I am creating a straightforward program because that a homework problem and also It seems to it is in skipping mine if statement. I have actually looked at other questions posed, and the difficulties there do not it seems ~ to it is in my problem so i am hope you can help.

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def isWordGuessed(secretWord, lettersGuessed):if lettersGuessed == <>: return Falseelse: for ns in lettersGuessed: if i in secretWord == False: return False else: if ns == lettersGuessed<-1>: return TrueWhen I location in some print attributes to watch what it is doing, it completely skips

if ns in secretWord == False:I have placed right above this line

print i in secretWordand it will print out the correct Boolean, yet even once it prints False, the still skips the if statement. Ns feel choose I must be overlooking something quite basic, but what it is ns can"t it seems to be ~ to figure out, therefore any help would it is in appreciated. Thanks


Here is an instance of a contact to this role with inputs

python if-statement explanation
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if ns in secretWord == False:This doesn"t carry out what friend think it does. If you want this course to it is in taken once i isn"t in secretWord, you want

if i no in secretWord:What you have actually does a chained comparison. First, it checks

i in secretWordIf that"s true, it climate checks

secretWord == FalseIf that"s true (which the won"t be), it then takes the if path.

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Replace if ns in secretWord == False: through if i no in secretWord

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Wouldnt it be the same just doing:


def isWordGuessed(secretWord, lettersGuessed):if not lettersGuessed: return Falsefor ns in lettersGuessed: if i no in secretWord: return Falsereturn TrueWhat her doing is dubbed chained comparisons.

Edit: mine bad, also late

BR Daniel

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The other answers define the error in the code well, but you have the right to simplify your password a bit like this:

def isWordGuessed(secretWord, lettersGuessed): for ns in lettersGuessed or <"_">: # supplies <"_"> when lettersGuessed = <> if not i in secretWord: return False return TrueYou can do likewise do this with a generator expression and also all():

def isWordGuessed(secretWord, lettersGuessed): return all( or )
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