in September 1964, and also later consisted of on the album Breakin" It increase on the Beatles Tour. The solitary charted top top the united state Billboard hot 100, peaking at number 99. The song has due to the fact that been extended by many other artists.

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I deserve to feel a brand-new expression on my faceI deserve to feel a glow sensation taking placeI deserve to hear the guitars playin" beloved tunesEvery time that you walk in the room i close my eyes because that a second and ~ pretend it"s me friend wantMeanwhile I try to plot so nonchalantI feel a summer"s night through a magic moonEvery time the you walk in the room baby it"s a dream come trueStandin" right along side of youWish I might show you just how much ns careBut i only have the nerve come stareI have the right to feel a something pounding in my brainJust any kind of time the someone speaks your nameTrumpets sound i hear thunder boomEvery time the you go in the room

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Jackie DeShannon Jackie DeShannon (born august 21, 1944) - is one American singer-songwriter v a wire of hit track credits native the 1960s onwards. She was among the first female singer-songwriters that the absent "n" role period. DeShannon at this time is one entertainment broadcast correspondent reporting historic anecdotes and also current Beatles band members" news for Breakfast with the Beatles ~ above Sirius XM Satellite Radio ~ above the weekends. Much more »

Written by: Jackie Shannon

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