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Warnings and also hazards

Consult the main website for opening/closing hours prior to you go.

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You will need to rent life-jackets ($2 / each) for youngsters younger 보다 12.

Apparently,you require cash for gear and also life-jacket rentals.

No glass on the coast allowed.

Water shoes are a must, specifically for tiny children.

This is a perfect location to bring yourkids to and make them spend all their energy running around the beach, jumping into the water native inflatables or canoeing.

The beach is a large sand area with huts and cabins obtainable for rent.

The water parkhas everything one could need – a tiny parking lot, grills, canoe rentals, inflatables for the kids to jump from. Bathrooms and showers are available across native the beach.There are no lifeguards, however the employee is very attentive and helpful.

The entrance is $15 per adult.

Beach rules

The beach has a list of simple rules for the travellers to certain everybody has actually a good time:

No vehicles top top the beachNo glassNo litterChildren under 12 have to wear a vestNo weaponsChildren under 15 should be with an adultNo petsNo nudityNo open firesNo cussing or violenceNo drunks

Places to stay

There aren't too plenty of places to stay close to White Sands Lake, and most visitors come to the beach for a solitary day just anyway. However, if friend are looking for a place to invest the night there space a couple of options!

Berry Creek Cabins

Located within a 10-minute vehicle ride from the beach, Berry Creek Cabins offer completely equipped spacious cabins to their guests, together with nice amenities together asan on-site pool, a quite bar, free private parking, and WIFI (also free).

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Make certain to visit your Booking.com page for more detail here.

What we loved

Watching our kids have a time of their livesFamily-friendly atmosphere.Canoeing top top the lake.Attentive and helpful staff!

Driving time

1 hour 20 minutes drive from brand-new Orleans1 hour 30 minutes drive from Baton Rouge

Hotels and also rentals

If you"re considering staying for one or also a few nights, there space plenty the options obtainable near the beach. Determined your wanted accomodation type and her favourite room provider:

Beaches nearby

Additionally, there's a variety of beaches close to White Sands Lake Day coast which you deserve to visit: