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Jump come navigationJump to searchEnter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)Studio album by ReleasedRecordedStudioGenreLengthLabelProducerWu-Tang Clan chronology
November 9, 1993
Firehouse Studio, brand-new York City
Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)(1993)Wu-Tang Forever(1997)
Singles from enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
"Protect Ya Neck"Released: might 3, 1993"Method Man"Released: respectable 3, 1993"C.R.E.A.M."Released: January 31, 1994"Can it Be every So Simple"Released: February 22, 1994

Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) is the debut studio album by American i know well hop team Wu-Tang Clan, exit on November 9, 1993 by according to Records. Recording sessions took place during early-to-mid 1993 at Firehouse Studio in new York City, and also the album was created by the group"s de facto leader RZA. Its title originates indigenous the martial arts film The 36th chamber of Shaolin (1978).

The distinctive sound of enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) developed a blueprint for hardcore i know well hop throughout the 1990s, and helped return new York City hip hop to national prominence. The sound likewise became considerably influential in contemporary hip hop production, if the team members" explicit, humorous, and also free-associative lyrics have served together a template for countless subsequent i know well hop records. Serving together a landmark release in the era of i know good hop known as the East shore Renaissance, the influence aided lead the means for several other East coastline hip hop artists, including Nas, The notorious B.I.G., Mobb Deep, and Jay-Z.

Despite that is raw, underground sound, the album had actually surprising graph success, peaking at #41 top top the us Billboard 200 chart, selling 30,000 duplicates in its an initial week top top sale. Through 1995 it to be certified Platinum by the Recording market Association the America, and also in October 2018 it to be certified triple platinum.<1> at first receiving confident reviews from most music critics, go into the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) is widely related to as among the most far-ranging albums that the 1990s, and one that the greatest hip hop albums ever.

7Legacy and also influence8Track listing9Personnel10Charts


In the so late 1980s, cousins Robert Diggs, Gary Grice, and Russell Jones created a group named pressure of the royal Master, additionally known together the all in Together now Crew.<2> each member tape-recorded under one alias: Grice together The Genius, Diggs as Prince Rakeem or The Scientist, and Jones together The Specialist. The team never signed come a significant label, yet caught the fist of the new York laboratory scene and also was known by rapper Biz Markie.<3> by 1991, The Genius and also Prince Rakeem to be signed come separate record labels. The Genius released Words from the Genius (1991) top top Cold Chillin" Records and Prince Rakeem exit Ooh ns Love friend Rakeem (1991) ~ above Tommy young Records. Both were quickly dropped by their labels. Embittered however unbowed, they took on new monikers (The Genius became GZA if Prince Rakeem became RZA) and refocused your efforts. RZA discussed the issue in their relax The Wu-Tang manual (2005), stating " do the decision to sign residence of Pain end us. When they to reduce me, ns was thinking, "Damn, they chose a bunch the whiteboy shit end me."<4>

RZA began collaborating through Dennis Coles, later recognized as Ghostface Killah, another rapper indigenous the Stapleton tasks apartment complex in Staten Island. The duo determined to develop a i know well hop group whose ethos would certainly be a blend of "Eastern approach picked increase from kung fu movies, watered-down nation of Islam preaching choose up ~ above the new York streets, and comic books."<4>

Recording and production

Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) was recorded at Firehouse Studio in new York City indigenous 1992 to 1993. The album was produced, mixed, arranged, and also programmed through RZA, and was master at The Hit factory in brand-new York City by kris Gehringer.<5> due to the fact that of an extremely limited budget, the group was just able to document in a small, cheap studio; v up come eight of the nine Wu-Tang members in the studio in ~ once, the quarters were typically crowded.<2> To decide who showed up on each song, RZA forced the Wu-Tang rappers to battle with every other. This competition caused the track "Meth Vs. Chef", a battle between technique Man and also Raekwon end the legal rights to rap end RZA"s beat; this track to be left turn off the Wu-Tang Clan"s debut album but surfaced on method Man"s debut, Tical (1994).<2>

Group leader RZA created Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) by producing sonic collages from classic soul samples and clips indigenous martial arts movie such as Shaolin and Wu flavor (1981). That complemented the rappers" performances with "lean, menacing beats the evoked their gritty, urban surroundings much more effectively 보다 their words," according to Stephen cutting board Erlewine of Allmusic.<6> The use of spirit samples and various esoteric clips, and also the method by i beg your pardon RZA employed castle in his beats was unique and also largely unprecedented in hip-hop.<7> The gritty sound of enter the Wu-Tang is due, at the very least in part, to the use of cheap equipment to create the album.<8>

Music and lyrics

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According to music journalist Ben Yew, the minimalist way of production plays directly into the music"s "street" aesthetic. "Because didn"t have the ideal mixing or record equipment, the album is wrought with a "dirty" quality—the north have more bass and are much more hard-hitting 보다 they are crisp and also clean; the samples have actually an eerie, almost haunting kind of echo; and also the vocals, due to the fact that each member"s voice is currently aggressive and gritty, perfectly complement the production."<9> although Ol" Dirty Bastard is given co-production credit on "Da mystery of Chessboxin" and method Man is co-credited for "Wu-Tang Clan Ain"t Nuthing ta F" Wit," critics and also admirers universally credit transaction RZA with arising what Pitchfork dubbed a "dusty however digital production layout helped legitimize the use of much more diverse sample sources to the hardcore new York rap massive, breaking away from James Brown based beats and also embracing a format that rotate the Underdog theme right into the menacing coda because that a team of secret terrorists."<10>

Enter the Wu-Tang introduced a brand-new standard for hip-hop at a time once hip hop music was dominated by the jazz-influenced layouts of A Tribe dubbed Quest, the Afrocentric ideologies of windy Enemy, and the climbing popularity of West Coastgangsta rap. The album"s explicit, humorous and free-associative lyrics have been attributed for serving as a template for countless subsequent i know good hop records.<11>Rolling stone described the album together possessing an aesthetic the was "low top top hype and also production worths high on the idea that indigence is a central part of blackness." if the lyrical contents on enter the Wu-Tang typically varies native rapper to rapper, the basic themes room the same—urban life, martial arts movies, comic publication references, and also marijuana—and the setting is invariably the harsh atmosphere of brand-new York City. The lyrics have a universally dark tone and seem at time to be merely aggressive cries. AllMusic contributor Steve Huey praises the lyricists for your originality and also caustic humor, stating "Some were outsized, theatrical personalities, others to be cerebral storytellers and also lyrical technicians, yet each had actually his own distinctive style .. Every monitor on go into the Wu-Tang is packed v fresh, inventive rhymes, which are filled with martial arts metaphors, pop culture references (everything from Voltron to happy Charms cereal commercials to Barbra Streisand"s "The way We Were"), bizarre risks of violence, and a truly twisted feeling of humor."<12>

With the exception of "Method Man" and also GZA"s "Clan in da Front", every song features multiple rappers contributing verses of differing lengths.<13> The verses are essentially fight rhymes, combined with humor and also outsized story of city violence and drug use. There is part debate about whether the lyrics on 36 Chambers are properly classified as gangsta laboratory or something else entirely.<9> In a stylus pen magazine review, writer Gavin Mueller evokes the bleakness that the Wu-Tang civilization view:

Download darwin. The lyrics reach back to brand-new York"s own Rakim: dense fight rhymes potent v metaphors. Each Wu MC web links his rhymes to crime and also violence, permitting his preoccupations to surface subtly and indirectly, rather than spouting turn off overt gangsta-isms designed come shock .. The hood imagery that the text is completely pervasive and uncompromising, immersing the listener in a international land smack in the center of brand-new York. Over there is no solemn event here, and small hope.<14>

All nine initial Wu-Tang Clan members add vocals on go into the Wu-Tang. Masta Killa only shows up on one track, contributing the critical verse of "Da mystery of Chessboxin," but all the other rappers appear on at the very least two songs. Technique Man and also Raekwon are the many prolific that the group, featured ~ above eight tracks. Despite the performers have widely differing techniques, the chemistry between them is a vital ingredient that the album"s success.<8>Pitchfork Media asserts that "Half the charm is in the cast"s idiosyncrasies: ODB"s hovering sing-song, Raekwon"s fake stutter, Ghostface"s verbal tics, an approach Man"s hazy, dusted voice."<10>


Part of the album"s location originates from the 5 Percent philosophy, recognized to adherents as the supreme Mathematics, i m sorry attaches the number 9 through the an interpretation "to bring into existence". Due to the fact that the Wu-Tang Clan to be made of nine members, every of who has four chambers that the heart, the album was subtitled "36 Chambers", gift the complete of the ripe hearts that the members.

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In recommendation to the 1978 kung fu film The 36th chamber of Shaolin that the group delighted in watching, the Clan thought about themselves as lyrical master of the 36 chambers, and arrived ~ above the rap scene while showing up to it is in ahead, and an ext advanced end others, with "knowledge that 36 chambers of i know well hop music as soon as everyone rather in i know good hop was striving to obtain the knowledge of 35 lessons." Also, when the person body has actually 108 push points (1 + 0 + 8 = 9), only the Wu-Tang martial artists learned and understood the 36 that those pressure points are deadly (9 + 36 = 45) (4 + 5 = 9) The lyrics and also rhymes the the 9 members are to be thought about as 36 fatal lyrical methods for press points. All of this is the basis because that the album title, get in the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), being the 9 members x 4 chambers = 36. However, this is just a theory; the true definition of the title is no definitively known.<15>