Normal distribution curve is a duty of mean and standard deviation v these values we deserve to plot the curve. The average usually denoted through μ will show the most frecuent worth of the population ( or sample ) and also the conventional deviation is a measure of the spread of the values approximately the mean. If we assume that for hitting the axis we should know that the two provided values room the end of the curve, then we can evaluate how spread is each of the curve then:

case A 115 - 75 = 40

case B 72 - 48 = 24

case C We execute not touch x -axis in this instance so curve is open up we can discover distribution worths (theoretically) indigenous -∞ come +∞ us dont really have actually a normal circulation in this case.

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case D 38 - 28 = 10

Then if we dismiss situation C the greatest standard deviation will certainly be case A.

Note: we perform not have to calculate standard deviation we just need to look exactly how width it is


Step-by-step explanation:

Distribution 4, median is 20 and also standard deviation is 3.2

Step-by-step explanation:

The typical deviation tells united state on average how far each of our data worths is indigenous the mean. A standard deviation the is bigger than the rather will typical a circulation that is more spread out than the others; 3.2 is the biggest standard deviation, so distribution 4 has the best spread.

The conventional deviation is the measure up of the spread out of the distribution. The is the biggest by much for ...

... Circulation 4

I think the correct answer indigenous the choices provided above is the critical option. The distribution that has actually the best spread would certainly be distribution 4. Native the selections listed, it is 3.2 the is ƒᴀʀтhest apart and therefore has actually the best spread. Hope this answer the question.
The sample v the biggest standard deviation loved one to the mean has the greatest spread. Due to the fact that the means are every similar, we simply look in ~ the circulation with the highest possible standard deviation. This is circulation 4, v a typical deviation the 3.2.

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