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Metamorphic rocks arise indigenous the transformation of already existing rock varieties in a process called metamorphism. There space many species of rocks that arise from the process? How many grades do you know? discover out.


Which of the complying with is not a metamorphic agent?A.

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HeatB. PressureC. warm waterD. Glacial meltwater
To what depth below Earth's surface do you have to go before the pressure and temperature cause rocks come melt?A. At depths of around 50 to 200 km listed below Earth's surfaceB. at any point below Earth's crustC. at the boundary in between Earth's mantle and also coreD. At depth of about 500 come 1000 km below Earth's surface
Igneous rocks space classified based upon their ______________.A. texture and also mineralogyB. density and also hardnessC. fluorescence and textureD. mineralogy and density
Which the the complying with is not a sedimentary structure?A. dirt cracksB. Cross-bedsC. Magma emplacementD. Ripple marks
Coal is formed in which of the adhering to depositional environments?A. A beachB. A flow channelC. A swampD. A glacier
Sediment composition in a clastic absent is established by every one of the following EXCEPT:A. resource rock compositionB. transport agentC. The form of plant that grew near a riverD. source rock crystals
All that the terms provided below space sediment delivering agents EXCEPT:A. stream waterB. WindstormC. StratificationD. Glacial ice
Crystal dimension in igneous rocks is established by ?A. the speed of tectonic plate movement.B. magma composition.C. the kind of magma emplacement.D. the price melted absent cools.
For all of the geography students out there, this quiz intends to test your understanding of the multiple varieties of rock formations and the examples thereof. Carry out you recognize the intuitive differences between igneous, sedimentary, and...
There room different varieties of rocks ~ above the Earth’s surface, and also each has actually its distinct characteristics. Back in school, us learned much more about rocks, just how they space formed, and also their advantage to the Earth’s surface. Just...

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Welcome to the Geology- rock Cycle Quiz. The rocks that form on the earth's surface ar undergo a lot of of changes with time, and there are basically three types of rocks. These transforms in these rocks either take place due to...