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Why walk Jesus select Judas Iscariot together a disciple if that knew Judas was going come betray him?

Bible Answer:

Why walk Jesus choose Judas Iscariot together a disciple? The prize is that Jesus selected Judas since this was component of God’s plan. Jesus gives us the an initial hint the He would certainly be betrayed while He was speaking to a big crowd of followers.

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But over there are some of you who do not believe. Because that Jesus knew native the beginning who lock were that did no believe, and who it was that would certainly betray Him. Man 6:64 (NASB)


John 6:66 claims that countless of His “disciples” ultimately left Him. Why did so plenty of leave Jesus? The answer is plenty of did not truly think in Jesus. In ~ the very same time, Jesus revealed that one of the so-called disciples would certainly betray Him. Those who are real believers will not turn traitor and also desert Jesus. This passage also tells us that Jesus was no surprised that someone would certainly betray Him and also He knew who the traitor would certainly be.

Jesus determined Judas

Jesus determined Judas Iscariot as a disciple anyway,

Jesus answered them, “Did i Myself not choose you, the twelve, and yet one of you is a devil?” currently He intended Judas the kid of Simon Iscariot, for he, one of the twelve, was going come betray Him. John 6:71 (NASB)

John 12:4 tells united state again that Judas would certainly be the betrayer that Jesus. For this reason why would certainly Jesus choose Judas? There room probably plenty of reasons. One reason might be that Jesus wanted to present us just how to love even our enemies. Another reason could be the God wanted to leave an example for us that even those us trust might betray us. Man 13:22 tells us that also after Jesus said His practical worker that among them would betray Him, they go not know who would certainly possibly carry out so. Frequently there are no visible indicators that someone will certainly betray us.

Why Jesus chose Judas

The main reason Jesus determined Judas is given in man 13:18-22,

I perform not speak of every one of you. I recognize the ones I have actually chosen; yet it is that the Scripture might be fulfilled, “HE that EATS mine BREAD has LIFTED up HIS HEEL against ME.” . . . He became troubled in heart . . . And also said, “Truly, truly, i say to you, that among you will betray Me.” The disciples began looking at one another, in ~ a lose to know of i m sorry one He was speaking. Man 13:18-22 (NASB)

It to be done so the the prophecies of old would certainly be fulfilled. The prophecy Jesus quoted is Psalm 41:9. His statement discover why that selected Judas. John 17:12 tells united state Judas is the child of perdition. The Greek word because that perdition is apoleia and also it method “destroying or utter destruction.”

While ns was through them, ns was keeping them in Thy surname which she hast given Me; and also I guarded them, and not among them perished but the boy of perdition, that the Scripture could be fulfilled. John 17:12 (NASB)

Here is one more instance that fulfilled prophecy. Judas walk not shed his salvation; he was never ever saved. This has been clear because John 6:64. This is no a photo of a swan coming to be dirty, however of a pig that never left the mud. It is tough to understand exactly how he can have been so close come Jesus and then betray the sinless child of God. But he reveals just how sinful a person can be – even so-called christians in the church. Judas was a tare among the wheat.

And Satan gone into into Judas that was dubbed Iscariot, belonging come the variety of the twelve. And he went away and also discussed through the chef priests and officers just how he might betray Him to them. Luke 22:3 (NASB)

Therefore, we should not be surprised the churches have troubles and supposed “Christians” leaving the faith. Plot 1:16-17 states that prophecy to be fulfilled when Judas betrayed Christ.

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Brethren, the Scripture had actually to it is in fulfilled, i beg your pardon the divine Spirit foretold by the mouth that David concerning Judas, who came to be a guide to those that arrested Jesus. Because that he to be counted amongst us, and also received his section in this ministry. Acts 1:16-17 (NASB)


Why go Jesus select Judas? The significant reason is to fulfill prophecy. Jesus knew the Judas would betray Him. Jesus might have chosen someone else, yet Scripture had to be fulfilled. This is crucial lesson for Christians. Just since someone says they room a Christian go not typical they room a Christian. 1 john 2:19 teaches us that if someone leaves the belief they were never ever a true Christian.

They went out from us, however they were no really of us; for if they had actually been of us, they would have actually remained with us; however they walk out, in order that it might be displayed that castle all room not that us. 1 john 2:19 (NASB)

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