In this starting person friendly tutorial, ns going to define how to create the afri daisy artwork greeting card. The project is design to it is in a quick and also fun project. It took me less than 2 hours to create. In this tutorial i will describe how to carry out the pyrography, and add color come the artwork. … continue reading Pyrography for Beginners – african Daisy Greeting Card hardwood burning tutorial →

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In this blog I"m walk to explain how to develop this Floral Tray pyrography project. This project is an extremely easy and an ideal for any type of skill level. You do not need any type of prior burning experience for this project. Since there no gradient shading involved, any wood burner will work-related for this project; consisting of fixed heat solid … proceed reading Pyrography because that Beginners – simple Floral Tray wood burning indict →

In this tutorial blog i’m going to explain how to create the vibrant butterfly pyrography artwork the I placed on a wood book. The wooden publication was nothing much more than a hinged box that to be designed to look favor a book. I bought package at a handmade store and when I witnessed it ns … proceed reading Butterfly publication Pyrography Tutorial lumber burning for beginners →

Brenda WilkieAnimals, Blogs, Flowers, skill Level 1, Tutorial10 CommentsOctober 25, 2019May 26, 2020

In this tutorial ns will explain how to create the stylized climbed artwork. The steps needed to create the rose can be usage on any type of rose design and you don’t require a referral photo. The artwork is from the next of a harp the my husband, Todd, built. He wanted a Celtic knot through roses … proceed reading Pyrography accuse Stylized Rose approaches for beginner timber burning →

I have a fondness because that mushrooms. Not to eat them, however instead come look in ~ them both in nature and in artwork. The fly agaric mushroom is particularly captivating come me due to the fact that of its shining red color and also white spots that look like little pieces the popcorn stuck to the surface. Richy Coelho, a fellow … continue reading paris Agaric mushrooms Pyrography Art wood burning →


In this tutorial ns going to define how to develop the violet Iris flower, the 5th in my wallflower series. Ns love the ruffled petals and also the texture the iris has. Add to the flower provides a to mark image against the dark background. Because that this project I supplied two various images to develop the layout, for this reason … continue reading purple Iris Flower Pyrography Tutorial lumber burning flower →

Brenda WilkieBlogs, Flowers, skill Level 3, Tutorial, WallflowersLeave a commentJuly 6, 2018May 26, 2020

Water Lily is the 4th installment in mine Wallflowers series. What I discover interesting around white subject matters prefer this is just how much color variation they have. The petals that the water lily have plenty of hues the grey top top them and also the center of the lily radiated a yellow glow native the sunshine striking the … continue reading Water Lily Wallflower Pyrography Tutorial timber burning →

Brenda WilkieBlogs, Flowers, skill Level 2, Tutorial, WallflowersLeave a commentFebruary 16, 2018July 11, 2020
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