-“I to be glad / That i shall have actually from her hand what ns asked for here”-“And that you have actually repeated fully, in your very own words, / The entirety of the covenant I asked of the King”-“Only now you need to swear to me, upon her word”
just how do the worths of chivalry impact the personalities in sir Gawain and also the environment-friendly Knight? Use examples from the text to support your answer.

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Sample response:The knights at Camelot exhibit habits that reflect chivalry. When the environment-friendly Knight arrives, he obstacles the knights’ honor. Teacher Gawain asks King Arthur come let him accept the challenge. He desires to display his commitment to the king, i beg your pardon is a value of chivalry. Then, the environment-friendly Knight provides him promise to keep his word, i beg your pardon is another value the chivalry. If sir Gawain walk not save his promise, the environment-friendly Knight says, he will be a coward.
review the excerpt from teacher Gawain and the green Knight.

“When they had washed well, they visited sit in ~ the table,The most well known knights nearest the top, as was proper,And Guenever, in high spirits, to be seated in the center of them,In the plan of the famous table, v them arrayed about her,Fine silk, furthermore, in a canopy over her,Of Toulouse red, and also many Tharsian tapestriesEmbroidered and collection with the ideal of jewelsThat would certainly have price a great deal if someone had triedto to buy them.The many beautiful there was the Queen,Flashing she gray eye.No one had ever seenAnyone nice in his day.”

Based on the excerpt, what conclusion have the right to readers draw about Guenever?

she is held in high esteem
Which characteristics were part of the middle ages code that chivalry? inspect all the apply.
Which explanation portray a chivalric hero? check all the apply.
-one who risks his life to defend his lord-one that fulfills a promise come the queen-one who upholds strict moral values
which statement best describes knights in the center Ages?
Knights were skilled warriors who aided nobles protect their land.
i m sorry of the complying with is the best an interpretation of chivalry?
the behavior and conduct supposed of medieval knights
read the excerpt from sir Gawain and also the green Knight.

“No, ns tell you in good faith, the is no a hit I have actually come for.These space nothing yet beardless boys approximately this bench.If ns were buckled in armor on a large horse,There is no guy here strong enough to be precious riding against.And so in this court I speak to for a Christmas game . . .”

What chivalric worth does the green Knight screen in the excerpt?

the morality of same play
i m sorry of the adhering to is the best meaning of feudalism?
a government in i m sorry nobles have actually judicial, political, and military control over an area
read the excerpt from teacher Gawain and also the eco-friendly Knight.

“This King was remaining at Camelot in ~ ChristmastimeWith many fair lords and also the many beautiful ladiesAnd the totality high brotherhood that the round TableIn happy festivity and also the high revels that the season.”

What facet of middle ages court culture is obvious in the excerpt?

the camaraderie the nobles and knights
check out the excerpt from teacher Gawain and also the eco-friendly Knight.

“By God,” the green Knight said, “I am gladThat i shall have actually from her hand what i asked because that here,And that you have repeated fully, in your own words,The whole of the covenant I request of the King:Only currently you must swear come me, upon her word,That you will certainly expect, because that yourself, where you manageTo find me top top earth, to it is in repaid in kindFor what friend accord me today before this high company.”

Which statement ideal describes the chivalric value addressed in the excerpt?

The green Knight insists ~ above Gawain’s ethical obligation in their agreement.

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read the excerpt from teacher Gawain and the green Knight.

“Yet Arthur would certainly not eat till they were all served.He seemed full of the joy of youth, practically a boy.He was happy v his life; the cared littleFor lied in bed or sitting still because that a long time,His young blood so stirred him and his wild brain.And there to be a custom, besides, the he intended to keep,That he had actually assumed in his noble way: he would not eatOn together a holiday until he had actually been toldA tale all new of part wonderful event . . .”

Which textual evidence ideal supports the conclusion that Arthur respects tradition?

And there to be a custom, besides, that he expected to keep, that he had actually assumed in his noble way

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