Which an equipment involves the use of plasma in technology? arc welder diesel engine glow lightbulb battery-operated flashlight


Ans : Arc welder

Plasma an innovation is based upon the principle that matter transforms its state when power is gave to it. When high energy is supplied to a gas, it it s okay ionized and goes to the 4th state of matter, plasma.

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Plasma arc welding provides this principle and also is comparable to gas tungsten arc welding.



Plasma technology: The change of state of matter when energy is gave to it makes the solids to i do not care liquid and the liquids to becomes gas.

If more energy is provided to gas, it gets ionized and enters into the energy-rich plasma state.

The plasma state is the fourth state that matter.

The principle of arc welder: A welding procedure where heat created by an electric arc is struck between an electrode and also the aspect to it is in welded. The arcs are electrical discharges through light in between the two electrodes as the gas is ionized.

As the gas is ionized, arc welder supplies the rule of plasma technology.

Hence, arc welder is the answer.

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