K and Li are team 1 metals, for this reason LiClO₃ should have actually properties choose those the KClO₃.

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It should decompose to form oxygen.

2LiClO₃ ⟶ 2LiCl + 3O₂


Explanation: Potassium has actually an atom no that 19 and the digital configuration is:

often tends to acquire stable by shedding one electron and also forming

Chlorine has atomic no that 17 and also thus the digital configuration is :

often tends to gain stable by obtaining one electron and also forming

and also lure each other and kind an ionic bond. As we have a chlorine molecule the is 2 atoms that chlorine are present, 2 atoms of potassium will certainly react to form 2 moles of KCl.




When metal oxide reacts v water develops a simple hydroxide solution.


Na2O +H2O > 2NaOH

The product developed from the reaction the these 2 is sulfurous acid.


When sulfur dioxide reacts v water molecule, it leader to the development of one acid recognized as sulfurous acid.

The chemical reaction for the combination of sulfur dioxide and also water adheres to the equation:


By Stoichiometry that the reaction:

1 mole the sulfur dioxide reacts v 1 mole of water molecule to develop 1 mole of sulfurous acid.

Hence, the product created from the reaction the these two is sulfurous acid.

The product created when Ag2O decompose is O2 ( answer c)


Decomposition involve separation of a solitary chemical compound into two ore much more elemental components Ag2O decomposes to productivity Ag and also O2

that is 2Ag2O→ 4Ag + O2

2 mole of Ag2O decomposes to yield 4 moles of Ag and also 1 mole that O2

LiCl and O₂


Decomposition Reactions are those reaction in which substances are damaged down to small substances. This reaction has vast applications in our daily life from nutrients cycling to the decompositionn of fatality bodies by microorganisms.

Taking in account LiClO₃ is part what secure compound. When heated upto 330 °C that starts to break up right into Lithium Chloride and also Oxygen gas together follow,

LiClO₃ → LiCl + 3/2 O₂


2 LiClO₃ → 2 LiCl + 3 O₂

Answer is: Cl2.

Balanced chemistry reaction of sodium chloride decomposition:

2NaCl → 2Na + Cl₂.

Decomposition is reaction whereby one problem is broken down into two or more simpler substances.

From one chemical link (in this example sodium chloride) two brand-new substances (sodium and chlorine) space produced.

answer: alternative (d) is the correct answer.


when a compound is break-up into various parts through the activity of heat then that is recognized as thermal decomposition.

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is heated at high temperature climate it rasults in the formation of magnesium oxide and also carbon dioxide.

the reaction is together follows.


Complete the table for ion fee based top top their losing or gaining electrons in the outer shell. (use the routine table as necessary.) team most most likely ionic charge # of valence electrons i +1 ii +2 iii +3 iv +4 or -4 v -3 using -2 vii -1 viii 0