Bray Wyatt is forcing his way into the SmackDown Live spotlight. He wants a piece of Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler. He"s going to acquire a chunk of the two rivals–if lock don"t tear each various other apart first.

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Here"s a look at the outcomes from the latest episode the SmackDown Live.

Results and Analysis

Randy Orton will certainly Be facing Alberto Del Rio

The Viper has a match set up with Alberto Del Rio after that tonight and also the two satisfy backstage for a moment. Have the right to Randy Orton hit an RKO v a damaged arm?

WWE) august 10, 2016

Bray states SmackDown is His Show, but Dolph and Dean Beg to Differ

"What you both fail to realize is THIS is MY show NOW! ... It"s
WWE) august 10, 2016

The Eater of people takes the facility of the ring to talk about losing come Dolph Ziggler in critical week"s main event, and also the subsequent attack he and also Erick Rowan put on Ziggler and Dean Ambrose.

He calls himself a God, blah, blah, blah.

Ambrose come out and is tempted to operation in to assault Wyatt and also Rowan, but before he provides the leap, Ziggler renders the march to the ring.

"#SDLive belongs to the human being ... And also it belongs come the
WWE) respectable 10, 2016

He bypasses Ambrose and also walks right into a two-on-one beatdown. Ambrose joins the fray, but things gain tangled and this happens:

Here come
HEELZiggler ... And he has actually unfinished company with the #WyattFamily!! #SDLive

— WWE (
TheDeanAmbrose native #SisterAbigail, but he access time Dean v a SUPERKICK! #SDLive

— WWE (
WWE) respectable 10, 2016

You guessed it, the unpreventable tag-team enhance pitting Ziggler and also Ambrose against Wyatt and Rowan is announced:

Everybody hates American Alpha

JasonJordanJJ are all set for action as #AmericanAlpha heads to the ring because that #SDLive competition.

— WWE (
WWE) respectable 10, 2016

The most commemorated tag team in SmackDown history, American Alpha comes the end for a squash match versus two men named Mike.

However, the Ascension, The exaggeration Brothers, and also the Vaudevilliains surrounded the ring.

#TheAscension is heading to ringside for a closer look in ~ #AmericanAlpha! #SDLive

— WWE (
WWE) respectable 10, 2016

The #HypeBros and #Vaudevillains likewise head to ringside because that a closer look at the newcomer #AmericanAlpha! #SDLive

— WWE (
WWE) august 10, 2016

American Alpha made fast work that the two Mikes and stood back-to-back as the three teams converged on them. The eight guys started brawling and AA clearing the ring.

#AmericanAlpha gets rid of the ring ... Yet the other #SDLive tag teams are still hungry!!

— WWE (
WWE) respectable 10, 2016

The Miz and Maryse make Googly eyes At each Other

Instead of discussing his opponent and also challenger because that the Intercontinental location at SummerSlam, the Miz spends his segment with Renee Young gazing into his wife"s eyes–on peak of the table.


Another Fake Debut for Eva Marie

Using the very same introduction procedure they supplied for Fandango, the debut that Eva Marie is gift dragged out v fake matches.

She was claimed to take it on Becky Lynch, yet a wardrobe failure made the enhance a no-go:

Looks like #SDLive just had its very first #WardrobeMalfunction, together
NatalieEvaMarie"s outfit breaks! NO MATCH!

— WWE (
WWE) august 10, 2016

Alexa Bliss would come out to take on Becky.

"I"m below to lug BLISS to #SDLive!" -
AlexaBliss_WWE, that accepts
BeckyLynchWWE"s open challenge!

— WWE (
WWE) respectable 10, 2016

It looked together if Becky had Alexa beat, but Eva Marie"s music hit and ol" Beck shed her mind. Alexa Bliss obtained the autumn on her and also landed the Twisted Bliss to acquire the win.

#TwistedBliss indigenous the optimal rope!! and also
AlexaBliss_WWE picks up the win over
BeckyLynchWWE! #SDLive

— WWE (
WWE) respectable 10, 2016

Perhaps Eva Marie will certainly make her debut in ~ SummerSlam against Becky. Pertained to think the it, Fandango make his debut at WrestleMania against Chris Jericho.

Orton sends ADR to Viper Ville

The matchup between the 2 veteran and also excellent in-ring workers was reasonably solid. It had actually a much longer run time 보다 you would have expected, but the official an outcome was a disqualification win for Orton.

Del Rio fight the Viper with a chair top top Orton"s "bad" shoulder.

VivaDelRio pond
RandyOrton with a steel chair!! prompt DQ!! #SDLive

— WWE (
WWE) august 10, 2016

He rolling Orton right into the ring come do much more damage, yet The Apex Predator had other ideas:

Lesson learned,
VivaDelRio... Friend NEVER recognize when
RandyOrton is going come strike v an #RKOOuttaNowhere! #SDLive

— WWE (
WWE) respectable 10, 2016

Heath Slater make the efforts to get Rhyno come Throw their Match

SLATER: "My four youngsters ... Ns can"t allow them down either." RHYNO: "I believed you stated you had two kids..." #SDLive

— WWE world (
WWEUniverse) respectable 10, 2016

With a contract ~ above the line, heather Slater is compelled to confront Rhyno. Slater ideologies Rhyno around "giving him a break."

He needs assist providing because that his 2 kids...or possibly it"s four.


Rhyno is not in the best shape, yet he deserve to still provide a gore.

Rhyno313 is victorious end
HeathSlaterOMRB on #SDLive!

— WWE (
WWE) respectable 10, 2016

The former ECW good defeated Slater and also again denied him an main contract with SmackDown Live...kind of. His entrance music is still cool, though.

Slater speak His way Out of a Contract

"#SDLive DOESN"T deserve

— WWE (
WWE) august 10, 2016

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon were going to sell Slater a contract, however The One-Man tape goes on a rant prior to storming the end claiming he doesn"t require SmackDown.

Carmella to win Natty, however The Queen of mind is still a Winner

Lightening doesn"t win twice...
CarmellaWWE was an ext than all set for
NatByNature"s surprise assault on #SDLive!

— WWE (
WWE) respectable 10, 2016

Carmella needs a most work on she character, but naughty Natty is a yes, really good. She lost the match, but her in-ring chatter, agility and execution to be noteworthy.

Carmella demands some job-related on her character, but her flexibility gives she a high in-ring ceiling. She won v her foot choke maneuver.

CarmellaWWE captures
NatByNature v her submission, and also picks up a substantial victory! #SDLive

— WWE (
WWE) august 10, 2016

Styles and also Cena video Promo, but No Appearance

It"s not cool as soon as two of the biggest stars top top the display aren"t even existing to hype your match, however it to be cool to check out Cena kill it ~ above the mic again–even though we simply saw this last week.

Baron Corbin Bullying Kalisto

In a segment that lasted about 30 seconds, Baron Corbin is seeing beating up Kalisto backstage. He stated it to be for costing him the IC title last week. Well, yes then.

"That"s for costing me the Intercontinental Championship!" -
BaronCorbinWWE come
KalistoWWE #SDLive

— WWE (
WWE) respectable 10, 2016

Perhaps they can have provided Baron and Kalisto the moment that was spent reflecting The Miz and Scooby Doo.

Scooby-Doo couldn"t steal mine car. That can"t drive stick....who knew? he apologized & us took this pic #MizScoobyBFFs

— The Miz (
mikethemiz) august 10, 2016

Dean and Dolph Win, But...

Both groups did their share the damage. The Wyatts probably had actually the many memorable offense:

WWEBrayWyatt records
TheDeanAmbrose, and drives him difficult into the LED board at ringside!! #SDLive

— WWE world (
WWEUniverse) august 10, 2016

Dean Ambrose take it a nasty spill together he tried a suicide Dive the end of the ring. The botched move set up the super kick and also pin for Ziggler:

"Ziggler just turned out Rowan"s pilot light!!" -
MauroRanallo Ziggler and also Ambrose VICTORIOUS top top #SDLive!

— WWE (
WWE) august 10, 2016

Ambrose would celebrate the victory with a Dirty Deeds come Ziggler:

Remember as soon as
TheDeanAmbrose stated he owed you one,
HEELZiggler? well ... He owed you one!! #SDLive #DirtyDeeds

— WWE (
WWE) august 10, 2016

So lot for the short-lived partnership. Two more weeks until SummerSlam.

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