In one IPv6 address, the very first 48 bits room the network prefix. The next 16 bits space the subnet ID and are used for defining subnets. The critical 64 bits are the user interface identifier (which is additionally known together the interface ID or the an equipment ID).

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Routing effectiveness is diminished by ensuring IP address spaces are no mathematically related. IP deal with spaces overlap for simpler management. Network documentation is less complicated to manage.

Also, i beg your pardon IEEE conventional determines just how VLANs job-related on a network? IEEE 802.1Q, often referred to together Dot1q, is the networking standard the supports online LANs (VLANs) on an IEEE 802.3 Ethernet network. The standard defines a mechanism of VLAN tagging for Ethernet frames and the accompanying actions to be supplied by bridges and switches in dealing with such frames.

likewise asked, what is the least variety of bits girlfriend would have to borrow from the network portion of a class B subnet mask to obtain at the very least 130 hosts per subnet?


How many bits the a class A IP deal with are offered for host information?

Class A addresses: The first 8 bits the the IP resolve are used because that the network ID. The final 24 bits room used because that the host ID.

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How many bits is course A IP?

IP address classes
class Leading bits number of networks
Class A 0 128 (27)
Class B 10 16,384 (214)
Class C 110 2,097,152 (221)
Class D (multicast) 1110 not defined

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How space VLANs and subnets related?

At a high level, subnets and VLANs room analogous in that they both deal with segmenting or partitioning a section of the network. However, VLANs are data link layer (OSI layer 2) constructs, when subnets are network layer (OSI class 3) IP constructs, and they address (no pun intended) different worries on a network.
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Which formula deserve to be used to calculate the magic number?

The biggest elimination number among the non-first location teams is the magic number because that the top team. Climate the magic number for Team B come be got rid of is 162 + 1 - 96 - 62 = 5. Any combination of wins by Team A and losses by Team B totaling 5 makes it impossible for Team B to success the division title.
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What is the maximum quantity of throughput listed by one OC 12?

OC-12 is a network line with transmission speed of approximately 622.08 Mbit/s (payload: 601.344 Mbit/s; overhead: 20.736 Mbit/s). OC-12 currently are frequently used through ISPs as vast area network (WAN) connections.
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What are some of the different reasons to usage Vlans?

3.0 Why use VLAN"s?
Performance. In networks whereby traffic is composed of a high portion of broadcasts and multicasts, VLAN"s can reduce the should send such web traffic to unnecessary destinations. Formation of virtual Workgroups. Streamlined Administration. Lessened Cost. Security.
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What is the maximum number of host IP addresses that can exist in a class B network?

This means that the maximum number of public IP addresses for Class B is 16,382 – 16, or 16,366. Due to the fact that the remaining two octets in a Class B address are available to hosts, this way that there room 2 * 8, or 16, bits precious of address an are available within each Class B network.
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What is a variable size subnet mask Vlsm and how is it created?

Variable-Length Subnet Masking (VLSM) amounts to "subnetting subnets," which method that VLSM allows network designers to division an IP address space into a power structure of subnets of various sizes, make it possible to create subnets with an extremely different organize counts there is no wasting large numbers of addresses.
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How have the right to VLAN hopping strikes be prevented?

To help prevent a VLAN hopping attack using double tagging, do not use the native VLAN to send user traffic. You can do this by producing a VLAN that does no have any kind of ports added. Configuration on a Cisco move is shown in which the indigenous VLAN has actually been collection to an unused VLAN.
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What occurs as soon as a collision wake up on a network?

A collision occurs on her network as soon as something happens come the data sent out from the physics network medium that avoids it from getting to its destination. Mainly, that encounters another signal from another host top top the network that yields a resulting useless signal ~ above the network when the signals combine.
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What is the difference in between a default VLAN and a native VLAN?

In the instance of Cisco switches (and most other Vendors), the Default VLAN is generally VLAN 1. Typically, this VLAN is just relevant ~ above an accessibility port, i beg your pardon is a port that sends and expects to obtain traffic without a VLAN sign (also referred to an "untagged port" by other vendors). The Native VLAN can change.
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How numerous subnets deserve to a 48 website prefix support?

65536 subnets
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What go the VLAN trunk protocol VTP do?

VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) is a Cisco proprietary protocol that propagates the definition of Virtual neighborhood Area Networks (VLAN) top top the whole local area network. To do this, VTP dead VLAN details to all the switches in a VTP domain.
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How go the logical process of combine bits known as ANDing work?

A logical process of combine bits. In ANDing, a bit through a worth of 1 plus another bit v a worth of 1 results in a 1. Cut notation bring away the form of the network ID adhered to by a slash (/), adhered to by the variety of bits the are used for the expanded network prefix.
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How walk a vNIC get a MAC address?

How walk a vNIC gain a MAC address? Every vNIC is instantly assigned v a MAC address. Subnetting operates at Layer if VLANs duty at Layer. The an initial tag directs the frame to the authorized VLAN.
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What software allows you to define VMS and also manage resource allocation?

A hypervisor is hardware, software, or firmware capable of creating virtual machines and also then managing and also allocating resources to them. Virtual machines are machines set up to use the resources the the host machine.
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Which remote access protocol is supplied over an Ethernet network?

A remote access server is a computing machine powered by remote access software that answer inbound dial-up modem calls. Sometimes called a interaction server, a remote access server incorporates point-to-point protocol end Ethernet (PPPoE) technology to create a trustworthy dial up connection.
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Which carry layer protocol walk Pptp use?

PPTP, which supplies MPPE because that encryption. L2TP with IPSec to provide for higher layer encapsulation and encryption features necessary for VPN connectivity. This mix is recognized as L2TP/IPSec.

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What perform well preferred subnets accomplish quizlet?

What do well-chosen subnets accomplish? Routing efficiency is reduced by ensuring IP deal with spaces are no mathematically related. IP resolve spaces overlap for easier management. Network documentation is easier to manage.
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What is the least variety of bits friend would have to borrow from the network part of a course B subnet mask to obtain at the very least 130 hold per subnet?

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