Which that the following components has been the dominant resource of economic growth in the U.S. (except in 1973-1995)?

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The movement of employees from lower productivity jobs to higher productivity work would be an instance of a(n):
Which that the complying with is a measure of financial growth the is most valuable for measuring political geography preeminence or army potential?
The factor bookkeeping for the largest rise in the performance of job in the unified States has been:
Factors that contributed to the greater U.S. Job productivity development in 1995-2012 loved one to the earlier period include the following, except:
Which of the adhering to is a measure of economic growth the is most valuable for comparing living standards?
The main reason for the vast differences in every capita GDP levels seen across the world today is the:
*not: major differences in the population sizes of various societies*not: differences in faiths that various societies approximately the world believe in
Economic historians identify which creation as a significant factor that started the Industrial revolution in Britain?
"Show me a pastoral society with an untouched environment, wealth of leisure, and also non-secular values, and also I will show you an underdeveloped, poverty-ridden country." This explain is most most likely to be made by a(n):




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