Total expenditure for all 50 claims in the United says was $1,406 exchange rate in 2004 and also increased to $2,404 billion in 2018. Basic expenditures by function rounded in billions the dollars are listed in the table below.

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Education is the single-largest expenditure through state governments, adhered to by windy welfare. The price on education is common by states and also counties, through the counties safety the majority of their funds on ar public schools, and also the

states share the load of gaue won post-secondary state education. The programs that experienced huge increases in your budgets in recent years encompass education, welfare, hospitals, highways, federal government administration, and insurance trusts.

Public welfare expenditures encompass unemployment compensation payments, food stamps, college lunch subsidies, and other income maintenance programs.

Spending Item2004 safety in billions (rounded to the nearest billion)2006 spending in billions (rounded to the nearest billion)2007 security in billions (rounded to the nearest billion)2009 spending in billions (rounded come the nearest billion)2011 security in billions (rounded come the nearest billion)2013 spending in billions (rounded come the nearest billion)2015Spending in billions (rounded to the nearest billion)2018 (latest available year) safety in billions (rounded to the nearest billion)
Welfare Programs339379393437497519609707
Police Protection1112131414151617
Correction Facilities3943475047485253
Natural Resources1920222322212224
Parks and also Recreation66666667
Government Administration4548515453535667
Interest top top debt3338414547464546
Liquor stores Expenses44555667
Insurance Trusts171175182241321293317299

Total amounts may differ from the amount of the individual items as result of rounding

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, an overview table

State federal government Revenues

Total revenue for every 50 states in the United says was $1,587 billion in 2004, and also increased to $2,708 billion in 2018. Due to the fact that of the 2008 recession and the fluctuations in the amount of resources in the insurance allowance trusts, the taxes revenue for numerous of our states dropped substantially in 2009, but increased in most years with 2018 because of a pickup in economic activity. Profits by form of tax or source rounded in billions that dollars are detailed in the table below.

Federal grants room the largest source of earnings for every states, followed by insurance to trust revenue. Of the taxation sources, general and also selective sales taxes and also individual income taxes carry out the most money for most of the states. All states collect sales taxes, other than Alaska, Delaware, Montana, brand-new Hampshire and also Oregon. California has actually the greatest statewide sales tax varying from 7.25 – 10.25% (it varies by city and also county). In components of the state of brand-new York the merged state and county sales taxation is 9%.


Current charges space fees collected for certain services provided by state governments. Examples encompass highway toll assessments, school receipts (lunches, strong contests, tuition, etc.) and also hospital fees.

General sales counting are intake taxes on general items such as food, clothing, electronics, furniture, etc. Selective sales counting are consumption taxes comparable to commonwealth excise taxes. They room levied on assets such as gasoline, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and insurance premiums.

Revenue Item2004 Revenue in billions (rounded come the nearest billion)2006 Revenue in billions (rounded to the nearest billion)2007 Revenue in billions (rounded come the nearest billion)2009 Revenue in billions (rounded to the nearest billion)2011 Revenue in billions (rounded come the nearest billion)2013 Revenue in billions (rounded come the nearest billion)2015 Revenue in billions (rounded to the nearest billion)2018 (latest available year) Revenue in billions (rounded come the nearest billion)
Federal federal government Grants come the States394419430478594551605687
General Sales Tax198227236228234255286320
Selective Sales Tax95106109115132139145165
License Tax4045475052555257
Individual revenue Tax196246266246259310336390
Corporate income Tax3047534040454948
Liquor Stores55667789
Insurance Trusts375367520394592485327584
Other Taxes3139383740434448
Current Charges115137141158181183201235
Miscellaneous general Revenue94118130123120128137152

*The numbers might not add up to the complete due to rounding.

Source: united state Census Bureau, summary table

Local government Spending

Below is a table v a an overview of complete 2020 local federal government (mostly counties) safety in the united States. The solitary largest spending component by counties is education (public schools and also community colleges). The United states Census bureau reports the average education spending every pupil in the United claims was $12,612 throughout fiscal year 2018 (latest available year). Brand-new York top the list with $24,040 invested per pupil. Other high spenders were the district of Columbia ($22,759), Connecticut ($20,635), and brand-new Jersey ($20,021). States with the shortest per student expenditures to be Idaho through $7,771 and also Utah with $6,728. The the 100 largest school solution in the joined States, Maryland had actually 4 in the optimal 10 v regards to every pupil spending.

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Function2020 total Spendingin trillions of dollars
Health Care0.2

Local federal government Revenues

Counties obtain revenue from a variety of sources. States carry out general capital to counties. In addition, counties collect taxes, including (in most counties, no all) residential property taxes, sales taxes, individual income taxes, motor car taxes, genuine estate transfer taxes, cable television franchise taxes, and hotel/motel taxes. State law dictates the taxation that counties are enabled to levy. The residential property tax is the single most important resource of revenue for counties. Nearly half of the states permit their counties to collection sales taxes, i beg your pardon is the 2nd most important resource of revenue for many counties. Individual earnings taxes (usually in between 1% and also 4%) are accumulated by cities, villages, and municipalities in just 16 states. Only in Indiana and Maryland carry out counties collect individual earnings taxes.