The Republican Party the Mississippi is the Mississippi politics party affiliate of the national Republican Party. The team is headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi.

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The Republican Party the Mississippi (MRP) was started in 1956. The party is created of a state executive, management committee, a state central committee, and affiliated clubs and coalitions, consisting of the Mississippi Federation of Republican Women, Mississippi Federation of college Republicans and the Young Republican Federation the Mississippi.<1><2><3>

As of October 2020, governor Tate Reeves was a Republican and also the party held majorities in both chambers that the state legislature, do Mississippi a Republican state federal government trifecta.


The party"s 2016 platform is created of 12 main issues:<4>

Economic prosperity"The Mississippi Republican Party supports plans that encourage economic development and job creation as a means to give an ext people the chance for financial success, a much better quality that life and a much more secure future."Taxes"Mississippi Republicans think that people, not government, know best how to spend their own money. When world keep much more of their hard-earned money, jobs and also economic expansion will prosper in the cost-free market system."Education"Education is a key to financial growth, opportunity, and also quality that life. Our worldwide and competitive marketplace calls for an educated and also well-trained workforce come further economic opportunity."National security"The Mississippi Republican Party trust the major goal the the federal federal government is to store our nation safe and also secure. This has protecting America’s boundaries to stop civilization from start our nation illegally."National debt"The Mississippi Republican Party believes the the nationwide debt is unsustainable, causing our country’s credit transaction rating to be lowered and generating global economic uncertainty."Integrity in elections"Mississippi Republicans believe the appropriate to vote in cost-free and fair elections is the structure of our constitution republic, and also that the integrity of our election process should it is in vigilantly protected and also improved by our government."Public safety"The Mississippi Republican Party believes among the primary attributes of state and local federal government is the safety and also protection of citizens by keeping law and also order."Environment"Mississippi is blessed through incredible herbal resources. The environmental quality and the quantity of our natural resources are an important assets for cultivating tourism and recreation, attracting new industries, and also maintaining the top quality of life for our citizens. "Healthcare"Mississippi republicans oppose the actions bring away by the federal federal government that mandates and also increasingly defines the wellness plans that Americans must purchase. We think this incorrectly empowers bureaucrats to influence medical decision-making fairly than empowering doctors and patients."Government accountability"The Mississippi Republican Party believes federal government that governs ideal should it is in of the people, by the people, and for the people. Government must be open in proceedings and also accountable for the usage of taxes dollars."Energy"Mississippi Republicans believe we need to aggressively increase our nation’s power supply, in one environmentally responsible way, to rise job development by making use of our sources at home, and to likewise lessen our dependency on foreign sources that energy."Values"Mississippi Republicans believe in the traditional, conservative values that America was founded upon. We support making English the official language the the United says of America."

Rules and also bylaws

Candidate ballot access


A political party officially nominates that presidential candidate at a nationwide nominating convention. In ~ this convention, state delegatesAccording come the council on international Relations, delegates "are people chosen to represent their states at your party conventions before a presidential election."<10> pick the party"s nominee. Prior to the nominating convention, the states conduct presidential preference primaries or caucuses. Typically speaking, just state-recognized parties—such together the democratic Party and the Republican Party—conduct primaries and caucuses. These elections measure up voter choice for the miscellaneous candidates and help determine i beg your pardon delegates will certainly be sent to the nationwide nominating convention.<7><8><9>

The democratic National Committee and also the Republican national Committee, the governing bodies of the nation"s two significant parties, establish their own guidelines because that the presidential nomination process. State-level affiliates that the parties additionally have some say in identify rules and provisions in their own states. Individuals interested in learning much more about the nomination process should call the political next themselves for complete details.

Mississippi had 40 delegates in ~ the 2016 Republican national Convention. That this total, 12 were district-level delegates (three because that each the the state"s four congressional districts). Mississippi"s district-level delegates to be allocated top top a proportional basis. The first place finisher in a ar won 2 of the district"s delegates if the 2nd place finisher got one.<11><12>

Of the remaining 28 delegates, 25 served at large. At-large delegates to be allocated ~ above a proportional basis; a candidate had actually to win at the very least 15 percent that the statewide main vote in stimulate to it is in eligible come receive any of the state"s at-large delegates. In addition, three national party leader (identified on the chart listed below as RNC delegates) served as tied delegates to the Republican national Convention.<11><12>


As the October 2020, the executive director of the Mississippi Republican Party to be Marcy Scoggins.<13>

The website because that the Mississippi Republican Party detailed the adhering to individuals as the party"s state management as the October 2020:<13>

State political party revenue

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The autonomous Party and also the Republican Party maintain state affiliates in every 50 states, the district of Columbia, and also select U.S. Territories. The adhering to maps display total state political party revenue per capita for the Democratic and also Republican state party affiliates native 2011 come 2016. The blue map displays democratic state parties and the red map display screens Republican state parties. Click a state below to view the state party"s revenue per capita totals:

Total Democratic and also Republican state politics party revenue every capita in the unified States, 2011-2016

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