WWE SmackDown come waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 29, 2015) indigenous Phoenix, Arizona through a taped present on the SyFy channel featuring the promotion"s yearly Halloween special.

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Because SmackDown is a videotaped show, you can simply go check out the spoiler to know everything that wake up (find lock by clicking here). We will administer results v a live blog listed below anyway.

You deserve to use this space to discuss all the occasions as they occur, however, and also it"s probably going to improve your city hall experience. In fact, I understand it is since we"re a the majority of fun around here.

Enjoy the show!



Boo...it"s BaconStrips


After a recap the the occasions following Hell in a Cell involving The Wyatt Family, Bray Wyatt shows up on the Titantron, claiming that he own the souls that Undertaker and Kane. Wyatt then renders a challenge to 3 unlucky souls to confront his monster (Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, and also Braun Strowman). Each of those 3 take transforms saying stuff before Wyatt desire his condolences to the unwise souls.


After the appropriate intro, roman Reigns comes out.

And yes everyone, Rojas go love Ambrose. Special many thanks to Zentrification for making this exorbitant sign.

Reigns tells united state that he"s had one goal because day one: to win the WWE civilization Heavyweight Championship. It"s to be a long, hellacious ride, however he just kept on fighting. Reigns beat Wyatt in ~ Hell in a Cell, and now he"s the #1 challenger for the WWE WHC.

There is simply one guy in his way: Seth Rollins, his former Shield brother.

At this moment, Kevin Owens blesses us through his presence.

A disinterested Owens reminds united state that Reigns stole a victory from him, and also he mocks Reigns gift the #1 contender. That calls Reigns" victory a fluke, saying that he gained lucky due to the fact that Owens to be a split 2nd away from powerbombing him to hell.

If the would have happened, Owens would have actually been the #1 contender....believe that.

Reigns invites Owens to get into the ring come fight, and he accepts.


Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens

This was a an extremely fun back-and-forth opener with both men hitting some huge moves. Reigns gets a count-out victory after Owens leaves the arena complying with a Superman Punch the knocked Owens turn off of the top rope.

Roman Reigns def Kevin Owens by count-out


Tinkerbell (Renee Young) interviews Dean Ambrose. Actually, Ambrose pretty much conducts the interview of self by himself. He vow to take out the whole Wyatt family members by himself. Tinkerbell inquiries this, and also Ambrose responds by saying that he"s interested in that his partners would be...if he had partners.

After Ambrose leaves, a cheesy ghost tries and fails to fear Tinkerbell. That reveals itself to be Boo Dallas, that BO-lieves that he"s gonna scare someone tonight. Tinkerbell corpses after ~ he leaves to raise much more hell.


Four means Tag Team Terror feat. The Dudley Boyz, Team Eurotrash, The Ascension, and Lucha Dragons

The new Day additionally graces us through their insanity and also OH mine GOD THEY have actually UNICORN HORNS!!! They dead the other four teams for not believing in Halloween or magic....the nerve.

The new Day are absolute marvels of the world. I don"t think I"ve ever laughed for this reason hard during a match. This is why wrestling is one of the best things ever. Oh, and also the match was decent v Lucha dragon winning v Salida Del Sol ~ the obligatory brawl.

Lucha Dragons victory Tag Team Terror


Backstage, Dean Ambrose is strolling around when he encounters someone and starts guessing their costume..James bond or The Transporter. The camera pans to reveal Cesaro standing like a badass. Cesaro says that it"s just him, and also he claims that he"ll join Ambrose in his war versus The Wyatt Family.

After Ambrose leaves, Boo Dallas tries to scare Cesaro, yet Cesaro lowers his shades and strolls away.


The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler (Trick or law Street Fight)

Hide the children.

As expected, this was her dose of stupid fun for the night with both guys using the various Halloween implements come beat each other with. Later on in the match, Miz began to work-related Ziggler"s leg and went for the figure Four, yet Ziggler rotate it right into a little package come win.

Dolph Ziggler def The Miz

Afterward, Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae stroll out. Breeze overcome Summer the take self stick and proceed come brawl with Ziggler till some referees different the two.


Paige vs Natalya

This was fairly short through Paige dominating from the get-go. Together Nattie start to obtain a rally, Team poor comes out and also Sasha banks mocks her and also the search for she attacker. The distraction allows Paige come hit the Ram-Paige to win.

Paige def Natalya

Afterward, Team poor beats Natalya down.


Dean Ambrose is prepare for battle backstage as soon as he notices Ryback trying come lift weights. Ryback is walk to join this war.


Alberto Del Rio vs R-Truth

Before the match, Zeb Coulter cuts among his "Mex-America" promos.

Squash. Del Rio wins through the twin stomp.

Alberto Del Rio def R-Truth


Backstage, Boo Dallas efficiently scares mark Henry and promptly gets his wig split.

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The Wyatt family vs Cesaro, Dean Ambrose, and Ryback

As you"d expect, this to be a nice fun match that saw The Wyatts overcome for a long while until Cesaro was tagged in, and the fireworks began with a series of uppercuts and also absolute insanity. This came to an finish when Bray Wyatt to win Cesaro together the ref was distracted with BigAss McTableLauncher. Luke Harper fight the discus clothesline to win.