1. Measuring employment, unemployment, and also labor pressure participationConsider a little economy composed of six people: Shen, Valerie, Antonio, Caroline, Frances, and also Dmitri. Each person"s employment status is described in the complying with table.Based on the criteria provided by the bureau of job Statistics (BLS), identify each person"s status as employed, unemployed, "not in the labor force" (if not in the civilian labor force but still part of the adult population), or "not in the adult population" if not in the civilian adult population.Shen is a 24-year-old experienced tennis player. When he"s not competing, he works as a coach at a regional tennis club. Valerie is a 36-year-old autoworker that was simply laid turn off by she employer. She is trying to find any type of kind of job to aid make ends meet. Antonio is a 42-year-old accountant who has been the end of work-related for nearly a year. He ended up being so discouraged the he provided up ~ above his job search a pair of months ago. Frances is a 31-year-old scientific research teacher that taught in ~ West Valley center School critical year. early to budget plan cuts, she was laid turn off at the end of the institution year. It"s the summer now, and also after a few weeks of vacation v her family, she is trying to find a part-time project as a tutor. Dmitri is a 20-year-old American Studies major at the university of Tennessee. It"s summer now, and also he is working as a lifeguard in Mobile, Alabama. Caroline is a 10-year-old college student at east Valley middle School. She babysits she younger brother and does various other chores, so her parents offer her an pin money of $25 every week.

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Labor pressure Participation =According to this formula, what is the labor force participation price of this economic climate of 6 people?Unemployment Rate=According come this formula, what is the unemployment price of this economic climate of six people?
2. Discouraged workersWhich the the following statements correctly define discouraged workers? (If no one of the selections apply, leave every one of the checkboxes blank.) check all that apply.Official unemployment rateu-4 measure of labor under utilizationThe official unemployment rate and also the U-4 measure up of labor underutilization room two various measures that joblessness in the economy.If the office of labor Statistics were to include discouraged employees in the official unemployment rate, the report unemployment rate would .
they have provided up on in search of a jobThey have actually not looked for a task in 4 weeks (or longer), however they would like a job and also are available for work.9.4210.19increase
Jacques left his project as a plumber as soon as his wife took a position in another region. The amount of pipes services request is significantly lower in the brand-new region, in component because the high union-negotiated wages. That would prefer to occupational at the high union wage yet remains unemployed as result of a absence of plumbing jobs. Rina is a genuine estate agent. House sales in her area have actually declined since the region has to be going with a recession. She has actually no clients and is right now looking for a brand-new full-time job. Kyoko is a medical professional who has decided to relocate come California to be closer to she family. She is right now interviewing with numerous prestigious hospitals in the san Francisco only Area.Unemployment type-ratefrictional-3.0Cyclical-0.0structural 1.0total unemployment-4.0True or False: This economic climate is right now at its organic rate of unemployment.
4. Sectoral shifts, friction unemployment, and also job searchesSuppose the world price of cotton drops substantially. The demand for labor among cotton-producing firms in Texas will certainly . The need for labor amongst textile-producing that company in southern Carolina, because that which cotton is an input, will . The short-term unemployment resulting from together sectoral shifts in the economic situation is best described together unemployment.Suppose the government wants to alleviate this form of unemployment. Which of the adhering to policies would help accomplish this goal? check all the apply.
decreaseincreasefrictionalEstablishing government-run employment agencies to connect unemployed workers to task vacancies
$12.50 wagelabor demandedlabor suppliedshortage or surpluswhich that the complying with statements are true?
375625surplusIf the minimum wage is set at $12.50, the market will no reach equilibrium.Binding minimum wages cause structural unemployment.In the lack of price controls, a surplus puts downward press on wages till they loss to the equilibrium.
Consider two says that adopt different laws concerning labor unions.The complying with graph reflects the labor sector in a state in the North. Initially, the market-clearing wage there is $8.00 every hour.Suppose that the legislature in this northern state passes regulations that do it straightforward for employees to join a union. Through collective bargaining, the union negotiates a wage of $10.00 every hour.At the union wage,union workers will certainly be employed.The complying with graph shows the labor sector in a state in the South. The legislature in this state passes strong "right-to-work" regulations that do it very an overwhelming for union to to organize workers, for this reason the fairy is constantly equal come the market-clearing value. Except for this distinction in legislation, the two claims are very similar.The initial position of the graph coincides to the initial labor market condition in the southerly state before the job union negotiated the new, higher wage for employees in the north state.Suppose that after the wage goes increase in the north state, some workers in the northern state lose their jobs and decide to move to the southerly state.Supply linedemand lineWhich of the complying with groups are worse off as a result of the union activity in the north state? examine all the apply.

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600000d- stay the samesupply down rightWorkers who find new jobs in the southern stateEmployers in the northern state
Why might some that company voluntarily pay employees a wage over the market equilibrium, even in the visibility of excess labor?
Paying higher wages boosts workers to take on healthier lifestyles, boosting their productivity.Higher wages tempt a an ext competent swimming pool of workers.




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