I always wondered how game developers came up with the term frag rather of kills because that FPS multiplayer games. How did it all come up? everyone know? Is it some odd combination of the words "frying fags"? or what?

Well my guess would be the it is brief for words "fragment" or "fragmentary". Seeing exactly how if you kill somebody with enough power castle bust right into pieces. Currently if who can define the beginning of the term "gib" watch image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

I doubt the surname originated with "Chicken Hunter", the long-lost predecessor to Deer Hunter. As soon as you start the game, the hero states "Gotta go acquire me part gibs."

The articles on the beginning of "frag" space correct, it"s one old word - short for "fragmentation" - the morphed in later on years right into a euphemism for killing someone.Why perform FPS"s all use it? due to the fact that that"s how it was in Doom 1.0, that"s why.

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quote:It"s a Vietnam War army expression. Come shoot her commander in the back. Close. It is the term provided anytime familiar fire is responsible because that killing a comrade-in-arms.quote:The inquiry is... Why did DooM use it? Obvious: you are deathmatching other marines. Every death you make is death a comrade-in-arms. Thus, whatever is a frag. Check out image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

quote:Could be due to the fact that "kills" is too violent a word. Castle censor wierd things.Yea, right. Who are "they" and when go they begin censoring the word "kill"? that one certainly slipped by me. No, game designers use words "frag" in FPS games due to the fact that it"s the well-known terminology amoung gamers. Friend can uncover the word death in plenty of various other games. What word castle use has nothing to carry out with censorization.

Perhaps not at the outset, yet certainly after ~ the cries that "Doom=kids killing kids" or whatever, there would have been a definate relocate away from actually "Killing" things in life like situations (um, doom, lifelike? nevermind. . . You obtain what ns mean?)it"d it is in cool if the body from a video game kept piling increase . . . Er. . .well, at least for one game. Ed

I"m not certain I"d choose to eat shit out of anywhere, incorporate out of a guy"s brains. View image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

quote:I"m not certain I"d prefer to eat shit the end of anywhere, include out of a guy"s brains.So you"ve never ever fragged a shit because that brains camper hey? watch image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif cheers

It may additionally be simply what has actually stuck because doom. Why readjust what works??On another note, why execute ppl obtain so pissed in ~ campers?? once hl introduced the "zooming one fight wonder crossbow" it opened up the camping invite. Cs has further cemented this with the "zooming one fight wonder awm". Girlfriend can"t complain, it"s to be invited.sword_9mm

I don"t prefer it when human being get mad in ~ others for camping in Counter-Strike. As far as I have seen, camping is an intrigal component of playing the video game in particular situations. If you acquire killed through "campers" ~ above a particular map climate its time to try a various strategy, i.e. Assault a different way, occupational with teammates, perform some camping of your own... Do anything but complain around it.

The only time once camping is lame is as soon as the attacking team camps because that the whole duration of the map. If the defensive team rushes, though, then dammit they provided them the appropriate to camp. However campathons space stupid.

Probably the best thing ns dislike about CS is all the human being who complain around camping and whatnot. True story, at some point I join a random server where everyone was bitching around all the campers top top the other team. After gaining sick of hear to civilization bitch because that 10 minutes ns joined a different game, very same map, where someone was complaining around how the opposing side maintained rushing. View image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif

Oh, and also CoolJets is simply saying that because he know it pisses me off when he proceeds to own me through an Artic after he it s okay fed up with me repetitively killing him through a benelli. View image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

Thallium - quote:"I simply bunny hugged that fuckin" camper."Ahahhah! That simply made my day.Though a girlfriend of mine insists saying "skullfucked" as soon as he gets a head shot in CS. The one kinda irks me for some reason. Watch image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

I"ll admit, ns do obtain pissed around the awm, not since of camping tho. Girlfriend camp v an mp5, an ext power to ya, however the creators the cs thought it would certainly be funny to put a gun through all encompassing killing power and no "real" defect (lo rate of fire gift 1). I think the scope as soon as zoomed must pull a hitman and also kinda relocate around. That would assist to even that gun out. An additional remedy is to actually make the firearms as powerful as their actual life counterparts. One ak is gonna maul you, as well as will an mp5 (you can"t make it through 20 9mm"s bullets, i m really sorry to rest the news to you guys). Nuff" said. I"ll still play and also get owned by the ars group (I do a little owning myself, simply not enough).Sword_9mm

quote:What word castle use has nothing to carry out with censorizationRiiight. And also in Giants, the last-minute effort to readjust the blood indigenous red come green, and covering up the Reaper"s breasts had nothing to perform with censorization. After ~ all, no one forced the agency to execute it.Please. Game companies censor their commodities in bespeak to get favorable reviews, less poor press, and now, come get far better box-ratings. It"s all about the bottom line here, folks.While a most FPS nowadays certainly borrow native the classic term because that "kill", ala Doom, I"m certain it"s been disputed in one gaming house or an additional that "kill" is bad.

Frag in DooM to be a Lobo reference. I typical he frag"ed everything and that is usually what you perform in DooM.

I"m pretty sure it relates come fragmentation grenades and the impact they have actually on a human body at near range.As because that gibs, i do believe one of the id software males working ~ above Quake 1 discussed the body parts after exploding an additional character reminded him of giblets for this reason the name stuck.What"s it called in AD&D once you inflict enough damage to completely explode an enemy (usually with a maximum crucial hit)? ns forget, yet I"m pretty sure they have actually a word because that it.

The term was in platoon for crying out loud. Somebody else discussed it before, it way if you have to take out somebody on your side, normally somone of a greater rank.During DM, the death marines would certainly kill each various other so castle were dubbed "frags."

quote:Please. Video game companies censor their assets in order to obtain favorable reviews, less bad press, and also now, come get better box-ratings. It"s all around the bottom heat here, folks.And exactly how would no using the word "kill" advantage the developer? I"m not saying some developers won"t censor your games, yet not using the word "kill" makes small sence. A game is going come get bad press because of word choice? I"m certain developers put consideration of negative press into just how much violence goes into their game, but not when choosing what indigenous to describe kills. Utilizing the term "frag," because it"s famous slang, provides a lot an ext sence. At the very least that"s the way I view it.

Besides UT provides the term "kills" and also so do many other FPSs. In fact Quake is one of the couple of that offers "frags."

marc,Humans have actually a propensity to shy away or cover increase the reality of what castle do and say. Hence, come say that you "fragged" someone sounds lot nicer, and also not representative of the real-world an interpretation that we have actually for the term "killed".It appears to do it less "bad". Come say the you "killed" someone, even in a game, sound evil. "Fragging" someone (while tho implying killing), doesn"t sound virtually as bad. Even though it is the exact same action.(Or so i think check out image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif )That"s why us beep the end or create words choose "Fsck" instead of "Fuck". It provides it appear less harsh, even though we all recognize it method and represents specifically the same thing.

Oh, and also I to be under the impression that to "frag" someone come from the Vietnam War when soldiers would take the end their commanding office/higher officials *with a grenade* due to the fact that they couldn"t hack it, or because the leaders to be jerks.Which is type of in-line through what anyone else has currently said watch image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif .

quote:And how would not using the word "kill" benefit the developer?By having actually the populace (read: old women and disgruntled conservatives) no look under upon the game and cast it in a an unfavorable light.tomcatnat covers the pretty well, actually.

Thanks mate see image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gifOf course, Marc can be correct in that "frags" is a cool slang term, or the it is the most accurate term for shooting other marines (in Doom).However, I perform think that censorship dram a huge part in the fostering of "frags", "gibs", and also any other word that have the right to replace the term "kill".

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Easy...Go the end the street.Say: "I gained 400 kills critical night!"Result: people look in ~ you funny and also cops pay "special attention" to you.Say: "I acquired 400 frags critical night!"Result: people who don"t recognize what you are talking about will just disregard you. Human being who knows what you room talking around invites you to LAN parties with totally free pop.Now girlfriend see? check out image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif


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