Which of the following would rise assets and increase liabilities?A. Administer services to customers on accountB. Purchase office gives on accountC. Pay dividends to stockholdersD. Obtain a utility bill but do not pay it immediately

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Knowmark, Inc. Offered $500 the shoe polishing to a customer on account top top January 1. ~ above January 11 Knomark accumulated the cash from that customer. What is the influence on Knowmark"s bookkeeping equation from the repertoire of cash?A. No net impact to the bookkeeping equationB. To decrease assets and increase liabilitiesC. Boost assets and also increase liabilitiesD. To decrease assets and decrease liabilities
Investments by stockholders have actually what result on the audit equation?A. Legacy increase and liabilities increaseB. Costs increase and liabilities increaseC. Heritage increase and revenues increaseD. Legacy increase and stockholders" same increases
When a payment is made on one account payable:A. Assets and also stockholders" same decreaseB. Assets and also liabilities decreaseC. Liabilities and revenues decreaseD. Assets and also expenses decrease
Following room transactions of ATI, Inc., a brand-new company, throughout the month January: 1. Approve 10,000 shares of typical stock because that $15,000 cash. 2. Purchase land for $10,000, signing a keep in mind payable because that the complete amount3. Obtained cash the $14,000 because that services provided to customers during the month. 4. Purchased $500 the office offers on account 5. Paid employees $10,000 because that their an initial month"s salaries6. To buy office tools $1,200 cash. What to be the complete amount of ATI"s Liabilities complying with these 6 transactions?A. $12,300B. $27,300C. 22,600D. $10,500
D. $10,5002. Purchase land because that $10,000, signing a note payable for the complete amount4. Purchase $500 that office offers on account
Assume that Executive Maintenance, Inc. Carry out cleaning solutions for a organization on account for $180. Exactly how would this transaction impact Executive Maintenance, Inc.?A. Increase both assets and liabilities through $180.B. Rise both assets and also equity by $180C. Increase both liabilities and also equity through $180D. Decrease legal responsibility by $180, and increase equity by $180
The following quantities are reported in the ledger the Mariah Company:Assets: $80,000Liabilities: $36,000Retained Earnings: $12,00What is the balance in the typical Stock account?A. $44,000B. $32,000C. $48,000D. $42,000
B. $32,000assets (80,000) - liabilities (36,000) = same (44,000)retained earnings (12,000) - same (44,000) = typical stock (32,000)
When a company pays employees" incomes for the existing period, exactly how will the simple accounting equation it is in affected?A. Stockholders" same decreasesB. Earnings decreaseC. Expenses decreaseD. Assets increase
When cash payments space made come stockholders, what is the effect on the company"s accounts?A. Cash decrease and also dividends increaseB. Cash increases and dividends decreaseC. Cash decreases and common share decreasesD. Cash increases and common share increases
Following room transactions of ATI, Inc., a new company, during the month of January:1. Issued 10,000 share of typical stock because that $15,000 cash. 2. Purchased land because that $12,000, signing a note payable because that the full amount3. To buy office devices for $1,200 cash. 4. Received cash that $14,000 for services detailed to customers throughout the month5. Purchased $300 the office offers on account6. Payment employees $10,000 for their an initial month"s salariesHow numerous of this transactions decreased ATI"s full assets?A. OneB. TwoC. ThreeD. Four
A company receives a $50,000 cash deposit native a customer on October 15 but will not administer services till November 20. I beg your pardon of the following statements is true?A. The firm records service revenue on October 15B. The firm records cash repertoire on November 20C. The firm records deferred revenue ~ above October 15D. The agency records nothing on October 15
Which of the following transactions would reason a diminish in both assets and also stockholders" equity?A. Payment insurance premium for the next two yearsB. To buy office tools on accountC. Paying heralding for the present monthD. Providing installation solutions to customers
Which of the complying with accounts would usually have a debit balance?A. Account payable, organization revenue, usual stockB. Incomes payable, deferred revenue, utilities expenseC. Earnings tax payable, company revenue, dividendsD. Cash, distribution expense, dividends
D. Cash, shipment expense, dividends Expenses and also dividends decrease stockholders" equity (use opposite of regular balance)
Which one of the following accounts will have actually a credit transaction balance? A. Dividend B. Value ExpenseC. SuppliesD. Usual Stock
Which the the accounts are reduced on the debit side and increased top top the credit side?A. Liabilities, stockholders" equity, and also revenuesB. Dividends, liabilities, and also assetsC. Expenses, dividends, and also stockholders" equityD. Assets, dividends, and also expenses




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