How did general Sherman"s "March come the Sea" impact the Confederacy during the polite War?It crippled the Confederate war effort in the wake up of the destruction.It increased morale and also revitalized the Confederacy"s fighting spirit.It led to Southern generals to take on their own complete war strategy.It brought about the South"s immediate surrender and the end of the war.

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After the Civil war ended, just how was the North impacted economically?The agricultural economy suffered and declined.Industry thrived and also the economic situation soon recovered.The climb in inflation bankrupted plenty of businesses.Economic uncertainty led to businesses come fail.
Which statement best describes the difficulties the North and South faced after the polite War?The North challenged severe economic problems, when the South faced severe society problems.Though both locations suffered native the war, the southern fared lot worse than the North.The North faced many rebuilding obstacles in the cities, while the south rebuilt its urban quickly.Though both locations suffered indigenous the war, the phibìc fared lot worse 보다 the South.
Why did basic Lee fail throughout his last stand at the Appomattox Court House? He refuse to use a complete war strategy.His troops were weak and also surrounded.His reinforcements did not arrive in time.His troops had deserted that completely.
During basic Sherman"s "March come the Sea," Union soldiers traveled from Savannah come Atlanta.fought on battlefields follow me the way.destroyed buildings, railroads, and also crops.attacked largely military resources.
At the time, the variety of soldiers killed during the Civil battle was less than the number eliminated in the Revolutionary War.was the same as the number killed throughout the battle of 1812.was the exact same as the number eliminated in the Spanish-American War.was much more than the number eliminated in all previous us wars combined.
When Grant broke the Confederate currently on April 2, 1865, Lee alerted president Davis come evacuate Richmond.gathered his remaining troops because that one last stand.surrendered to provide immediately.fled with his army to Savannah.
After the civil War, slavery involved an end in the South, andthe population sharply decreased.a new labor system was needed.prejudice and racism decreased.the agricultural economy improved.
Who assassinated president Lincoln ~ the South"s defeat in the polite War?William J. BlackJohn Wilkes BoothGeorge McClellanJefferson Davis
The loss of farms, crops, and also enslaved labor together a result of the civil War expected that theNorthern economy almost completely shut down.Southern economy almost totally shut down.entire nation"s economic situation had to it is in rebuilt.entire country had to experience without food.
As a slaveholder and also a Democrat, chairman Andrew Johnson waspart that the negotiations that finished the civil War.unable to command the country through Reconstruction.often at odds through Republicans in Congress.assassinated in ~ the finish of the civil War.
How did basic Grant"s complete war strategy affect the presidential election of 1864?It do Lincoln a popular candidate because that the democratic Party, which authorized of Grant"s strategy.It allowed Sherman to record Atlanta, which boosted Lincoln"s popularity in the election.It horrified many voters in the North, who decided to assistance Andrew Johnson instead of Lincoln.It lost Lincoln support among abolitionists, who wanted him to emphasis on freeing enslaved employees instead.

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In the wake of the civil War, contrasted to the southern the Northhad continual very tiny destruction.had to create a brand-new labor system.had much more economic challenges.had to repair damaged property.
Which occasion led to the record of Richmond, the Confederate capital?the Shenandoah sink Campaignthe "March to the Sea"the capture of Atlantathe Siege the Petersburg
Who became president in the wake of Abraham Lincoln"s assassination?Andrew JohnsonUlysses S. GrantPhilip H. SheridanGeorge McClellan

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