Why is a shell considered to it is in biotic?

A shell is considered as biotic (living) due to the fact that it is a hard, rigid extending of many pets such together snail, sepia, pila, turtles, sea urchins.

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How would a lengthy cold winter many likely influence a populace of deer?

Seasons can impact the lot of food the is accessible to this organisms. How would a long, cold winter most likely impact a population of deer? The deer population will decrease.

How space decaying tree classified?

A decaying tree would be classified as biotic as it is now dead however it will type an ecosystem that bacteria, fungi and also other saprotrophs. The answer would certainly be B) nonliving and also biotic.

Is a tree biotic?

Biotic determinants include animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, and also protists. Some instances of abiotic components are water, soil, air, sunlight, temperature, and also minerals. Biotic factors, such as logging of tree and introduction of conditions from residential dogs, play a significant role in the decrease of red panda populations.

Is a picnic table biotic or abiotic?

Sample Response: The picnic table is a biotic factor due to the fact that it is make from trees the were when living in the forest.

What defines similarities in between abiotic and also biotic factors?

Which describes a similarity in between abiotic and also biotic factors? They room both vital for biology to survive. Which can be classified as part of an ecosystem however not component of a community? i m sorry are examples of biotic factors?

Which are instances of abiotic factors pick three options?

Abiotic factors include all the nonliving points you uncover in nature. They play vital part in the stays of all organisms. Some examples of these components include wind, sunlight, soil, temperature, climate, and also water.

What is one means to classify dirt in an ecosystem?

What is one method to divide mud found in an ecosystem? dirt is (D), one abiotic variable on edge.

What is the instance of abiotic?

An abiotic variable is a non-living component of one ecosystem that shapes its environment. In a terrestrial ecosystem, examples can include temperature, light, and also water. In a maritime ecosystem, abiotic determinants would encompass salinity and ocean currents. Abiotic and also biotic determinants work together to develop a distinctive ecosystem.

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What space 5 significant abiotic determinants in rOCKY shores?


Temperature the water. -On the northern California coast, the temperature of H2O (WATER) is cold. Amount of Sunlight. -Without sunlight plants can’t grow. Amount of Salinity. -Affects maritime life. Air. -Differs physically indigenous sea water, in varied important features.Wave action.