1. I beg your pardon statement ideal describes a WAN?

A WAN interconnects LANs over lengthy distances.*

A WAN is a public energy that enables access to the Internet.

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WAN is one more name for the Internet.

A WAN is a LAN that is prolonged to administer secure far network access.

2. Connecting offices at different locations using the Internet can be economical for a business. What space two important service policy worries that need to be addressed as soon as using the net for this purpose? (Choose two.)





WAN technology

3. What is a disadvantage that a packet-switched network contrasted to a circuit-switched network?

higher cost

fixed capacity

less flexibility

higher latency*

4. A agency is considering update the campus WAN connection. Which two WAN choices are instances of the exclusive WAN architecture? (Choose two.)


leased line*

Ethernet WAN*

municipal Wi-Fi

digital subscriber line

5. I beg your pardon statement explains a characteristics of thick wavelength department multiplexing (DWDM)?​

It supports the SONET standard, but not the SDH standard​.

It allows bidirectional communications over one pair the copper cables.

It deserve to be supplied in long-range communications, prefer connections in between ISPs.*

It assigns incoming electric signals to particular frequencies.

6. Which WAN an innovation can offer as the basic network to lug multiple types of network web traffic such as IP, ATM, Ethernet, and DSL?



Frame Relay

Ethernet WAN

7. Which 2 WAN innovations are an ext likely to be provided by a company than by teleworkers or home users? (Choose two.)



Frame Relay*



8. The security policy in a firm specifies that the staff in the sales department should use a VPN to connect to the corporate network to accessibility the sales data as soon as they take trip to accomplish customers. What component is essential by the sales staff to create a far VPN connection?

VPN gateway

VPN appliance

VPN concentrator

VPN customer software*

9. A copy, group is browsing for basic and low price solution to carry out teleworkers with a secure link to headquarters. I m sorry solution must be selected?

dial-up connection

leased heat connection

site-to-site VPN over the Internet

remote accessibility VPN end the Internet*

10. How many DS0 channels are go together to develop a 1.544 Mbps T1 line?





11. Refer to the exhibit.


A network administrator is configuring the PPP link between the routers R1 and also R2. However, the attach cannot be established. Based on the partial calculation of the display running-config command, what is the reason of the problem?

The usernames do not match each other.

The usernames do not enhance the hold names.*

The passwords because that CHAP should be in lowercase.

The username r1 have to be configured on the router R1 and the username r2 should be configured ~ above the router R2.

16. Describe the exhibit.


A network administrator has configured routers RTA and also RTB, however cannot ping from serial interface to serial interface. I m sorry layer the the OSI design is the most likely reason of the problem?




data link*


17. What benefit does DSL have compared to cable technology?

DSL upload and download speeds are always the same.

DSL is faster.

DSL has no street limitations.

DSL is not a mutual medium.*

18. Which broadband modern technology would be finest for a user that needs remote access when traveling in mountains and also at sea?

Wi-Fi Mesh

mobile broadband



19. Which modern technology requires the usage of PPPoE to administer PPP relationships to customers?

dialup analog modem

dialup ISDN modem



20. Refer to the exhibit.


What is the network administrator verifying when issuing the present ip interface quick command top top R1 in respect to the PPPoE connection to R2?

that the Dialer1 interface has been manually assigned one IP address

that the Dialer1 interface is up and also up

that the Dialer1 interface has actually been assigned an IP attend to by the ISP router*

that the IP deal with on R1 G0/1 is in the very same network variety as the DSL modem

21. Which an innovation creates a mapping of publicly IP addresses because that remote tunnel spokes in a DMVPN configuration?





22. What is the function of the generic routing encapsulation tunneling protocol?

to provide packet level encryption of IP traffic in between remote sites

to manage the transportation of IP multicast and multiprotocol traffic in between remote sites*

to support basic unencrypted IP tunneling using multivendor routers in between remote sites

to provide fixed flow-control mechanisms with IP tunneling between remote sites

23. Describe the exhibit.


What is used to exchange routing information in between routers within each AS?

static routing

IGP routing protocols*

EGP routing protocols

default routing

24. Refer to the exhibit.


All routers are effectively running the BGP routing protocol. How countless routers need to use EBGP in order to share routing information throughout the autonomous systems?





25. I m sorry IPv4 address variety covers all IP addresses that match the ACL filter stated by with wildcard mask to come to* to

26. Refer to the exhibit.


A named accessibility list referred to as chemistry_block has actually been composed to avoid users ~ above the Chemistry Network and also public internet from access to documents Server. All various other users within the school should have accessibility to this server. The list includes the following statements:


Which command sequence will location this list to satisfy these requirements?

Hera(config)# interface fa0/0Hera(config-if)# ip access-group chemistry_block in

Hera(config)# user interface s0/0/0Hera(config-if)# ip access-group chemistry_block out

Apollo(config)# interface s0/0/0Apollo(config-if)# ip access-group chemistry_block out

Apollo(config)# user interface s0/0/1Apollo(config-if)# ip access-group chemistry_block in

Athena(config)# interface s0/0/1Athena(config-if)# ip access-group chemistry_block in

Athena(config)# user interface fa0/0 Athena(config-if)# ip access-group chemistry_block out*

27. What tip is generally followed around the location of extended access control lists?

They need to be placed as near as feasible to the resource of the web traffic to be denied.*

They need to be placed as close as possible to the location of the web traffic to it is in denied.

They must be inserted on the fastest interface available.

They must be placed on the location WAN link.

28. In the production of one IPv6 ACL, what is the objective of the implicit last command entries, permit icmp any type of any nd-na and permit icmp any any nd-ns?

to enable IPv6 to MAC attend to resolution*

to permit forwarding the IPv6 multicast packets

to enable automatic address configuration

to permit forwarding the ICMPv6 packets

29. A network administrator is trial and error IPv6 connectivity come a web server. The network administrator does not want any other host to connect to the web server except for the one test computer. Which type of IPv6 ACL can be supplied for this situation?

only a conventional ACL

a typical or prolonged ACL

only an extensive ACL

an extended, named, or numbered ACL

only a named ACL*

30. Describe the exhibit.


The IPv6 accessibility list LIMITED_ACCESS is used on the S0/0/0 interface of R1 in the inbound direction. I m sorry IPv6 packets from the ISP will certainly be to reduce by the ACL top top R1?

HTTPS packets to PC1

ICMPv6 packets that are destined come PC1*

packets that are destined come PC1 on harbor 80

neighbor advertisements that are obtained from the ISP router

31. What is a secure configuration alternative for remote access to a network device?

Configure SSH.*

Configure Telnet.

Configure 802.1x.

Configure one ACL and apply it come the VTY lines.

32. What protocol need to be disabled to assist mitigate VLAN attacks?





33. I m sorry term explains the function of a Cisco switch in the 802.1X port-based accessibility control?




authentication server

34. What 2 protocols are supported ~ above Cisco devices for AAA communications? (Choose two.)






35. In configuring SNMPv3, what is the function of developing an ACL?

to specify the source traffic the is allowed to create a VPN tunnel

to specify the kind of traffic that is permitted on the management network

to clues the resource addresses enabled to accessibility the SNMP agent*

to define the protocols allowed to be provided for authentication and also encryption

36. Describe the exhibit.


What feature does an SNMP manager require in bespeak to it is in able to set a parameter on move ACSw1?

a manager that is using an SNMP cable of K44p0ut

a manager who is utilizing an notify Request MIB

a manager that is using hold*

a manager who is making use of authPriv

37. I m sorry Cisco function sends duplicates of frames start one port to a various port top top the very same switch in order to do traffic analysis?





38. What room two attributes of video traffic? (Choose two.)

Video traffic is an ext resilient to loss than voice traffic is.

Video traffic is unpredictable and also inconsistent.*

Video website traffic latency must not exceed 400 ms.*

Video traffic needs a minimum that 30 kbs the bandwidth.

Video website traffic consumes much less network sources than voice website traffic consumes.

39. I m sorry QoS mechanism permits delay-sensitive data, such together voice, to be sent very first before packets in various other queues room sent?





40. Describe the exhibit. As web traffic is forwarded out an egress user interface with QoS treatment, which congestion avoidance technique is used?

traffic shaping*

weighted random beforehand detection

classification and also marking

traffic policing

41. Which form of QoS noting is applied to Ethernet frames?




IP precedence

42. What is the function of a QoS trust boundary?

A trust boundary identify the ar where traffic cannot it is in remarked.

A to trust boundary identifies which tools trust the noting on packets that get in a network.*

A to trust boundary only allows traffic to enter if it has previously to be marked.

A trust boundary only permits traffic from trusted endpoints to go into the network.

43. A vibration sensor on one automated production line detects an unexplained condition. The sensor communicates with a controller that instantly shuts down the line and also activates one alarm. What kind of interaction does this scenario represent?






44. Which tower of the Cisco IoT System allows data to be analyzed and also managed in ~ the ar where it is generated?

data analytics

fog computing*

network connectivity

application enhancement platform

45. Which Cloud computing business would be ideal for a new organization the cannot afford physical servers and also networking equipment and also must purchase network services on-demand?





46. A data center has recently updated a physics server to host multiple operating equipment on a single CPU. The data facility can now provide each customer v a separate net server without having actually to clues an yes, really discrete server because that each customer. What is the networking trend that is being applied by the data facility in this situation?



maintaining communication integrity

online collaboration

47. What is supplied to pre-populate the adjacency table ~ above Cisco devices that usage CEF to process packets? ​

the ARP table*

the routing table

the FIB

the DSP

48. Which ingredient of the ACI design translates applications policies into network programming?

the Nexus 9000 switch

the applications Network profile endpoints

the applications Policy infrastructure Controller*

the hypervisor​

49. Which two pieces of info should be consisted of in a logical topology diagram of a network? (Choose two.)

device type

OS/IOS version

connection type*

interface identifier*

cable specification

cable form and identifier

50. Which network power statistics must be measure in order to verify SLA compliance?

NAT translate in statistics

device CPU and memory utilization

latency, jitter, and packet loss*

the variety of error messages that are logged top top the syslog server

51. Which feature sends simulated data across the network and measures performance between multiple network locations?





52. Which troubleshooting device would a network administrator use to check the great 2 header of frames that space leaving a certain host?

protocol analyzer*

baselining tool

knowledge base


53. Refer to the exhibit.


A network administrator is troubleshooting the OSPF network. The network is not arriving in the routing table the Router1. What is the probable cause of this problem?

The serial user interface on Router2 is down.

The OSPF procedure is not running on Router2.

The OSPF procedure is configured wrongly on Router1.

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There is an not correct wildcard mask statement for network top top Router2.*

54. Refer to the exhibit.


A user transforms on a computer after that is serviced and calls the help desk come report that the pc seems can not to reach the Internet. The technician asks the user to problem the arp –a and also ipconfig commands. Based upon the output, what room two possible causes that the problem? (Choose two.)

The IP construction is incorrect.*