Description: The Mine pillar Tavern features brand-new Mexican Roadhouse cook & Live Music Every weekend! compensation winning environment-friendly Chile CheeseBurgers, regional Waygu Beef, handmade pizza and also pasta. We likewise offer vegetarian item and good salads. Complete bar v fresh squeezed Margarita"s and 12 neighborhood Micro Brews on Tap! exterior dining accessible on our Cantina"s deck that overlooks the beautiful city of Madrid. Marid is well known for that Ghost city past, now a restored art colony. Visit the nearby "ghost town" museum & walk down Madrid"s main street because that a unique experience that just Madrid deserve to offer!

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Had a wonderful menu and the food to be great. Great people I had the brisket sandwich. It was so tasty and tender. My other meal was the fish and also chips it was awesome too. Music was an extremely good. Environment relaxing !

Stopped in Madrid, new Mexico and also ate at this restaurant. You have the right to actually eat within in the air conditioning or eat exterior on the porch. Us ate inside. The room to be decorated v many good western-themed pictures and also other objects. The menu stretches indigenous burgers come fish & chips to sandwiches come enchiladas. Us both gained the burger. I was able to pick the ingredients for my burger - carmelized onions and mushrooms. It to be so good! It additionally came v some good French fries. And the price is an extremely reasonable. Ours waitress was very efficient and also friendly.

I to be visiting my brothers in new Mexico and was happy to have actually him show me the local"s version of Madrid. I felt right at house at The Mine column Tavern - not only since the staff were therefore sweet and fun but due to the fact that it had a very similar vibe to mine favorite neighborhood bars back home in new Orleans. It to be laid back, friendly, had good drink selections and live music on the outdoor deck. I very recommend kicking back at this place; you"re certain to do some brand-new friends!

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