Which the the complying with compounds deserve to have stereoisomers?A. 2-penteneB. 3-chloropentaneC. 2-methyl-1-buteneD. 1-butene

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Which of the adhering to compounds has actually both cis and also trans isomers possible?A. 2-methyl-3-hexyneB. 6-methyl-3-hepteneC. 2,3-dimethylpentaneD. 1,1-dibromopropene
Which that the following compounds are chiral?A. 2-bromo-2- chlorobutaneB. ChloromethaneC. EthaneD. 2-bromo-2-chloropropane
Which that the complying with compounds includes a chiral carbon center?A. ChloroethaneB. 1,1-dichloroethaneC. 2-butanolD. Dibromochloromethane
In the Tollens" test, a silver- nitrate and ammonia solution has a silver +1 ion being reduced, leading to the formation of a layer of silver on the container. This reduction happens in the visibility of a molecule with a(n) _____________ practical group.A. AlcoholB. EtherC. KetoneD. Aldehyde
Which the the complying with indicates that a molecule has 5 carbon atoms in that is longest chain and also contains one aldehyde?A. 2-pentanolB. 3-methylbutanalC. 2-pentanoneD. Pentanal
Which of the complying with objects would certainly be a chiral object?A. A spoonB. A pencilC. A tennis shoeD. A scarf
Name the ketone through a 5 carbon group on the right and also a 2 carbon team on the left.A. Pentyl ethyl ketoneB. Ethane pentane ketoneC. Propyl pentyl ketoneD. Ethyl pentyl ketone
Name the compound through the adhering to structural formula: CH2Cl-CH2-CH2(CH3)-CH2-CHOA. 5-chloro-3-methylpentanalB. 5-chloro-3-methylhexanalC. 5-aldehyde-3-methyl-1-pentylchlorideD. 1-chloro-3-methyl-5-pentanal
Assuming every one of these molecules have actually the same number of carbon atoms, i beg your pardon functional team would have the greatest boiling point?A. AlcoholB. AldehydeC. AlkeneD. Ketone
An aldehyde is created when a _______________ is oxidized if a ketone is created when a _______________ is oxidized.A. Main alcohol; tertiary alcoholB. Second alcohol; main alcoholC. Main alcohol; second alcoholD. Tertiary alcohol; second alcohol
The structure for i m sorry biologically important molecule is because of the formation of a hemiacetal?A. CarbohydratesB. TriglyceridesC. ProteinsD. DNA
The Benedict"s test is a means to identify, through a chemistry reaction, whether an aldehyde group is surrounding to a hydroxyl group. Which of the following is true?A. If over there is no precipitate, over there is no hydroxyl.B. A confident test offers a brick red precipitate.C. If over there is no precipitate, there is no aldehyde.D. A optimistic test gives a silver coating top top the surface ar of the container.
Enantiomers space molecules that have which of the following?A. No chiral carbonsB. At least two the the exact same atoms or groups bonded to the exact same carbonC. Nonsuperimposable winter imagesD. A aircraft of symmetry
Which compound has a chiral carbon atom?A. 3-bromopentaneB. 2-bromopentaneC. 3-chloropentaneD. 2-bromopropane
Choose the structure in which the chiral carbon atom is emphasize in red.A. Much right C(H3)B. Upper best C(H3)C. Far left C-connected come OH and HD. Middle C

Student Solutions hand-operated for Straumanis" organic Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry2nd EditionJanice Gorzynski Smith



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